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4 Ways to Captivate Audiences with Inflatable Wildlife & Animal Replicas

Creative Ways to Captivate Audiences with Giant Inflatable Animal Replicas

Whether you’re planning to wow crowds at a new museum exhibit or educate children on a nation-wide tour, custom animal replicas can help you communicate your message in a giant way. Here are four creative ways you can captivate audiences with inflatables at animal-related events.

1. Suspend Your Inflatable Replica Above the Crowd
Many museums and aquariums suspend inflatable wildlife replicas from high ceilings inside their main entrance hall. Not only is this a powerful way to introduce a new exhibit, it helps to create buzz throughout the community and increases overall ticket sales. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis suspended a 65-foot humpback mother whale and her slightly smaller daughter in their Welcome Center to announce a new exhibit and large format film.

2. Attach Your Inflatable Creature to a Permanent Structure
Inflatables can be combined with concrete structures like vehicles and buildings to create a dramatic, and sometimes shocking, effect. Seedling manufacturer, Syngenta wrapped a 70-foot inflatable nematode around a mobile trailer to promote Avicta Complete, their new line of insect and disease guarded corn seeds.

3. Welcome Visitors Inside Your Inflatable for a One-of-a-Kind Exhibit
Often overlooked is the option to turn your inflatable wildlife replica into an exhibit space. Calgary International Children’s Festival designed a giant inflatable whale with a built-in reading area. The giant inflatable allowed visitors to go inside the belly of a whale to learn more about this massive oceanic animal.

4. Traditional Ground Installs for Indoor Exhibits and Outdoor Events
Indoor and outdoor “ground” installations are the most common way inflatable animals are used. Sports retailer, Cabela’s uses giant wildlife replicas such as pheasants, bucks and bass to attract sportsman from far and wide to their grand opening events.

Whether they’re hung, mounted or wrapped around an audience; large scale animal inflatables captivate audiences and deliver messages in a giant way. Contact us today to learn more about using custom animal replicas for your animal related events.