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American By Design: Custom Inflatables Made in Minnesota Since 1986

Our Customers Take Pride in Purchasing American Made Inflatables – We Take Pride in Manufacturing Them!

We are continually asked, “Are your inflatables manufactured in the United States?” and with pride we answer, “Yes, we manufacture right here in Minnesota.”  In the most recent Landmarketing Newsletter we focus on the improved U.S. business forecast and the new economic outlook starting to unfold. We believe the quality of American made products is one of the reasons we are the premier custom inflatable manufacturer.

A Minnesota-Based Inflatable Manufacturer with a Dedication to Quality

With over 25 years of inflatable manufacturing experience we believe in the importance of superior quality, custom solutions and comprehensive customer service.  We first began making classic hot air shapes and inflatable characters. We can produce complex shapes at any size with great attention to detail. Each passing year our customers help us to generate more creative ideas for promotional balloons and new inflatable products.

Our local customers benefit from the fact that we are located in the heart of the Midwest United States. Purchasing inflatables locally means minimizing logistical headaches and having control over your custom project.  Although we do have our ups and downs when it comes to weather in Minnesota, we are consistently providing the highest quality products and services to each of our customers.

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Four Benefits of Working with Local Inflatable Manufacturers

Walker Art Center Sculpture GardenAs a creative company, we’re lucky to be located in a creative area like the Twin Cities. In fact, Minneapolis / St. Paul is one of the most prominent advertising, public relations, and marketing scenes in the country. Last week we attended Alphabet Bash for the first time and had the chance to meet a lot of these creative industry professionals who didn’t even realize they had a custom inflatables manufacturer right in their backyard. More importantly, many hadn’t even considered the benefit of having a custom manufacturer in town. So for the benefit of our newly acquired friends, we’ve complied a list of the four main ways companies can benefit from using a local, custom inflatable manufacturer.

1. Minimizing the chances of logistical headaches
Many inflatable companies online who appear to be manufacturing in the U.S. are reselling products manufactured overseas. Without the option of physically touring the company’s facilities, it’s difficult to know for sure. Whether you’re purchasing directly from an overseas manufacturer, or through a reseller in the U.S., an important factor to consider is the extra time it will take to ship. Unknown national holidays, cultural ideals, and language barriers mean that your project may not be leaving the warehouse when you think it is. Once your project leaves their warehouse, there’s still a risk of complications at customs. If you have access to a local manufacturer, you can mark these concerns off your list of headaches.

2. Keeping inflatable transportation costs down
With constantly rising fuel prices, freight costs are at an all time high. While custom inflatables are light weight compared to other giant displays, many can weigh 100 pounds or more; an expensive parcel to ship. If you have access to a local manufacturer, you have the option to transport your project personally. Most custom inflatables will fit inside standard sized vehicles like sedans, trucks and mini-vans. This means you can save money on freight to use on other parts of your budget, which is a real perk.

3. Staying involved with critical touch points
While most of our customers are located out-of-state, we still find value in having face-to-face meetings when we can.  Modern technology has made an incredible difference in how easily we can do business, but communication in person allows room for more synergistic thoughts to happen. Sometimes our customers are inspired by other projects they see being manufactured, or discussions with our group of designers.

4. Having control over your inflatable project
When we work with local clients, we like to invite them to our warehouse to have a look around. We want our customers to feel comfortable with their purchase and understand what we’re all about (we’ve been known to treat visitors with Abdallah chocolate!). In person, we can brainstorm, create design alternatives, tweak existing concepts and discuss project requirements in detail.

From logistics to project control, there are many benefits to having a local custom inflatable manufacturer. If you’re located in the Twin Cities and looking for a local inflatable manufacturer, make an appointment to visit us. We’d love to buy you a box of chocolate and discuss how custom inflatables can enhance your marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns.

Landmarketers Head to Alphabet Bash 2011 with Chocolate in Hand

Stephanie and AllisonEven though we’ve been making inflatables in the Twin Cities area for 25 years, some Minnesota companies are still surprised to learn there’s a custom inflatable manufacturer right here in town. We’re lucky to not only be located in the fine city of Burnsville, but across the street from a pretty well-known chocolate factory… you may have heard of them? Abdallah has been making amazing chocolate for over 100 years and we’re pretty sure some of our customers keep buying inflatables from Landmark for the chocolate “thank you” gifts alone. If you’re a marketing or PR agency in the Twin Cities area, it’s worth a trip to Burnsville to learn more about our offerings. We’d be happy to have you tour of our facilities; we’ll even send you home with a box of chocolates.

Stephanie and Allison

But, there is one more way you can learn about us and get your hands on some of Abdallah’s finest chocolates. With the intention of getting the word out about Landmark, we’re heading to Alphabet Bash in Minneapolis this Thursday, and we’re not coming empty-handed. Throughout the evening we’ll be tweeting Minnesota trivia questions using the #abcbash11 hashtag. If you know the answer, find one of us, and get your hands on some of Abdallah’s fine confections. If you’re looking for creative ways to boost your brands (or your clients’ brands) let’s talk at the bash. We’ve put together a sweet collection of great ideas in an eBook just for “Bash” attendees. Hungry for more? Follow us on Twitter and look for us on Thursday at the Bash!

Local Minnesota Manufacturer, Landmark Creations, is Proud to Produce Custom Inflatables for Hometown Brands

MN Gophers TunnelFour Stand-Out Inflatable Projects We’ve Made for Local, Minnesota Brands

Landmark creates custom inflatables for customers around the globe, but when we manufacture inflatable projects for companies in our hometown, it’s always exceptionally exciting.  We’ve made many custom inflatables right here in Minnesota over the last 25 years, but here are four Minnesota inflatable projects that really stand out:

With four University of Minnesota alumni on staff, the “U” is dear to our hearts and it’s been a delight to make not one, but two, projects for them. A giant inflatable Goldy Gopher mascot was created as a photo-op for fans to interact with at pre-game activities. Because he’s so cute, he naturally boosted school spirit. Several years later, we created the U of MN inflatable football tunnel. It set the perfect scene for game-time when the Minnesota Gophers stormed the field through it to the tune of the Minnesota Rouser.

We’re gonna win Twins! Back in 2001, two of the Minnesota Twins’ most famous faces: Kirby Puckett and mascot TC Bear were transformed into giant inflatables using the Twins’ bobblehead designs.  We loved working on this project to support our local baseball team and all of the Twins fans out there!

Schwan’s is a multi-billion dollar company that employs over 17,000 people in the US and we are proud to say they’re based just southwest of here in Marshall, Minnesota.  They are best known for their home-delivery of frozen foods, but they also distribute under other in-store brand names.  We’ve made multiple custom inflatables for Schwan’s and one of them was an impressive inflatable tent back in 2004 for their NASCAR racing team events.

Land O’ Lakes was founded 90 years ago and currently makes products spanning from butter to creamer to seasonings to cheese. To advertise milk at Twin’s baseball games, Land O’ Lakes created a giant inflatable product replica of their half gallon of milk which would flash when the Twins scored a home run.  We were proud of our inflatable, but we also had fun supporting a local dairy co-op!

Are you a Minnesota-based company we haven’t worked with yet? Contact us to discuss how we can support our great state of Minnesota together. We look forward to making even more creative and exciting hometown inflatables in the next 25 years!

Customers Benefit 5 Ways from Landmark’s 25 Years of Inflatable Manufacturing

What were you doing back in 1986? It’s hard to believe, but that’s when Landmark first started putting giant hot-air shapes and inflatable gorillas on rooftops. As we begin our 25th year of manufacturing custom inflatables, it’s hard not to get a little retrospective.

Back in 1990, when I started working for Landmark; inflatable models were made with clay, pattern pieces were cut by hand and concept illustrations were mailed via overnight express. It’s amazing how much technology has changed the way we manufacture inflatables today. In the 21st century, we can offer our customers quality products and customer service in ways we couldn’t even dream of when we first began.

5 Main Ways Customers Benefit from Modern Inflatable Manufacturing

1. Getting Concept Illustrations in the Blink of an Eye
In our early days, customers used to mail us their artwork. We would take their business cards, logos or napkin sketches and create a concept illustration by hand and “overnight” it back. Revisions would take days or even weeks.

Today we provide concept illustrations within 24 hours via email, so our customers are prepared for meetings the day after we’ve discussed their project.

2. Exploring 3-D Models Before Production
Even 10 years ago, we used clay models to create inflatable patterns. These models took days to complete and were not easily altered. Most importantly, they were rarely seen by customers, so adjustments wouldn’t be made until the inflatable was finished. Now, with CAD sculptures, customers can view project models from all angles before production to ensure it will meet their expectations. We can even create video “tours” for complex shapes. If alterations are needed, they can be done quickly before a single pattern piece is cut.

3. Enjoying Uniform, Complex Shapes in any Quantities
Back in the days of clay models, patterns were projected on a wall and cut out by hand. Highly skilled sewers would compensate for pattern distortions and tailor patterns to fit well together. (Repeating these detailed adjustments for quantity orders was tricky.)

Now patterns are taken from digital models and computer cut, ensuring accurate shapes that fit well together – every time. Customers can order 1 or 1,000 inflatables and feel confident they will all look the same. This is especially important for franchises and corporate branding, where consistency is critical.

4. Designing Photo-Quality Images on any Size or Shape
Over the past 25 years, the graphics on everything from billboards to cereal boxes has become more complex. When Landmark started, inflatable graphics were hand painted. As designers everywhere began using computers to create more complex art, large-format digital printers came on the scene. Thanks to large-format printing, inflatables can keep up with modern graphic demands. Today our customers can use photographs and photo-quality art on their inflatables in just about any way imaginable.

5. Following Project Details Every Step of the Way
Long gone are the days of processing images of our customers’ projects at one-hour photo labs. Thanks to digital SLR cameras, smart phones and email, our customers get instant feedback at every critical point in the manufacturing process.

As Landmark celebrates our 25th year in the inflatable industry, we’re amazed how much new technologies have changed the way work; allowing us to provide premier products and service to our customers.

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