Inflatable Costumes

Costume Boosts Sales for Sno Biz Shave Ice Business

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2501

Inflatable Costume for Sno Biz Shave Ice Business

Who: Sno Biz Shave Ice Business
What: Inflatable Penguin Mascot Costume
Where: Sno Biz Shave Ice Kiosks
When:  Spring 2010
Why: To Increase Brand Awareness and Sales for Their Dealers
Inflatable Product Line:  Inflatable Costumes

This inflatable costume for Sno Biz’s shave ice business helps promote their brand and attracts mobs of customers. Because inflatable costumes literally come to life they are a fun option to get customers excited about your product.

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Finding the Right Inflatable for Halloween: Four Differences Between Consumer and Professional Costumes

Inflatable CostumeWhat are you going to be for Halloween?

It seems like every year friends and neighbors are upping the Halloween ante with outrageous costumes and lawn decor. Marketers and festivals have been using inflatables for ages, but we’ve seen a real flood of consumers using Halloween inflatables in recent years. Every autumn, we get dozens of requests for inflatable Halloween costumes. Often these requests are from people with a budget under $100 who are looking for something fun to wear to a Halloween party or event. While we do manufacture inflatable costumes, these consumer-grade costumes are very different from the professional-grade inflatable products we make.

Professional- or Consumer-Grade… which type of inflatable costume is right for you? Ask yourself these four questions to decide:

1. How Long Does it Need To Last? Professional inflatable costumes come with high-quality hardware, including a harness system and a second battery to keep the costume inflated.  Having a back-up battery means you can use your costume for hours without risk of running out of power. Having a harness system means you can design a shape which completely encloses the wearer, like mascots found at amusement parks.

2. Are You Making a Professional Impression or Just Having Fun? We get it, inflatables are cool! You’re destined to be a hit at your next party, event, or night of trick-or-treating wearing either type of inflatable costume. With their light weight materials, consumer-grade costumes are vulnerable to being torn and may only last for a couple of events if they’re not carefully handled. Professional inflatables are constructed from rugged materials that are designed to last for years of wear and tear with a look that is, well, professional.

3. Do You Need a Custom Shape? Landmark’s inflatable costumes are custom-made. We can transform your mascot, character or product with exact detail into costume form, match your Pantone colors and replicate your logos. Consumer-grade inflatable costumes tend to be standard shapes such as sumo wrestlers, witches and the like.

4. What’s Your Budget? Professional-grade inflatable costumes can cost $500 or more;  consumer inflatables can be purchased for $50 or less.  If you’re looking for an inflatable costume under $100, check out our Squidoo lens with links to consumer-grade Halloween inflatables.

If you think professional-grade inflatable costumes might be right for your event, give us a shout or check out some photos of our inflatable costumes.

Make Your Point-of-Purchase Display Interactive with Inflatable Costumes

inflatable penguin mascots

When you say “point-of-purchase display” to most marketers, an image of static, 3-D exhibits comes to mind. Demo booths might use individuals to welcome and greet shoppers. And, while effective, there’s little wonder or intrigue associated with passing out samples in this way.

Add to the mix, however, someone dressed in an animated, inflatable costume and you quickly transform the ordinary and expected into a curious and engaging sight.

Send a penguin to do a man’s work and you’ll immediately see which is the superior being for the task. SnoBiz proved that inflatable costumes are a huge draw with kids when they created one of Bizzy to patrol dealer locations.

But kids aren’t the only ones who respond well to inflatable costumes at the point of purchase. Car Wash Express found this out when they placed someone in a marlin costume at the entrance to their facility.

So easy to wear, inflatable costumes only take minutes to put on. The person inside the character will appreciate that these outfits are cool and lightweight making long sessions easy to handle.

When it’s time to take your point-of-purchase display up a notch, make it interactive with inflatable costumes. In addition to POP displays, you’ll find many other uses for them, making these multitasking marketing props an investment that quickly pays for themselves.

Ask Landmark Episode 5: Inflatable Costumes

Minnesota based inflatable costume manufacturer, Landmark Creations, answers common questions about custom inflatables. In episode5, Tom and Stephanie discuss the basics of ordering and using inflatable costumes.


The Best Job in the World Just Got Better with Inflatables

inflatable-mascot-costumeIf I could pick my dream job, I think I’d want to be a team mascot. They get to dress up as snarling wolves, mythical creatures, even banana slugs. Then they spend their workday dancing and doing cartwheels, whipping fans into a frenzy, and leading “the wave” around a crowded stadium. It almost seems silly to call it work.

But then, every job has its downside. For mascots, the biggest downer has to be the costume. Parading around a sports stadium wearing 30 pounds of fake fur and vinyl is like wearing your own personal sauna: hot, sweaty, and not designed for long-term use.

Inflatable costumes are a whole other animal – literally! They’re lightweight, which means a greater range of motion and less stress on your knees as you’re running up and down all those stairs. A small fan keeps them inflated, so you’ve got a built-in cooling system that allows for longer wear than a traditional mascot costume, with greater comfort.

There are some practical advantages, too. Inflatable costumes are made of easy-to-clean materials, and since they keep the wearer dry, the inside is less likely to harbor bacteria – and unpleasant smells. Inflatables also require very little storage space, and if you’ve ever tried to stuff a giant gopher head into the trunk of your car, you know how important that is.

Think your mascot is too outrageous for inflatables? That’s doubtful. Each one is custom-made to your exact specifications. Check out a few samples and case studies and you’ll see precisely what I mean.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Make a Better Impression

uncle sam inflatableIt’s tax season, and you know what that means: the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam waving at you from in front of every tax preparer between here and Washington. You’ve seen them – green foam-rubber crowns and polyester dresses for Lady Liberty, and Cat-in-the-Hat-style top hats for Uncle Sam. I hope they’re better at taxes than they are at costume design.

This kind of marketing tactic certainly catches the attention of the public. But maybe what’s more important than simply getting noticed is making a good impression. When Uncle Sam asks people to spend their money with your company, he shouldn’t be wearing a tattered top hat and dirty running shoes.

Now, on the other hand, what if Uncle Sam were all decked out in a custom-designed, inflatable costume? Instead of people driving by thinking, “Poor guy. Bet he’s embarrassed,” they’d have a much more positive first impression. Plus inflatable costumes make it easy to suit up, they don’t cause the wearer to overheat like traditional costumes, and when they’re not in use, they fold up into small spaces for easy storage. We’re even in the process of creating special storage bags designed just to house our costumes.

Check out these inflatable costume videos and see for yourself how cool inflatable costumes are.