Inflatable Exhibits

Making Small Things Big, and Big Things Portable

inflatable-mosquitoWhen your job involves keeping a busload of bored middle-school kids entertained – while teaching them a little something in the process – it’s inflatables to the rescue. Lucky for you, interactive inflatable exhibits don’t just educate and entertain, they also win major coolness points with kids.

Even the most unenthusiastic teenagers will snap to attention when you unveil a giant inflatable insect for their inspection. They’ll be too busy peering at the underside of a beetle or counting the eyes on a giant spider to even think about being bored. After all, it’s hard not to be excited about a horror-movie sized bug.

You’ll think inflatables are pretty cool, too, when you realize how incredibly versatile they are. Not only can you turn a small thing into a fun exhibit, you can recreate enormous objects without having to remove a wall to get it in the building. Dinosaurs, whales, and even entire solar systems can be suspended from your ceiling without concern for weight. Kids (and their parents) will jump at the chance to see Jupiter and Mars up close. It’s an educational adventure no telescope will ever match.

See how museums use inflatable exhibits to make science and learning fun.