Giant Wine Bottle Inflates Faster than You Can Get a Corkscrew

Setting Up Custom Inflatables with Internal Blower Systems in 3 Simple Steps!

Think setting up a giant inflatable is difficult? Think again!

#1. ZIP: Close The Inflatable’s Zipper

Close the zipper on the inflatable. Typically zippers can be found along the base of inflatables. Secure the velcro flap over the zipper.

#2. PLUG-IN: Plug in the Power Cord

Make sure there is enough space for the inflatable shape to inflate without interference. Plug in the power cord attached to the blower system. The inflatable will automatically start to inflate, internal blower systems have an on/off switch that is set to “on”, so they will begin to operate when plugged in. (To deflate your inflatable, simply unplug it.)

#3. INFLATE! Stand Back and Watch Your Inflatable Take Shape!

Watch as your custom inflatable comes to life! The inflatable wine bottle shown in the video has an internal base to keep it secure to the ground. Inflatables without an internal base structure will need internal sandbags or external tethers maintain stability. Solid base structures allow inflatables to stand up straight: there’s no need to worry about tethers!

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