Inflatable Sports Cages

3 Ways to Boost Team Spirit and Attendance with Inflatables

Inflatables Boost Team SpiritWhether you work in pro, high school or college sports marketing and promotions, one of your primary goals is to increase attendance. If you have no fans in the stands, everything else suffers. Admission revenues decline; concession stand income is reduced, and sponsors lose interest.

The Question Has Always Been: How Do I Boost Team Spirit and Attendance in a Way That Won’t Break My Bank? Inflatables Get the Job Done.

Inflatable Sports Tunnel#1 – Sports Tunnels– Very popular with high school and college sports marketing departments, sports tunnels are an exciting addition to football, hockey, soccer, basketball or any other sport. Team members burst through the tunnel and onto the field, court or ice (often through a cloud of fog) as onlookers leap to their feet in support. It’s an exhilarating way to begin any game because sports tunnels get the crowd engaged.

But, these tunnels play another very important role in sports marketing and promotions. They can be outfitted with sponsor banners on both sides. This allows you to turn your sports tunnel into an advertising machine. You can generate revenue while you increase team spirit.

Inflatable Tents#2 – Inflatable Tents – When you take pro or college sports marketing events on the road, inflatable tents give you greater visibility. If you host a fans’ corner or tailgate party before games, these tents offer a wonderful place to gather that’s fully branded for your team. Are players making public appearances? Inflatable tents provide an instant meet-and-greet place that’s out of the weather. Opened or fully enclosed, tents can also be dressed with sponsor banners.

Inflatable Sports Cage#3 – Sports Cages – Give fans a chance to flex their muscles. Inflatable sports cages set up outside your team’s baseball or softball games lets fans show off their skills. Whether you charge a fee or let fans bat for free with their paid admission, you get attendees excited about the nine innings they’re about to watch.

But, baseball isn’t the only sport fans can take their turns at. Inflatable soccer goals attract crowds with the same intensity as baseball cages. Fans can kick as hard as they’re able in an attempt to score a goal. Want to add additional fun and appeal? Have a local or national celebrity play goalie.

Press Worthy

Including inflatables with your sports marketing and promotions also delivers one other added benefit: press coverage. The media love to photograph inflatables because they are interesting. Incorporating a sports tunnel, tent or cage into your marketing plan almost certainly guarantees you’ll land some ink.

Inflatables get fans fired up about all sorts of sports. Whether you’re out on the road and need extra visibility or you’re on the field and want to hear the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs, inflatables give you that added boost you need to increase team spirit and admissions.

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Ask Landmark Episode 7: Inflatable Sports Cages

Event Marketing with Custom Inflatables

Premier custom inflatables manufacturer, Landmark Creations answers your questions about using custom inflatables. In episode 7, Tom and Stephanie discuss using inflatable sports cages.


Inflatable Batting Cages Add Fun and Flair to Military Recruiting Events

inflatable-batting-cageBaseball season is in full swing, and that opens up a fantastic opportunity to draw big crowds at your next recruiting event. Young men – and women! – love to show off their biceps and their batting prowess, so featuring an inflatable batting cage is a great way to get them lined up in front of your booth. Best of all, while they’re waiting for the next pitch, you get to make yours.

Inflatables turn what might otherwise be a boring event into an entertaining and interactive affair, while giving you the opportunity to fill your prospects in on the benefits of military life. The military isn’t all rules and regulations and starched collars – it’s also an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle for many, and a bright, bold, and fun inflatable batting cage is just the thing to help you get your message out to new recruits.

For a busy recruiter with lots of events on his or her schedule, flexibility and efficiency are important. Changeable advertising banners make it easy to accommodate diverse audiences. You can customize your message to include specific signing bonuses or other benefits, depending on your group. Even better, quick set up and removal means less time wasted for you and your staff – time that could be better spent getting to know your potential recruits.

Stop by to view a selection of inflatable batting cages, and see how inflatables can make a recruiter’s job easier.

Bring the World Cup to Your Store with an Inflatable Soccer Goal

custom-inflatable-soccer-goalThe World Cup is underway, and you know what that means – soccer-themed sales at every sporting goods store in the country. If you want to stand out in that crowded field, you’re going to have to get creative with your marketing efforts. That sounds like a job for custom inflatables!

While other stores are using banners and flyers and maybe an email campaign to announce their sales, you’ll be hosting a standing room only event. Here’s how: Set up a colorful, portable soccer goal in front of your store and invite visitors to try their luck. Offer prizes for the longest goal, most consecutive goals, wildest kick, or just for participating. Have a local coach on hand offering on-the-spot tips, and your World Cup party will be a real crowd pleaser.

An outdoor event with custom inflatables is great for grabbing attention. People are naturally curious about these large, colorful balloons, and since they’re highly visible from long distances, you’ll find even those just driving by will stop to get a closer look. Best of all, inflatable sports cages provide the perfect place to display a logo or other advertisement, so it’s easy to defray the cost with corporate sponsorship.

See a variety of inflatable sports cages in our case studies, and remember, the World Series is right around the corner!

Shaking Off the Advertising Invisibility Cloak

inflatable batting cageNot surprisingly, the captive audiences at sporting events are a favorite target for advertisers. Just imagine – thousands of people in one place, and they’re all looking at your ad. Or are they?

Here’s the problem. Advertising is everywhere. How many ads do you encounter on your way to a ball game? Between billboards, radio, the sides of city buses, and the scorebook you’re handed as you enter the gate, I would not be surprised if the number were in the hundreds. With all those ads vying for your attention, they might as well be wearing Harry Potter’s famous cloak. Advertising overload has made them invisible. Getting your brand noticed here is going to take some innovative thinking. That sounds like a job for inflatables!

Take one inflatable batting cage, add 10,000 happy baseball fans, mix in a dash of logo, and you’ve got a recipe for a unique and memorable message. Here’s why it works. People are naturally curious about inflatables, and their bright colors and clever designs make them the center of attention at any event. Include an interactive feature like a batting or pitching cage, and fans won’t look past your brand, they’ll participate in it.

Being memorable and fun are important when conveying your message. With inflatables, you also get a medium that’s portable, quick to set up, and easy to store. You can’t say that about a billboard.