Inflatable Kiosks

Stand Out From The Crowd! Inflatable Kiosks and Money Machines Add Excitement to Events

Memorable Events & Expos Start with a Great Environment

Exciting and welcoming, inflatable kiosks are uniquely designed to grab attention of those attending. Inflatable kiosks are commonly used to serve food/beverages, hand out samples, enroll attendees in programs and even sign up visitors for services.

Who Loves Money? The Real Question is Who DOESN’T Love Money?

Nothing captures attention during events more than free money whirling about. Contestants jump into the inflatable money machines and can snag cash, coupons or tickets during an allotted amount of time while crowds watch in excitement.

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5 Professional Design Tips for Exceptional Inflatable Kiosks

Goosebumps inflatable kioskWhat’s rule #1 of tradeshows?  Separate yourself from all the other exhibitors.  Inflatable kiosks give you the golden opportunity to stand apart from every other pop-up tent and ordinary tradeshow booth on the floor. Inflatable kiosks are popular for product demonstrations and sampling because they’re visually appealing, easy to use and provide large canopy areas. Well-designed kiosks are exceptional because they reinforce your brands and attract attention while maximizing the available space at your events.

Here are 5 professional design tips to follow when creating your new kiosk.

Tip 1:  Consider Shape & Design Elements

When promoting a new product or developing a themed booth; think vertical for the most effectiveness.  If you’re sampling a new coffee, for example, building a kiosk in the shape of the cup will get you noticed from greater distances while reinforcing your brand.

Tip 2: Create Signage and Branding

One of the biggest advantages of inflatable kiosks is their 360-degree signage area. To make sure your design takes advantage of this real estate, consider your signage from all directions. Will other companies sponsor your event, or will you sponsor multiple events? Use removable banners to display messages tailored for each event or sponsor. Some custom kiosks can be fitted for entirely new graphics, saving you the cost of purchasing a new kiosk when the time comes to rebrand.

Tip 3: Calculate Your Inside Measurements

If you’re using your inflatable kiosk for sampling, plan enough room inside the kiosk to store samples and allow for ample working areas. Giving prior thought to the interior space of your kiosk will ensure kiosk operators are comfortable and representing your brand with good cheer; not struggling in tight quarters.

Tip 4:  Work Within The Outside Environment

How much total space do you have available? Will you be limited by tradeshow or outdoor limitations? In addition to the interior footprint, the inflatable itself will require 2 to 4 feet for structural support. Work with your inflatable manufacturer to layout a blueprint of your kiosk based on your needs. Striking the right balance between inside room and outside restrictions is at the heart of creating an effective design.

Tip 5: Plan for Power

Custom inflatable kiosks use a standard electrical plug in (120v GFI) and require a power source. If a wall outlet isn’t available at your events a generator can be easily used; but that’s a consideration you’ll want to plan for ahead of time, not during the event.

Using good design at the beginning of the project ensures that your inflatable will have plenty of messaging space, reinforce your brand and draw traffic to your space for years to come.

For more tips on designing exceptional kiosks and custom inflatables, be sure to download our FREE ebook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

Custom Inflatable Event Tents and Kiosks are Multifunctional Wonders at Parades

Inflatable Event TentWhat image do the words “inflatable” and “parade” conjure up? For most people, the automatic assumption is parade floats. There’s no doubt: inflatable floats are enormously popular and capture gobs of attention cruising through the parade route. But did you know that inflatable event tents and parade kiosks make the jobs of professional coordinators infinitely easier?

Rather than living out of your van or SUV while on-site, picture yourself in the comfort of a custom-branded inflatable event tent. Tables and chairs are set out to welcome guests and registrants in style while also providing a place focused on hospitality as well as protection from the elements.

Does the parade end with a festival? Then parade kiosks are the perfect choice for connecting with attendees through food/beverage sales, product demos, sample giveaways, coupon distribution and more.

Customizable and fully interactive, event tents and parade kiosks from Landmark are developed to get noticed, function flawlessly and offer easy setup and tear down. Best of all, these are products that make your job easier while also adding a generous helping of brand reinforcement and promotion. And who doesn’t like that?

Inflatable Kiosks + Savory Samples Makes Restaurant Marketing a Piece of Cake

What’s the biggest selling point for a new restaurant? The food, of course. But when you’re the new guy on the block, getting first-time customers to give your menu a try is tough, especially if there’s lots of big-name competition in your area. You have to do something special to grab the attention of the neighborhood, and a clever inflatable kiosk is perfect for making a memorable first impression.

Building interest is the first step of every successful marketing campaign. Because brightly colored, unforgettable custom inflatables are natural attention grabbers, they work very well. Here’s an easy-to-follow strategy for using them effectively.

Instead of mailing flyers to every house in the county simply announcing you are now open for business, tell customers you’ll be handing out free samples and coupons at an upcoming festival or event. Your new, branded inflatable kiosk will make you easy to spot, and impossible to forget. Spend some time chatting with your guests, and close with a coupon for savings on their next meal. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to try your food without commitment, and a valuable coupon will bring them back for seconds.

Not only are inflatables great for impressing the public, they make your job easier, too. When you’re scheduling a series of events across the country, it’s critical your displays arrive in one piece. Inflatable kiosks are easy to set up, quick to deflate, and transport with ease, giving the marketing department one less thing to worry about.