Inflatable Sports Tunnels

How to Offset the Cost of Inflatable Sports Tunnels & Helmets

It’s thrilling to watch your team burst onto the field through a custom inflatable sports tunnel. But many athletic departments and booster clubs miss out because they focus on the price tag of an inflatable sports tunnel without understanding just how easy it is to offset the overall cost.

So how can booster clubs and sports athletic departments offset the costs of inflatable tunnel ownership (and even create a profit-center for their team)? Sponsorship options and creative fundraisers!

Cha-Ching! Generate Revenue By Selling Advertisement Space on Your Inflatable Tunnel

Local businesses will happily purchase advertisement space (typically as banner placements). This comes as no surprise considering that stadiums are typically filled with fans watching the inflatable tunnel with pure anticipation before the team comes roaring onto the field. This undivided attention is what business owners will bend over backwards for – and – what will help your team gain some serious revenue!

Choosing to sell advertising and banner space on your inflatable tunnel or helmet means that over time you cannot only offset the purchase cost of the tunnel, but generate additional revenue for the athletic department and booster club.

Crank Up Your Fundraising Efforts – Inflatable Tunnels Double as Location Devices

Step away from door-to-door fundraising. Instead, attract crowds by inflating your custom-designed sports tunnel at car washes and Christmas tree sales.

Why not inflate your sports tunnel at civic events, fairs and festivals? The inflatable tunnel will help attract attention while your team sells raffle tickets or athletic t-shirts to community members.

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3 Ways to Boost Team Spirit and Attendance with Inflatables

Inflatables Boost Team SpiritWhether you work in pro, high school or college sports marketing and promotions, one of your primary goals is to increase attendance. If you have no fans in the stands, everything else suffers. Admission revenues decline; concession stand income is reduced, and sponsors lose interest.

The Question Has Always Been: How Do I Boost Team Spirit and Attendance in a Way That Won’t Break My Bank? Inflatables Get the Job Done.

Inflatable Sports Tunnel#1 – Sports Tunnels– Very popular with high school and college sports marketing departments, sports tunnels are an exciting addition to football, hockey, soccer, basketball or any other sport. Team members burst through the tunnel and onto the field, court or ice (often through a cloud of fog) as onlookers leap to their feet in support. It’s an exhilarating way to begin any game because sports tunnels get the crowd engaged.

But, these tunnels play another very important role in sports marketing and promotions. They can be outfitted with sponsor banners on both sides. This allows you to turn your sports tunnel into an advertising machine. You can generate revenue while you increase team spirit.

Inflatable Tents#2 – Inflatable Tents – When you take pro or college sports marketing events on the road, inflatable tents give you greater visibility. If you host a fans’ corner or tailgate party before games, these tents offer a wonderful place to gather that’s fully branded for your team. Are players making public appearances? Inflatable tents provide an instant meet-and-greet place that’s out of the weather. Opened or fully enclosed, tents can also be dressed with sponsor banners.

Inflatable Sports Cage#3 – Sports Cages – Give fans a chance to flex their muscles. Inflatable sports cages set up outside your team’s baseball or softball games lets fans show off their skills. Whether you charge a fee or let fans bat for free with their paid admission, you get attendees excited about the nine innings they’re about to watch.

But, baseball isn’t the only sport fans can take their turns at. Inflatable soccer goals attract crowds with the same intensity as baseball cages. Fans can kick as hard as they’re able in an attempt to score a goal. Want to add additional fun and appeal? Have a local or national celebrity play goalie.

Press Worthy

Including inflatables with your sports marketing and promotions also delivers one other added benefit: press coverage. The media love to photograph inflatables because they are interesting. Incorporating a sports tunnel, tent or cage into your marketing plan almost certainly guarantees you’ll land some ink.

Inflatables get fans fired up about all sorts of sports. Whether you’re out on the road and need extra visibility or you’re on the field and want to hear the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs, inflatables give you that added boost you need to increase team spirit and admissions.

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Inflatable Cougar Tunnel Increases Enthusiasm for Youth Football Program

Inflatable Case History Brief #L1835

Inflatable Sports Tunnel Goes Above and Beyond for Football Program

Who: Holly Springs & Apex Sports Authority
What: Inflatable Cougar Football Tunnel
Where: North Carolina
When: May 2007
Why: Enhance Sports Marketing Efforts and Increase Enthusiasm
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Sports Tunnels

The inflatable cougar tunnel for the Holly Springs & Apex Sports Authority was designed to enhance their marketing efforts. The inflatable caused an increase in players and parents enthusiasm as well as media attention from local newspapers and TV stations.

If you would like to learn more about how custom inflatable sports tunnels downloaded free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

Inflatable Christian Academy of Knoxville Football Helmet Gets Fans Excited for Football

Trojan Sports TunnelInflatable Case History Brief #L2661

CAK Warriors Football Helmet Inflatable

Who: Christian Academy of Knoxville
What: Inflatable Warriors helmet
Where: Knoxville, TN
When: Fall 2010
Why: CAK wanted an inflatable warrior tunnel to create excitement at football games.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Football Helmets

Christian Academy of Knoxville wanted to create an exciting atmosphere for the team, students, fans, and impress visitors.  They wanted the most impressive and unique design they could find and they certainly got it.

Inflatable football helmets and tunnels can create an exciting game for your school too. Find more inspiration and download our free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

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Three Fun Promotional Ideas For Sporting Events

Fall sports are just around the corner, and it is time to start looking for promotional ideas for sporting events. While product giveaways such as key chains and tattoos are successful, custom sports inflatables are gaining popularity with teams and sponsors to really ramp up the fan experience. Here are three ways you can use sports inflatables to promote your sporting events:

inflatable cranberry costume1. Inflate Your Mascot Costume

Mascots are the heart of every sports game.  They engage fans, get the crowd and team excited, and work as a brand ambassador for your team. Keep your mascot looking and feeling cool with an inflatable costume. See how Rider University uses their Cranberry King inflatable to boost school spirit and charm the students and faculty!

inflatable badger mascot2. Make Your Mascot into a Sports Promotion Giant

Literally.  The University of Wisconsin Alumni Association created this 20-foot inflatable Bucky Badger to tour at events around campus.  So far, he’s been seen all around Madison at sports games, student organization events and even Homecoming Week!  This inflatable mascot is grabbing media attention for the school and the alumni association!

inflatable tiger tunnel3. Use an Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Mascot tunnels are not only impressive and fun, but versatile too.  Consider using it for not only game-time, but for fundraising events and more. Learn how Herrin High engages the entire community at events around town with their inflatable tiger tunnel.

These are just three of the many ways you can use inflatables to enhance promotional efforts at sporting events. Inflatables are affordable, easy to set up and custom created, which make them a perfect choice for athletic departments, booster clubs, and sponsors. Check out our sports inflatables case studies for more ideas for more promotional ideas.

Crowd-Pleasing Inflatables Improve Your Fundraising Efforts

inflatable-tunnel-wildcatKeeping a school athletic program running is a constant struggle. There just never seems to be enough money to go around, forcing schools to employ a variety of fundraising tactics to fill the coffers. Between the candy bars, the submarine sandwiches, and the frozen cookie dough, kids – and their parents – can get burned-out on fundraising. It’s time to try something new.

Consider this. Businesses buy advertising in yearbooks, school papers, and coupon books year after year. They do it out of a sense of community and to support the school, but they know exposure on those pages is fleeting. Now picture the scene: It’s Friday night; the stands are filled. All eyes are focused on the inflatable tunnel from which your team will charge the field, just like the pros do. A wisp of fog escapes the tunnel’s entrance, and the anticipation grows. You’ve captured the attention of an eager crowd, and that’s worth big money to local businesses.

Buying advertising space on something that grabs attention like an inflatable tunnel makes good business sense. Many schools even get local businesses to finance part or all of the cost, so there’s no out-of-pocket expense to worry about. Check out some sports tunnel case studies to see how schools use inflatables for fundraising and team spirit. It’s a winning strategy for everyone, and lots more fun than a bake sale!