Helium Blimps

Safety Guidelines & Know-How for a Successful Helium Blimp Launch

Hino Trucks Blimp on Location

Attract Enormous Crowds & Fly High Above Your Competition with Helium Blimps

Helium blimps are ideal for any event requiring visibility, used both indoors and outdoors, they tend to increase traffic and attract attention. This type of inflatable is a smaller versions of full-size blimps and are typically used at grand openings, fair grounds, trade shows and conventions. Be sure to browse through the following guidelines before filling your helium blimp with 99% pure helium and launching it into the sky.

Using Custom Helium Inflatables? Be Sure to Follow These Safety Guidelines:

  • The FAA prohibits blimps within five miles of an airport
  • Do not fly blimps above 200 feet
  • Keep blimps between 150-200 feet to avoid contact with the ground
  • Keep blimp away from telephone and power lines
  • Do not fly blimp over moving traffic
  • Store helium blimps overnight or when not in use indoors or in a garage to protect from weather
  • Follow Landmark’s care and maintenance guidelines
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3 Must-Read Case Studies for Fair and Festival Success with Inflatables

Custom Inflatables Leave a Lasting Impression at Fairs and Festivals!

Whether your business is new to the fair and festival scene or you’re a seasoned festival director, our case studies will show you creative ways to bring high traffic to your events using custom inflatables.

3 Attendance Boosting Festival & Fair Inflatables:

1. Jewelry Tools’ Helium Blimp is a Real Crowd Pleaser at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
A look at how launching an inflatable blimp into the sky helped a jewelry business increase foot traffic.

2. Oakland County Parks Improves Event Attendance with an Inflatable Arch
Take a peak at how custom inflatable archways welcomed visitors to multiple outdoor events.

3. Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Inflatable Mascot is “A Huge Hit!”
See how an inflatable frog increased press coverage of this fun outdoor event.

Want to increase food sales, foot traffic and media attention to your fairs & festivals this summer? Request a free custom inflatable estimate today!

3 Tasty Ways Food Vendors Get Attention and Sales at Fairs & Festivals with Inflatables

It’s just about that time of year again!

The smell of corn dogs, mini donuts and refreshing brews will linger in the air at outdoor events, fairs and festivals. But, with so many food and beverage options how do customers choose and find what they are craving? Check out these custom inflatables commonly used by food and beverage vendors to gain attention and increase sales.

#1. Attention Grabbing Advertising Blimps Get a Double-Take

Promotional blimps are advertising balloons created to look like their real-life counterparts. Filled with helium these types of inflatables will give your business the lift it needs to be successful at outdoor events. It’s simple really – We’ll add your recognizable logo to the blimp, you’ll inflate with helium, attach to your location and release into the air! Advertising blimps can be seen from far and wide and in the largest of crowds.

#2. Inflatable Tents Welcome Customers & Offer Seating Space

Perfect for outdoor events like fairs, carnivals, and block parties, custom inflatables tents have creative advertising power that can be branded to draw crowds. Inflatable tents offer 360 degrees of advertising space giving people a clear view of your location. What’s more – Inflatable tents are a fun gathering space for customers to enjoy your tasty dish or frosty brew.

#3. Be Recognizable with Custom Inflatable Logos

Another favorite inflatable option for food and beverage vendors is a custom logo balloon. Easy to inflate, promotional logos are one of the most effective ways to improve brand recognition. Place your inflatable logo on the roof of your location or near your food truck and watch as lines form for your tasty treats!

Are you a food or beverage company selling goodies at fairs, carnivals and community festivals this summer? Contact Landmark to learn more about creative inflatables specifically designed to increase traffic and sales.

Inflatable Helium Balloon Serves as Kankakee Auto Recyclers Store Locator and Advertisement

Inflatable Case History Brief #H0159

Kankakee Auto Recyclers Use Inflatable Helium Balloon at Grand Opening

Who: Kankakee Auto Recyclers
What: Inflatable Helium Balloon
Where: Kankakee Auto Recyclers’ Multiple Locations
When: Summer 2009
Why: Needed a Helium Blimp to Serve as a Store Locator
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Helium Blimps

Serving as a store locator, this advertising helium balloon attracted attention to Kankakee Auto Recyclers’ locations.  Helium balloons placed above locations are easy to see from far and wide and can increase foot traffic at businesses.  With the ability to add custom logos, designs and artwork, businesses can be easily identified.

To learn more about custom inflatables and how they attract business download our free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

1st National Bank Uses Inflatable Helium Blimp to Reinforce Brand

Inflatable Case History Brief #H0040

Helium Blimp for 1st National Bank

Who: 1st National Bank
What: Inflatable Helium Blimp
Where: 1st National Bank in Henning, Minnesota
When: Summer 2005
Why: To Reinforce Their Brand and Stand Out
Inflatable Product Line: Helium Blimps

1st National wanted to gain brand recognition for their bank with a custom inflatable.  The helium blimp flew above their Henning, Minnesota bank branch and was seen for miles around.

Download Getting Started with Custom Inflatables, our free eBook, for more ideas to get your business recognized.

Ask Landmark Episode 2: Using Helium Blimps

In Episode 2 of Ask Landmark, Tom and Stephanie discuss using helium blimps. Every week, Landmark Creations discusses frequently asked questions about custom inflatables. If you have a question about inflatables: Ask Landmark.

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Whimsical Blimps Make a Splash at Sporting Events


What’s the biggest attraction at any indoor sporting event? The players, of course. That is, until a boat-shaped, inflatable blimp soars overhead. And when coupons start falling from the above, all eyes immediately search for the source.

In a large arena, indoor sports like hockey and basketball are the perfect venues for an advertising blimp – boat-shaped or otherwise. If you’ve ever seen a stadium full of people all looking skyward, then you know inflatable blimps are great attention grabbers all on their own. Blimps are customizable so each has its own personality. Add a remote-control fan for steering, turn it loose above the crowd at halftime, then sit back and watch the reaction.

You can outfit your animated balloon with a mechanism to drop coupons or light-weight samples as it sails around the arena, making it perfect for corporate sponsorships. Large enough to cause a stir, yet easily deflatable for portability, remote-controlled blimps get fans revved up wherever they go.

View a few case studies on our site and also see the boat-shaped blimp in action.