Sports Promotion Ideas

Three Fun Promotional Ideas For Sporting Events

Fall sports are just around the corner, and it is time to start looking for promotional ideas for sporting events. While product giveaways such as key chains and tattoos are successful, custom sports inflatables are gaining popularity with teams and sponsors to really ramp up the fan experience. Here are three ways you can use sports inflatables to promote your sporting events:

inflatable cranberry costume1. Inflate Your Mascot Costume

Mascots are the heart of every sports game.  They engage fans, get the crowd and team excited, and work as a brand ambassador for your team. Keep your mascot looking and feeling cool with an inflatable costume. See how Rider University uses their Cranberry King inflatable to boost school spirit and charm the students and faculty!

inflatable badger mascot2. Make Your Mascot into a Sports Promotion Giant

Literally.  The University of Wisconsin Alumni Association created this 20-foot inflatable Bucky Badger to tour at events around campus.  So far, he’s been seen all around Madison at sports games, student organization events and even Homecoming Week!  This inflatable mascot is grabbing media attention for the school and the alumni association!

inflatable tiger tunnel3. Use an Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Mascot tunnels are not only impressive and fun, but versatile too.  Consider using it for not only game-time, but for fundraising events and more. Learn how Herrin High engages the entire community at events around town with their inflatable tiger tunnel.

These are just three of the many ways you can use inflatables to enhance promotional efforts at sporting events. Inflatables are affordable, easy to set up and custom created, which make them a perfect choice for athletic departments, booster clubs, and sponsors. Check out our sports inflatables case studies for more ideas for more promotional ideas.

Bring the World Cup to Your Store with an Inflatable Soccer Goal

custom-inflatable-soccer-goalThe World Cup is underway, and you know what that means – soccer-themed sales at every sporting goods store in the country. If you want to stand out in that crowded field, you’re going to have to get creative with your marketing efforts. That sounds like a job for custom inflatables!

While other stores are using banners and flyers and maybe an email campaign to announce their sales, you’ll be hosting a standing room only event. Here’s how: Set up a colorful, portable soccer goal in front of your store and invite visitors to try their luck. Offer prizes for the longest goal, most consecutive goals, wildest kick, or just for participating. Have a local coach on hand offering on-the-spot tips, and your World Cup party will be a real crowd pleaser.

An outdoor event with custom inflatables is great for grabbing attention. People are naturally curious about these large, colorful balloons, and since they’re highly visible from long distances, you’ll find even those just driving by will stop to get a closer look. Best of all, inflatable sports cages provide the perfect place to display a logo or other advertisement, so it’s easy to defray the cost with corporate sponsorship.

See a variety of inflatable sports cages in our case studies, and remember, the World Series is right around the corner!

Whimsical Blimps Make a Splash at Sporting Events


What’s the biggest attraction at any indoor sporting event? The players, of course. That is, until a boat-shaped, inflatable blimp soars overhead. And when coupons start falling from the above, all eyes immediately search for the source.

In a large arena, indoor sports like hockey and basketball are the perfect venues for an advertising blimp – boat-shaped or otherwise. If you’ve ever seen a stadium full of people all looking skyward, then you know inflatable blimps are great attention grabbers all on their own. Blimps are customizable so each has its own personality. Add a remote-control fan for steering, turn it loose above the crowd at halftime, then sit back and watch the reaction.

You can outfit your animated balloon with a mechanism to drop coupons or light-weight samples as it sails around the arena, making it perfect for corporate sponsorships. Large enough to cause a stir, yet easily deflatable for portability, remote-controlled blimps get fans revved up wherever they go.

View a few case studies on our site and also see the boat-shaped blimp in action.

Shaking Off the Advertising Invisibility Cloak

inflatable batting cageNot surprisingly, the captive audiences at sporting events are a favorite target for advertisers. Just imagine – thousands of people in one place, and they’re all looking at your ad. Or are they?

Here’s the problem. Advertising is everywhere. How many ads do you encounter on your way to a ball game? Between billboards, radio, the sides of city buses, and the scorebook you’re handed as you enter the gate, I would not be surprised if the number were in the hundreds. With all those ads vying for your attention, they might as well be wearing Harry Potter’s famous cloak. Advertising overload has made them invisible. Getting your brand noticed here is going to take some innovative thinking. That sounds like a job for inflatables!

Take one inflatable batting cage, add 10,000 happy baseball fans, mix in a dash of logo, and you’ve got a recipe for a unique and memorable message. Here’s why it works. People are naturally curious about inflatables, and their bright colors and clever designs make them the center of attention at any event. Include an interactive feature like a batting or pitching cage, and fans won’t look past your brand, they’ll participate in it.

Being memorable and fun are important when conveying your message. With inflatables, you also get a medium that’s portable, quick to set up, and easy to store. You can’t say that about a billboard.