Inflatable Domes

Ask Landmark Episode 9: Inflatable Tents & Domes

Inflatable Tents and Domes Video

Inflatable advertising balloons manufacturer, Landmark Creations, answers common questions about custom inflatables.
In episode 9, Tom and Stephanie discuss using custom inflatable tents and inflatable domes.

Expand Your Mobile Marketplace with Inflatable Tents

inflatable dome trojan tour

You’ve packed the truck, drug your banners out of storage, and programmed your GPS. It’s that time of year again. You’re about to set out on your annual cross-country extravaganza, hitting every festival and fairgrounds from Bangor to Phoenix. You may be ready to hand out samples, but are you all set to build loyal relationships?

Carnivals and street fairs are teeming with colorful displays competing for attention. That makes it easy for your customers to look past a banner or a decorated truck. A recent article in Event Marketer suggests focusing on the area outside your truck for greater visibility. A colorful vehicle and matching inflatable tent will have people talking about you for days (and weeks) to come.

Not only that, but inflatable domes are also excellent conversation starters. Memorable interaction is what builds relationships, so use the space to offer samples, engage your visitors with fun activities, and encourage them to remember your brand by handing out coupons for later. Now your mobile campaign is really rocking!

Inflatable tents and domes are simple to use. Even large tents are easily handled by one or two people, and yet they’re more impressive than a complicated pavilion that takes days to build. They’re durable, so you can reuse them year after year, and unlike banners, inflatables will always draw a curious crowd. Stop by our case studies section and see the fun and creative ways people use inflatables for mobile marketing.