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Inflatable Stage Props: The Flexible Choice for Concerts, Theater & TV Shows

inflatable-stage-propsFrequently Asked Questions about Inflatable Scenery & Stage Props

Whether you’re producing a rock concert, a theatrical performance or a television show, props are major elements in the mix. Coming up with everything needed to make the stage interesting and inviting to your audience can send you running from one corner of the world to another. And when finding a readymade purple dragon wearing a tutu proves insurmountable, you turn to expensive artists who develop something crafted from wood, metal or hard plastic. (A nightmare to ship from city to city.)

That’s why inflatable stage props are becoming increasingly popular with stage and production managers. Adding an entirely new dimension to the show, these props (including inflatable scenery) lend unique characteristics that other props lack. While you may have had issues with size, portability or sheer functionality in the past, you’ll find inflatable stage props get glowing marks in all these – and other – categories.

“How Much Detail Can I Expect from Inflatable Scenery / Stage Props?”

As much as you’d like. When you work with an inflatable manufacturer that employs a talented crew of artists and designers, you’ll get exceptionally lifelike results. Recreating a character from a fairy tale? The inflatable can be exacting. Need to climb the mountains or sail the ocean blue? Inflatable scenery can be very lifelike. From rather generic to immensely precise, the level of detail is all up to you.

“We Travel All Across the Country. Can Inflatable Stage Props Handle the Wear & Tear?”

Just like the other performers in your productions, inflatable stage props must work every time without fail and look good doing it. Thanks to highly durable vinyl and other materials, you’ll find inflatables travel better than rigid props in many cases. They don’t chip or fade. The corners don’t break off if dropped. And they completely deflate and fold up for easy storage and shipping.

“What Other Benefits Do Inflatable Stage Props Offer?”

Many! One of the biggest, however, is fast inflation and the ability to deliver the element of surprise. In the twinkling of an eye, you can bring a prop into view appearing instantly on cue. This makes it enormously easy to have props come in and out between scenes without complicated and clunky setups.

Inflatables use fans that are quiet and fast. If you work with a qualified inflatable manufacturer, they can help you engineer an external and/or internal blower system that gives you the flexibility you need for quick change outs of inflatable scenery and more. Did you see the recent daytime TV show that highlighted favorite Christmas gifts? At the end, a giant, inflatable cruise ship popped out of a jack-in-the-box on cue in about 12 seconds. That – and many other scenarios – really gets viewers involved.

Inflatables can also easily be crafted to meet specific safety regulations for fire, UL and rigging as needed.

Fun and custom-created, inflatable stage props give you the ability to have exaggerated effects, larger-than-life replicas and mood-setting designs that will engage and enthrall your audience.

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Custom Inflatables Work Like Magic in Stage Productions

Magical Productions are a Must

Set designers are like magicians; they can transform otherwise nondescript physical spaces into magical environments for concerts, theater productions and other live performances. Good set designers help the audience totally connect and feel part of the event. Unlike wizards, designers have no magical powers or wands to create these sets, they must rely on real life tools to create magical productions.

Poof! Inflatables Plug In and Appear, Almost Instantly – Like Magic!

Custom-designed inflatables add definition to stages, with their size and shape complexity audiences are continually fascinated by them. Set props such as furniture, backdrops, houses, and any type of scenery imaginable can be designed into a custom inflatable to fit your production’s atmosphere.

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The Display Company Uses an Inflatable Leaning Tower of Pisa at Italian Heritage Festival

Leaning Tower of PisaInflatable Case History Brief #L2974

Giant Inflatable Leaning Tower of Pisa Replica

Who: The Display Company
What: Inflatable Replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Where: This was on display at the Italian Heritage Festival in Buffalo, NY.
When: Summer 2011
Why: The Display Company wanted to attract onlookers at the largest street festival in the United States.
Product Line: Inflatable Stage Props

By creating a 30′ replica of one of Italy’s most well-known attractions, The Display Company of New York attracted attention from onlookers at a large street festival and gave the event some Italian flair.

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It Doesn’t Take a Twister to Move an Inflatable House

barney-inflatable-cakeWhen your Wizard of Oz production threatens to turn you into the Wicked Witch of the West, inflatables can help. Lighting issues, sound problems, and the sometimes flaky director make your job as stage manager pretty stressful. Add impossible props to the mix, and you’ll be ready to call it quits long before Dorothy finds her way back to Kansas. But there is a way to assemble an impressive stage set in minutes, and you won’t even have to pick up a hammer. Giant balloons turned portable stage props make your production come alive, and they do it with minimal fuss.

Dorothy’s house doesn’t have to fall from the sky to make an impact, either. The bright, bold colors of inflatables are an instant draw for little ones, and grownups will marvel at the clever design and intricate detailing. Best of all, their portability means inflatable houses easily make their way to Oz, even on the smallest of stages.

These whimsical, fantastical creations are perfect for children’s productions. Even better, they’re so easy to set up, tear down, and transport, that you’ll feel like you’ve got your own pair of ruby slippers taking you – and your production – wherever your heart desires. And who knows? With all your new-found free time, you might even get to take in a show.

Making Small Things Big, and Big Things Portable

inflatable-mosquitoWhen your job involves keeping a busload of bored middle-school kids entertained – while teaching them a little something in the process – it’s inflatables to the rescue. Lucky for you, interactive inflatable exhibits don’t just educate and entertain, they also win major coolness points with kids.

Even the most unenthusiastic teenagers will snap to attention when you unveil a giant inflatable insect for their inspection. They’ll be too busy peering at the underside of a beetle or counting the eyes on a giant spider to even think about being bored. After all, it’s hard not to be excited about a horror-movie sized bug.

You’ll think inflatables are pretty cool, too, when you realize how incredibly versatile they are. Not only can you turn a small thing into a fun exhibit, you can recreate enormous objects without having to remove a wall to get it in the building. Dinosaurs, whales, and even entire solar systems can be suspended from your ceiling without concern for weight. Kids (and their parents) will jump at the chance to see Jupiter and Mars up close. It’s an educational adventure no telescope will ever match.

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