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3 Tasty Ways Food Vendors Get Attention and Sales at Fairs & Festivals with Inflatables

It’s just about that time of year again!

The smell of corn dogs, mini donuts and refreshing brews will linger in the air at outdoor events, fairs and festivals. But, with so many food and beverage options how do customers choose and find what they are craving? Check out these custom inflatables commonly used by food and beverage vendors to gain attention and increase sales.

#1. Attention Grabbing Advertising Blimps Get a Double-Take

Promotional blimps are advertising balloons created to look like their real-life counterparts. Filled with helium these types of inflatables will give your business the lift it needs to be successful at outdoor events. It’s simple really – We’ll add your recognizable logo to the blimp, you’ll inflate with helium, attach to your location and release into the air! Advertising blimps can be seen from far and wide and in the largest of crowds.

#2. Inflatable Tents Welcome Customers & Offer Seating Space

Perfect for outdoor events like fairs, carnivals, and block parties, custom inflatables tents have creative advertising power that can be branded to draw crowds. Inflatable tents offer 360 degrees of advertising space giving people a clear view of your location. What’s more – Inflatable tents are a fun gathering space for customers to enjoy your tasty dish or frosty brew.

#3. Be Recognizable with Custom Inflatable Logos

Another favorite inflatable option for food and beverage vendors is a custom logo balloon. Easy to inflate, promotional logos are one of the most effective ways to improve brand recognition. Place your inflatable logo on the roof of your location or near your food truck and watch as lines form for your tasty treats!

Are you a food or beverage company selling goodies at fairs, carnivals and community festivals this summer? Contact Landmark to learn more about creative inflatables specifically designed to increase traffic and sales.

University of Maryland Uses Inflatable Logo at Maryland Day Celebration

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0038

University of Maryland Inflatable Logo

Who: University Of Maryland
What: Inflatable Logo
Where: Maryland Day Celebration
When: Spring 1999
Why: To Celebrate The First Annual Maryland Day Celebration And Other Events
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

This giant inflatable logo designed for the University of Maryland is used each April at the Maryland Day Celebration. Placed in the center of the celebration, this custom inflatable brings attention to the University’s involvement in the community.

Download: Getting Started with Inflatable Logos & Billboards eBook for more ideas to make your next event more festive!

Texas Radio Station Uses Inflatable Logo to Draw Crowds

Inflatable Case History Brief #L1023

Inflatable Logo for KROX FM in Austin, Texas

Who: KROX FM Radio Station
What: Inflatable ‘X’ Logo
Where: Live Broadcasts, Concerts, Sporting Events
When: Winter 2003
Why: To Add Visual Interest And Attract Crowds
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

KROX FM, an Austin, Texas based radio station wanted to increase crowds and add visual interest to the events they participate in. With their inflatable ‘X’ logo the radio station was able to amp up their presence at any event. Using their inflatable the radio station was continually booked for future events.

Looking for an exciting way to amp up your next promotional event? Contact us for more information about custom inflatables.

Promote Your Brand! Custom Inflatable Billboards And Logos Go The Extra Mile

The Power of Custom Inflatables Promoting Your Brand!

It’s a tough marketplace and your success can rest upon consumers remembering your business. Logo promotion is one of the most effective methods of improving brand recognition. Your business can go from being a face among the crowd to being a recognized leader by creating powerful brand recognition.

Using Inflatables to Advertise Influences Buying Behavior.

Successful marketers and business owners understand the sheer size of inflatable billboards and logos makes them recognizable in even the most crowded areas.  Due to advanced technology the colors and design of your logo can be matched precisely onto your inflatable.

Interested in adding a custom inflatable to your next event?  Contact Landmark today!

Unique Advertising Increases Brand Recognition at Applebee’s Restaurants

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0011

Applebee’s Restaurants Use Inflatable Logo to Increase Visibility

Who: Applebee’s Restaurants
What: Inflatable Apple Logo
Where: Applebee’s Franchises in the Chicago Area
When: Summer 2000
Why: Increase Visibility of a New Location and Advertise at All Franchises in the Chicago Area.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

Applebee’s Restaurants in the Chicago area wanted a unique way to advertise at multiple locations. There solution: Cold-air inflatable logos. Designed to look like their apple shaped logo, this inflatable logo helps create brand recognition and attract traffic to their restaurants.

Need a unique way to advertise your business? Learn more about custom inflatables by downloading Getting Started with Inflatable Logos & Billboards, our free eBook.

Affy Tapple Stands Out at Events With Inflatable Logo and Mascot

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2108

Affy Tapple Inflatable Mascot Logo

Who: Affy Tapple
What: Affy Tapple Mascot Logo
Where: Chicago, IL
When: Fall 2008
Why: Affy Tapple wanted to stand out at events and promote their factory store.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

In order to improve foot traffic at events and increase sales, Affy Tapple created not only a mascot, Affy Man, but an inflatable logo to go with him.  They use their inflatable logo at events and fundraisers to increase sales and gain media attention.

Download our free eBook, Getting Started with Inflatables, for more ideas of how to inflate your logo.

Hot Stuff Foods Generates Business with Inflatable Logo

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2755

Hot Stuff Foods Logo

Who: Hot Stuff Foods
What: Inflatable Hot Stuff Foods Logo
Where: The inflatables were used at their franchise locations.
When: Fall 2010
Why: Hot Stuff wanted to generate sales by advertising at retailers that already sold their products.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

Hot Stuff Foods created eight inflatable logos to use at stores that sell their pizza and sandwiches.  Since it’s easy to set up and is very mobile, this promotional inflatable is the perfect advertising tool to draw in hungry crowds!

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Ask Landmark Episode 10: Inflatable Billboards & Logos

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