Inflatable Air Booths

Stand Out From The Crowd! Inflatable Kiosks and Money Machines Add Excitement to Events

Memorable Events & Expos Start with a Great Environment

Exciting and welcoming, inflatable kiosks are uniquely designed to grab attention of those attending. Inflatable kiosks are commonly used to serve food/beverages, hand out samples, enroll attendees in programs and even sign up visitors for services.

Who Loves Money? The Real Question is Who DOESN’T Love Money?

Nothing captures attention during events more than free money whirling about. Contestants jump into the inflatable money machines and can snag cash, coupons or tickets during an allotted amount of time while crowds watch in excitement.

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Ask Landmark: Episode #11 – Inflatable Cash Booths

Custom inflatable cash booths contain two fan systems: one for inflation, the other to blow lightweight items like coupons or money for participants to grab at events. They’re wildly popular at events because they’re fun to watch.