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Inflatable Tips & Tricks: How to Set Up & Take Down Truck Bed Parade Floats

How to Set Up a Cold-Air Inflatable Parade Balloon Inside a Truck Bed

It’s becoming more common to haul cold-air inflatables via truck at local parades. Not only do parade inflatables attract attention and generate buzz for organizations and local business, they also are easy to set up, manage, and take down. The information below was put together to help you pull off a successful parade float using cold-air inflatables. People Needed: 1-2 People Based on 7′-10′ tall inflatable (as recommended in post)

Set Up Time: 15 minutes

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Inflatable with fan system (blower)
  2. Tether Straps with Caribiners to Secure the Inflatable
  3. A gas generator (Power Source) 2000W
  4. A truck with Hardware in the truck bed for attaching tethers.

Before the Parade: Set Up Instructions

  1. Start with a clean, empty truck bed.
  2. Place generator in the truck bed near the cab.
  3. Center inflatable in the truck bed. Locate front and back of inflatable based on how you want displayed.
  4. Attach the inflatable’s tether straps to the attachment hardware (cargo hooks) in the truck bed using caribiner clips (usually provided by inflatable manufacturer).
  5. Tighten the tether straps so the inflatable will remain inside the truck bed.
  6. Close all zippers on the inflatable.
  7.  Start the generator.
  8. Plug in the fan system (blower).
  9.  As the inflatable inflates, slowly loosen and adjust the tether straps as necessary so that the inflatable is secure in the truck bed & facing the correct position.

During the Parade

  1. Enjoy the ride!
CAUTION: Do not drive faster than 5 MPH while the inflatable is in the truck bed. Exceeding 5 MPH could cause damage or injury.

After the Parade: Take Down Instructions

    1. While holding a tether strap, open the deflation zipper.
    2. Unplug the fan system (blower) from the generator.
    3. Gather the inflatable toward the inside of the truck bed as it deflates.
    4. Unhook the tether straps from the truck bed.
    5. Remove the inflatable from the truck bed and place onto a clean area where you will be able to roll out and pack it back into the inflatable storage bag.
CAUTION: Do not pack the inflatable or tether straps when wet. Packing an inflatable wet will cause mildew and damage the inflatable.




3 Sites to Help You Design, Create & Organize Your Next Parade Event

Let’s Have a Parade! Helpful Resources for Parade Participants & Committee Members

We’ve rounded up a few resources to help businesses, charities and associations with their upcoming parade plans. Whether you’re creating and designing your first parade float or you’re a new parade committee member, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks in the write-ups below.

Parade Float Design: A 7-Step Guide

Want some basic & easy to apply parade float design tips? Take a look at eHow contributor Jennifer Hudock’s helpful 7 step guide to designing parade floats for businesses and charity organizations.

From Theme to Build: Parade Float Design Ideas

Looking to create an inspired parade float? Stephanie Kelley (another columnist for eHow) outlines the process; including information for choosing a theme, building a structure, and decorating the parade float.

How to Organize a Parade: Tips from Planning to Parade Day

Need a comprehensive rundown of parade planning from beginning to end? LuAnn Schindler offers a guide on Life123 with helpful parade tips from the planning stage to execution.

We hope you’ve found some helpful tips for your next parade event. Interested in adding custom inflatables to the parade marketing mix? Be sure to take a look in our online gallery of inflatable parade balloons!

Sizing Up Truck Bed Parade Floats: Inflatable Design Quick-Tips

“I’m Using an Inflatable in the Back of My Truck at a Local Parade. How Big Can I Make It?”

Using custom inflatables in truck beds are a very popular option for parades because they’re easy to set-up, cost effective and require very little management. There are two basic configurations for hauling custom inflatables on the back of a truck; inside the truck bed or on a platform above the truck bed. The dimensions of your inflatable will be based on which configuration you use.

#1. Place the Inflatable Inside the Truck Bed

  • Recommended height: 9 feet
  • Maximum base dimensions for parade balloon: 3 feet wide x 4 feet long

Tip: We suggest adding a pedestal to the bottom of a parade inflatable. The pedestal will lift the inflatable so that it will be seen over the top of the truck bed.

#2. Build a Platform for the Truck Bed & Place Inflatable on Top

  • Recommended height: 7.4 feet
  • No need for an additional pedestal on your custom inflatable
  • Base dimensions: 3 feet wide x 4 feet long

Tip: A 12-13 foot height restriction is typical for parade floats due to power lines. Be sure to check your specific parade rules and regulations for size requirements.

Looking for parade float inspiration and ideas? Browse our online gallery full of inflatable parade balloons that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Custom Inflatable Event Tents and Kiosks are Multifunctional Wonders at Parades

Inflatable Event TentWhat image do the words “inflatable” and “parade” conjure up? For most people, the automatic assumption is parade floats. There’s no doubt: inflatable floats are enormously popular and capture gobs of attention cruising through the parade route. But did you know that inflatable event tents and parade kiosks make the jobs of professional coordinators infinitely easier?

Rather than living out of your van or SUV while on-site, picture yourself in the comfort of a custom-branded inflatable event tent. Tables and chairs are set out to welcome guests and registrants in style while also providing a place focused on hospitality as well as protection from the elements.

Does the parade end with a festival? Then parade kiosks are the perfect choice for connecting with attendees through food/beverage sales, product demos, sample giveaways, coupon distribution and more.

Customizable and fully interactive, event tents and parade kiosks from Landmark are developed to get noticed, function flawlessly and offer easy setup and tear down. Best of all, these are products that make your job easier while also adding a generous helping of brand reinforcement and promotion. And who doesn’t like that?

Inflatable Parade Balloons Give Advertisers a Better Return on Their Investment

inflatable-mascot-monkeyYou’ve got a marching band, the local equestrian club, some car buffs showing off their rides, and wait a minute…a giant inflatable monkey? Suddenly, that humdrum homecoming parade isn’t so ordinary any more. Heads turn. Eyes bulge. And your bright, colorful parade balloon is the center of attention. Now that’s what marketing is all about.

Parades can be a lot of fun for the participants and onlookers alike, but for advertisers, the biggest benefit is the crowds. When it’s your dollar being spent on float decorations and candy, and your brand up there in front of thousands of eyes, you want to make sure you get the best return you can. Inflatables make a big impression wherever they’re used, and they’re remembered long after they’ve been packed up and put away.

In fact, it’s typical for companies to use inflatable mascots or replicas at an event, then find their restaurant or store packed afterward due to the exposure. Sonic and Gooey Pizza are both good examples. It doesn’t matter if your business is selling fast food or car insurance, though. Inflatable advertising balloons are custom-created to match. You get the same impact tailor-made for your needs.

Secretariat’s Return to Churchill Downs – As a Parade Balloon

This year’s Pegasus Parade, which kicks off the Kentucky Derby each spring, featured an old friend reborn as a parade balloon. Triple Crown champ Secretariat has been gone for 20 years, but Disney saw a golden opportunity to promote their upcoming film about the famous horse, and they did it in a big way – with a giant inflatable balloon.

wine display parade balloonDisney certainly knows a thing or two about creating a buzz with inflatables, but you don’t have to be promoting a Hollywood production to benefit from the exposure a parade can bring. Holiday parades are a favorite summertime activity, and what better way to get your brand in front of thousands of eyes than by being in the center of the fun? Imagine the impression you’ll make when the crowd spots your 30-foot-tall soda bottle floating past. You’ll definitely have their full attention, and it will be you and your brand they think of next time they reach for a soft drink.

Inflatables are simple to use. They take just minutes to inflate, then pack away easily for safe storage and transport. And unlike his living counterparts, the Secretariat balloon didn’t need a clean-up crew. To see other parade balloons in action, stop by and check out our case studies.