Halloween Inflatables

Finding the Right Inflatable for Halloween: Four Differences Between Consumer and Professional Costumes

Inflatable CostumeWhat are you going to be for Halloween?

It seems like every year friends and neighbors are upping the Halloween ante with outrageous costumes and lawn decor. Marketers and festivals have been using inflatables for ages, but we’ve seen a real flood of consumers using Halloween inflatables in recent years. Every autumn, we get dozens of requests for inflatable Halloween costumes. Often these requests are from people with a budget under $100 who are looking for something fun to wear to a Halloween party or event. While we do manufacture inflatable costumes, these consumer-grade costumes are very different from the professional-grade inflatable products we make.

Professional- or Consumer-Grade… which type of inflatable costume is right for you? Ask yourself these four questions to decide:

1. How Long Does it Need To Last? Professional inflatable costumes come with high-quality hardware, including a harness system and a second battery to keep the costume inflated.  Having a back-up battery means you can use your costume for hours without risk of running out of power. Having a harness system means you can design a shape which completely encloses the wearer, like mascots found at amusement parks.

2. Are You Making a Professional Impression or Just Having Fun? We get it, inflatables are cool! You’re destined to be a hit at your next party, event, or night of trick-or-treating wearing either type of inflatable costume. With their light weight materials, consumer-grade costumes are vulnerable to being torn and may only last for a couple of events if they’re not carefully handled. Professional inflatables are constructed from rugged materials that are designed to last for years of wear and tear with a look that is, well, professional.

3. Do You Need a Custom Shape? Landmark’s inflatable costumes are custom-made. We can transform your mascot, character or product with exact detail into costume form, match your Pantone colors and replicate your logos. Consumer-grade inflatable costumes tend to be standard shapes such as sumo wrestlers, witches and the like.

4. What’s Your Budget? Professional-grade inflatable costumes can cost $500 or more;  consumer inflatables can be purchased for $50 or less.  If you’re looking for an inflatable costume under $100, check out our Squidoo lens with links to consumer-grade Halloween inflatables.

If you think professional-grade inflatable costumes might be right for your event, give us a shout or check out some photos of our inflatable costumes.