Inflatable Billboards

Inflatable Billboard for St. Mary’s Hospital Keeps Community Informed

Inflatable Case History Brief #L1169

Inflatable Billboard for St. Mary’s Hospital

Who: St. Mary’s Hospital
What: Inflatable Billboard
Where: St. Mary’s Hospital In Waterbury, Connecticut
When: Winter 2003
Why: To Announce A Change In Area Code
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos & Billboards

St. Mary’s Hospital needed a way to announce a change in area code to community members. They were able to do so with ease by using an inflatable billboard. Placed outside the hospital those passing by could clearly read the message.

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Cesco Products Uses Inflatable Billboard at Trade Shows

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0192

Inflatable Billboard for Cesco Products

Who: Cesco Products
What: Inflatable Cloud Billboard
Where: Trade Shows
When: Winter 1999
Why: To Attract Attention At Trade Shows
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Billboards & Logos

Cesco Products, an air ventilation manufacturer, wanted to attract attention at trade shows. The inflatable cloud billboard was placed above their trade show exhibit and could be seen from any direction. Attendees of the trade show were drawn to the inflatable cloud and Cesco Products trade show booth.

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Promote Your Brand! Custom Inflatable Billboards And Logos Go The Extra Mile

The Power of Custom Inflatables Promoting Your Brand!

It’s a tough marketplace and your success can rest upon consumers remembering your business. Logo promotion is one of the most effective methods of improving brand recognition. Your business can go from being a face among the crowd to being a recognized leader by creating powerful brand recognition.

Using Inflatables to Advertise Influences Buying Behavior.

Successful marketers and business owners understand the sheer size of inflatable billboards and logos makes them recognizable in even the most crowded areas.  Due to advanced technology the colors and design of your logo can be matched precisely onto your inflatable.

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Ask Landmark Episode 10: Inflatable Billboards & Logos

Inflatable Billboards & Logos Video
In episode 10, Tom and Stephanie discuss how marketing professionals use inflatable billboards & logos to promote their brands. Inflatables manufacturer, Landmark Creations answers your questions about using custom inflatables.

Revive Your Marketing Message with an Eye-Popping Inflatable Billboard

Inflatable Billboard for Max CreditHoliday season is fast approaching, and like most retailers you’re probably looking forward to a few extra coins in the cash register this year. Since stores are competing harder than ever for shoppers’ limited funds (and since your own budget hasn’t fully recovered from last year), you need to make sure you’re getting the most return on every advertising dollar you spend. That’s where a clever display like an inflatable logo or billboard can help.

Inflatable advertising gives new life to your brand and your slogan. Store signs and logos tend to fade into the background after months or years of daily exposure, but place that same logo on a three-dimensional billboard and suddenly everyone sees it again. Even the most distracted shopper can’t help but notice a giant advertising balloon in your parking lot. Not only that, but once they “remember” you, they’ll be much more likely to pop in for those last-minute gifts.

When it comes to mission-critical messages like holiday promotions, creating an eye-popping, memorable display is the best way to make sure your customers take notice. Instead of disappearing behind the lights and the garland like your competitors, you’ll be attracting new – and returning – customers with colorful, distinctive advertising.