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Inflatable Mascot Used at Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Attracts Attention and Traffic

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2528

Inflatable Mascot for Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants

Who: Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants
What: Inflatable Big Boy Mascot
Where: Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant Locations
When: Spring 2010
Why: Wanted to Enlarge Their Popular Mascot to Attract Customers and Increase Business
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Mascots

Mega-sized is an understatement when it comes to Frisch’s Big Boy inflatable mascot. Placed on the roof, this inflatable advertisement is a reminder to those who pass by of hamburgers and all things delicious.

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Grandy’s Restaurant Uses Custom Inflatable Mascot to Increase Sales

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0898

Inflatable Mascot for Grady’s Restaurant

Who: Grandy’s Restaurants
What: Giant Inflatable Chicken Mascot
Where: Grandy’s Restaurants Franchisee Rooftops
When: Spring 2005
Why: To Increase Sales/Traffic at Several Store Locations
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Mascots

Grandy’s Restaurants created this giant inflatable chicken mascot to use at franchise locations.  Since their inflatable mascot was easy to set up, manage and move, they were able to use it at multiple restaurant locations.

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3 Reasons Savvy Franchise Marketers Make Custom Inflatables a “Must”

1. Custom Inflatables are Natural Grass Roots Marketing Tools

Savvy franchise marketers recognize that participating in local events not only generates buzz for their stores; it establishes their brand as members of the community and strengthens relationships with their customer base. Inflatables work well for local, grass roots events like parades & festivals because they’re highly visible and easy to transport between events.

2. Consistent Inflatable Designs = Uniform Branding Nationwide

Consistent branding is a cornerstone of franchise marketing. Experienced inflatable manufactures understand the importance of producing shapes that follow franchise branding guidelines. Modern processes like 3d modeling and digital printing help inflatable manufacturers uniformly create highly detailed shapes. Franchise marketers can confidently roll out nationwide inflatable campaigns, knowing each and every unit will support their brand’s image.

3. Look Over There! Giant Inflatables Are Instant Location Devices

Bottom line: if you want to drive traffic and sales to new franchise locations, you have to get found. Custom inflatables work well as location devices because they’re huge and out of the ordinary. People can’t help but to notice them, and they will become naturally curious about what’s going on.

Inflatables offer consistent branding, they’re easy to use at local events and they drive traffic to new locations, making them a “go-to” tool by many savvy franchise marketers. Inflatables can deliver your message high in the clouds, in the middle of a parking lot, or at your storefront. Looking for some creative ideas to market your franchise? Contact us to brainstorm some ideas, or take a look at some of the franchise marketing projects in our online gallery.

Unique Advertising Increases Brand Recognition at Applebee’s Restaurants

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0011

Applebee’s Restaurants Use Inflatable Logo to Increase Visibility

Who: Applebee’s Restaurants
What: Inflatable Apple Logo
Where: Applebee’s Franchises in the Chicago Area
When: Summer 2000
Why: Increase Visibility of a New Location and Advertise at All Franchises in the Chicago Area.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

Applebee’s Restaurants in the Chicago area wanted a unique way to advertise at multiple locations. There solution: Cold-air inflatable logos. Designed to look like their apple shaped logo, this inflatable logo helps create brand recognition and attract traffic to their restaurants.

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Ivar’s Restaurants Uses a Dancing Clam Inflatable for Visibility and Grand Openings

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2878

Ivar’s Giant Inflatable Clam Mascot

Who: Ivar’s, Inc.
What: Inflatable clam mascot
Where: Ivar’s Restaurant Locations, Washington State
When: Spring 2011
Why: Improve visibility for current locations and grand openings.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Mascots

Ivar’s initially used their inflatable dancing clam on the rooftop for the grand opening of their 25th locations, but they plan to use it for other community events.

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What a Delicious Idea! Restaurant Inflatables that Look Good Enough to Eat.

Who Is Hungry for Successful Promotions? 

From inflatable costumes to product replicas, restaurant marketers have used a variety of creative inflatables in their promotions. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs), corner coffee shops, and sandwich companies have all experienced the benefits of using giant, custom-made inflatables at their grand openings and local marketing events.

Pigs and Chickens and Subs – Oh My!

Custom inflatables will not only help your restaurant stand out from the crowd, they’ll also increase brand recognition and traffic. Try a massive food or drink cup replica or a friendly inflatable mascot to welcome customers to a new location. Any way you slice it, giant custom inflatables are a tasty way to attract attention to your restaurant and increase sales.

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Grab a Cup of Java and Check Out Our Giant Coffee Cup Inflatables

After last week’s cocktail hour inflatable photo set, you might be reaching for a huge, steamy cup of coffee. You’re in luck because we’ve made a lot of them! Coffee cup inflatables have been created as costumes at coffee stands, as inflatable kiosks to hand out samples and giant replicas to promote new coffee products or gain visibility at new shoppe locations. With so many great inflatable coffee cup options, you’ll need a triple shot latte just to sort through all of them!

Inflatable Kiosks + Savory Samples Makes Restaurant Marketing a Piece of Cake

What’s the biggest selling point for a new restaurant? The food, of course. But when you’re the new guy on the block, getting first-time customers to give your menu a try is tough, especially if there’s lots of big-name competition in your area. You have to do something special to grab the attention of the neighborhood, and a clever inflatable kiosk is perfect for making a memorable first impression.

Building interest is the first step of every successful marketing campaign. Because brightly colored, unforgettable custom inflatables are natural attention grabbers, they work very well. Here’s an easy-to-follow strategy for using them effectively.

Instead of mailing flyers to every house in the county simply announcing you are now open for business, tell customers you’ll be handing out free samples and coupons at an upcoming festival or event. Your new, branded inflatable kiosk will make you easy to spot, and impossible to forget. Spend some time chatting with your guests, and close with a coupon for savings on their next meal. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to try your food without commitment, and a valuable coupon will bring them back for seconds.

Not only are inflatables great for impressing the public, they make your job easier, too. When you’re scheduling a series of events across the country, it’s critical your displays arrive in one piece. Inflatable kiosks are easy to set up, quick to deflate, and transport with ease, giving the marketing department one less thing to worry about.