Product Launch Inflatables

3 Product Launch Ideas Designed to Deliver Primo Results

Product Launch Ideas with Inflatable Product ReplicasInflatable Product Replicas Punch Up Your Product Launch

There are literally hundreds of thousands of new products launched every year. The enormous task of bringing these products to the attention of the public falls in the laps of business owners and/or marketing directors.

Your choices for promotion may seem obvious. There’s the traditional mass mailing. You could opt for a coupon insert in the local papers. Or you could break the mold and add one (or all) of these 3 product launch ideas to the mix and see primo results.

1. Point-of-Purchase, Inflatable Product Replicas

I know. Point-of-purchase displays are nothing new when it comes to product launches. But adding inflatable product replicas to each booth will certainly shake things up. Just think about the increased presence you’ll have when you add a 12-foot-tall bottle of mosquito repellant set up right beside the display where coupons are distributed. You’ll not only attract passersby that are within eyeshot, but also draw curious fishermen and campers from clear across the warehouse superstore.

2. Inflatable Kiosks with Product Replicas

Kiosks are particularly effective when used with sample giveaways. Custom branded and enhanced with an inflatable product replica, they deliver a one-two punch: exceptional visibility and the practicality of having space to pour sips of soda, hand out handy wipes or give away gizmos.

But what if you’re taking in instead of giving out? Kiosks are great for that as well. Design yours with a “countertop” for receiving entries to a drawing, accepting subscriptions to your magazine or newsletter, selling products direct to consumers or any number of other activities. Better inflatables manufacturers are fully capable of designing and producing kiosks that have product replicas built into them. In addition, kiosks can be configured in walk-up and walk-in styles.

3. Inflatable Product Replica / Inflatable Tent Combo

Another combo guaranteed to wow crowds is the inflatable product replica / tent twosome. When you use these two separate inflatables together, you get a dynamic duo that offers all sorts of flexibility. Just as with the point-of-purchase display, the use of an inflatable product replica outside your tent is like a beacon on a foggy night. It breaks through the standard landscape so effectively customers can’t help but take notice.

An inflatable dome is a welcoming site that – when equipped with tables and chairs – begs consumers to stop, sit and chat for a while. This creates a captive audience just waiting for a representative from your company to pull up a chair and make some new loyal fans.

Whether inside stores or outdoors at a local festival, custom inflatable product replicas can handle practically any environment. Easy to set up, deflate and ship, these monster-sized icons will quickly help you turn your new product into a household name.

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3 Best Places to Use Inflatable Product Replicas

Life-like Inflatable Product Replicas

While custom inflatables are used in a wide variety of ways to attract attention and increase sales, there are three distinct places we see marketers effectively using product replicas: trade shows, product launches and outdoor promotions.

CEO Rick Malagodi (Right) at Toy Fair 2012 in NYC


Create Buzz at Trade Shows with Large-Scale Versions of Your Product

Want to make a lasting impression at your next trade show event? Try using a custom replica of your product. Not only do inflatable replicas attract attention and create buzz, but they can be easily designed to integrate into an existing trade show booth.

Physical App’s Uses Inflatable “The O” Display to Create Buzz

Physical Apps, LLC showcased “The O” at Toy Fair 2012 in New York City. “The O” is a snazzy orange ball that works with smart devices, enabling fun games and activities to be played by children and adults alike  To get more visibility for “The O” at the show, CEO Rick Malagodi created a large-scale inflatable lookalike as part of their exhibit space. The result: the press, retailers, and suppliers flocked to their small sized booth on the show floor. With all this buzz it was no surprise “The O” won the Best of Toy Fair 2012 Award.

Replicas of GE Profile Washer & Dryer in Times Square


Get Extra Media Coverage & Attention by Unveiling a Gigantic Replica at a High Profile Venue

New product development is the heart of corporate expansion; a successful product launch can increase positive branding & strengthen customer loyalty. Because they’re enormous and unusual, custom inflatable replicas are guaranteed to draw attention to new products and increase brand remembrance at product launch events.

Inflatable Replicas of GE Profile Washer & Dryer Introduced in Times Square

To launch the GE Profile front-load washer and dryer system in 2008, a New York based creative agency placed 40-foot tall product replicas in the middle of Times Square. The guerilla marketing campaign was a success; bringing attention to the GE brand and earning more than 125 million press impressions. (Read more about this creative campaign: GE Appliances – High Profile Pair In The Square)

Inflatable Wine Bottle at Glassboro Vintage SJ Wine Festival


Reinforce Product Recognition at Outdoor Festivals & Events with Giant Versions of Your Packaged Products

As marketers look for innovative ways to win the hearts & minds of consumers, outdoor promotions are becoming an important part of the marketing mix. Custom product replicas allow brands to stand out among competitors at outdoor events by adding visual appeal and instant product recognition that can be seen from far and wide.

Inflatable Wine Bottle Replica for Valenzano Winery Stands Out Among Competitors

Valenzano Winery of New Jersey uses a 15-foot tall inflatable replica of their wine bottle to get noticed at festivals and various outdoor events. Standing several feet higher than most booths, the inflatable wine bottle attracts crowds with ease and creates a fun photo opportunity. Be sure to check out Valenzano Winery for a list of upcoming events including the Independence Day Fireworks Festival and WineFest 2012.

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Six Hot Inflatable Ideas for Your Product Launch Event

Product Launch EventsIt’s your job to constantly crank out new, creative ideas for event marketing which is not an easy task! If you have a product launch on the schedule, think inflatables. These giant wonders will spice up your next event in a variety of unique ways that are all but guaranteed to get noticed. Check out our handy table to easily see which inflatables we recommend for the hottest product launch events right now. From flash mobs to trade shows, the options are endless, but these are our favorites.

Still brainstorming your event details? Here are six product launch ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. A sampling event is ideal to promote food and beverages, because it allows potential customers to interact with your product. From small in-store tastings to large private parties, sampling events always need to impress. Some ideas: use an inflatable costume to hand out coupons or freebies or a 20-foot replica for photo ops.

2. Preview launches create hype before the product is officially launched to the general public. Invite influencers and stakeholders, and make it easy for them to write, blog, tweet, or post their rave reviews and photos by having impressive inflatable displays and inflatable giveaways.

3. Go viral on social media with the hippest way to promote anything: a flash mob! Music, dancing, and visual stimulation are perfect for getting  attention and spreading your message.  Use inflatable costumes to brand your mob, upload the awesome video to your social media sites, and no one will be able to stop watching.

4. Pop-up exhibits are everywhere right now because they are economical and can be used at many different locations and even different events. Use inflatables as part of your exhibit’s structure, like an inflatable tent or arch, or use for great visibility, such as an inflatable product replica.

5. Like, pop-up exhibits, hybrid events can be economical too. Typically, it’s a traditional event that utilizes technology tactics to incorporate people from different locations such as video streaming, social media, or webinars. Custom inflatables work perfectly to be seen in person, but also through different digital mediums because they are giant, colorful, and can have your logos all over them.

6. The trade show product launch is classic. For particular industries, it’s the best way to be seen by the important people, but it also means you need to have a stellar set up and an eye-catching booth. There are many options to incorporate inflatables depending on the size of your booth and the effect you want.

Not seeing your event here? Have questions? We’d love to discuss your event marketing or product launch ideas and how to kick it up a notch  with custom inflatables. Contact us today.

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5 Professional Design Tips for Exceptional Inflatable Kiosks

Goosebumps inflatable kioskWhat’s rule #1 of tradeshows?  Separate yourself from all the other exhibitors.  Inflatable kiosks give you the golden opportunity to stand apart from every other pop-up tent and ordinary tradeshow booth on the floor. Inflatable kiosks are popular for product demonstrations and sampling because they’re visually appealing, easy to use and provide large canopy areas. Well-designed kiosks are exceptional because they reinforce your brands and attract attention while maximizing the available space at your events.

Here are 5 professional design tips to follow when creating your new kiosk.

Tip 1:  Consider Shape & Design Elements

When promoting a new product or developing a themed booth; think vertical for the most effectiveness.  If you’re sampling a new coffee, for example, building a kiosk in the shape of the cup will get you noticed from greater distances while reinforcing your brand.

Tip 2: Create Signage and Branding

One of the biggest advantages of inflatable kiosks is their 360-degree signage area. To make sure your design takes advantage of this real estate, consider your signage from all directions. Will other companies sponsor your event, or will you sponsor multiple events? Use removable banners to display messages tailored for each event or sponsor. Some custom kiosks can be fitted for entirely new graphics, saving you the cost of purchasing a new kiosk when the time comes to rebrand.

Tip 3: Calculate Your Inside Measurements

If you’re using your inflatable kiosk for sampling, plan enough room inside the kiosk to store samples and allow for ample working areas. Giving prior thought to the interior space of your kiosk will ensure kiosk operators are comfortable and representing your brand with good cheer; not struggling in tight quarters.

Tip 4:  Work Within The Outside Environment

How much total space do you have available? Will you be limited by tradeshow or outdoor limitations? In addition to the interior footprint, the inflatable itself will require 2 to 4 feet for structural support. Work with your inflatable manufacturer to layout a blueprint of your kiosk based on your needs. Striking the right balance between inside room and outside restrictions is at the heart of creating an effective design.

Tip 5: Plan for Power

Custom inflatable kiosks use a standard electrical plug in (120v GFI) and require a power source. If a wall outlet isn’t available at your events a generator can be easily used; but that’s a consideration you’ll want to plan for ahead of time, not during the event.

Using good design at the beginning of the project ensures that your inflatable will have plenty of messaging space, reinforce your brand and draw traffic to your space for years to come.

For more tips on designing exceptional kiosks and custom inflatables, be sure to download our FREE ebook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

Mascots Add Personality to Your Brand when You Use Inflatables for Product Launch Events

Getting ready to launch a new product? Get in line. According to Packaging World, there were nearly 3,000 new product launches in the first quarter of 2009. That’s a lot of brands all competing for the attention of distracted consumers. Savvy marketers have learned that connecting with customers on a personal level is the best way to make a memorable impression, and using inflatables for product launch events can have a big impact.

Perhaps you’re sponsoring a sporting event, hosting a press conference, or making appearances at community festivals. Bringing an inflatable character along to meet and greet the public will not only draw a bigger crowd, it will help keep your new product in the minds of visitors during that critical period between first introduction and point of purchase. Capture their attention with a clever character or mascot, then offer a generous coupon or free samples, and shoppers will be eager to try your latest offering. Inflatables grab the spotlight at press events, too, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get a shot of your character on the evening news. That’s yet another chance for customers to see and remember your brand.

Product launches are easier with the help of inflatable characters. They’re quick to set up, allowing you to spend time on more important matters like talking to your customers. Plus, they pack and ship easily, so when it’s time to hit the road you’ll be ready. Whatever your launch plan, there’s an inflatable to fit.

Making Face to Face Connections at Marketing Events

Inflatable Blackberry Replicas nTelos

Here’s an interesting statistic. According to a recent survey by marketing firm George P. Johnson, 90% of industry professionals said face-to-face events were their number one choice for persuading audiences. In addition, 40% said event marketing is the most effective tool for deepening relationships. But how can you make a face-to-face connection and deepen relationships during a crowded event? With inflatables, of course.

Let’s look at two scenarios for cellular phone companies participating at a local family spring festival. The first sets up a very attractive canvas tent and hangs a banner bearing the company name and logo. The representative then waits for people to walk close enough that he can speak with them about his new bundled package. A typical situation.

The second uses a 20-foot tall, branded, inflatable cell phone product replica that is visible from one side of the event to the other. In fact, many people tell their friends to meet them at the cell phone because it’s so noticeable. As people naturally flock to the giant balloon, the rep (positioned behind an inflatable kiosk) is trying her best to keep up with the demand as she passes out flyers and coupons. As people hang out, waiting for their friends, they ask questions about the bundles, becoming more interested by the minute. Which would you rather have?

Social Media + Inflatable Marketing Combo Gets Customers Involved

Inflatable Tootie Fruties BagAs I was sipping my cup of hot tea and doing a bit of light reading this morning, I came across a case study that caught my eye.  One company combined social media and inflatables to create a very successful promotion that directly followed a product launch.  (They saw a 15% lift in sales!)  I have to admit, I never considered inflatables working with social media.  But since reading the article, the wheels in my mind have been turning at lightening speed.

Here’s a clever idea to integrate inflatable marketing with social media for your next product launch: First, create a giant inflatable replica of your product.  Post lots of pictures and fun videos of the inflatable in use. Post the videos on YouTube as well as your own website.  These videos can be taken at your own location or on the road.  Then create several smaller versions of the product inflatables and/or perhaps inflatable furniture, balls or other custom shapes using your logo or other brand element.Small Inflatable Replicas

Finally- host a contest. Drive traffic to your site through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks.  When someone enters to win the inflatable product replicas, furniture, etc., give them a coupon for your new product.  Provide a link on the entry page that allows the site visitor to share your contest with their friends.  Be sure to ask them to subscribe to your email list, too, while you have them on site.  Instant buzz!

Feel free to borrow that idea, provided you contact Landmark for your inflatables.  😉

Inflatable Product Replicas Ensure Your New Food Brand is Memorable

Inflatable Combos BagHave you ever noticed the pattern that arises with food product launches? First, I begin to see television commercials promoting a new flavor of chips or perhaps a new burger at a local restaurant. Next come the coupons in the Sunday paper that I clip and lay on the counter. And while all that helps to drive my curiosity (and make me hungry!), there’s one problem. As I’m driving back to my office *after* having lunch, I remember I wanted to try the new chips or burger.

But what if I saw a 20-foot-tall product replica of the burger on the rooftop of the local restaurant as I was going to lunch? Or went to a ballgame and found myself face to face with a giant bag of chips positioned near the parking lot? I think that just might remind me to try these new foods.

In addition to giant inflatables used outdoors, smaller point-of-purchase versions inside the grocery store or restaurant work as landmarks and visual beacons for people who mean to try something new, but keep forgetting.

Because we’re creatures of habit, we forget what we’ve seen on TV. We walk off and leave coupons lying on our counters. It takes something truly out-of-the-ordinary to kick a food product launch off right and firmly establish the new brand. Want to add some flare to your next food product launch? Ask about point-of-purchase inflatables in custom sizes as well as larger, indoor/outdoor balloons.