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3 Grand Opening Ideas that Set the Stage for Your Business

Applebee's Grand Opening Inflatable

Grand Opening Inflatable Ideas

When you’re planning a grand opening, you want customers and the media to visit your new location. But which types of grand opening ideas can draw the attention of both? We’ll show you!

While there are no firm statistics, professionals have noticed that the majority of businesses that close within the first two years did not have an official grand opening event. Those same pros continue to surmise that if you create a successful grand opening, you’ll set the pace for the weeks and months ahead. This has never been truer than it is today, as we see company after company closing its doors or downsizing. But what can be done for your particular business? Which types of grand opening ideas can draw the attention of customers as well as the media?

Bring in the Big Guns… or Cups or Tacos or Puppies or…

Here’s a phenomenal grand opening idea: Create a giant inflatable balloon of your product or logo and place it on the rooftop of your business. For instance, a Mexican restaurant could place a giant, inflatable taco on its roof with a banner that reads, “Now Open.” A local veterinary clinic could put a massive, inflatable puppy or kitten on their rooftop with signage declaring, “Grand Opening!”

Why giant inflatable balloons? Because they attract attention of all sorts. People busily going about their routines don’t even notice most of the advertising that comes their way. According to the Newspaper Association of America, Texas A&M University and the Journal of Concerned Scientists, Americans are exposed to well over 3,000 advertising messages each day from a variety of sources. Our senses are on overload and, therefore, most of the ads we view are blocked out.

However, place a 30-foot-tall giant taco up on the roof (higher than most of the other clutter like billboards, storefront banners, etc.) and drivers down your street suddenly wake up and smell the guacamole.

Gain Press Coverage

Your business can make good use of this second grand opening idea: Use inflatables to bring the press to your location. Inflatables are an exceptional way to garner media coverage. While yet another Mexican restaurant grand opening might not be considered news, a restaurant with a giant taco on its roof that drew in massive crowds is.

Likewise, while a photo of a restaurant storefront isn’t an overly exciting picture, that massive taco is definitely a photo opp just waiting to happen.

Bring the Crowd Inside

Unless you’re hosting a sidewalk sale, having a crowd of customers outside your door won’t do you much good. You have to bring the people inside your business. Grand opening idea number three is to use smaller, sealed inflatables as giveaways.

For example, sticking with the same Mexican restaurant theme, you might say the first 100 customers get a free, miniature, inflatable taco. You could create practically anything you want: inflatable mariachi singers, inflatable sombreros… the list is endless. Because everybody loves to get something free – and because they can be branded with your business name and address – sealed inflatables make the perfect giveaways.

As a business, you can’t neglect the importance of your grand opening. Use ideas that create a buzz in your community and that will attract the press. When you do it right, you’ll find that word-of-mouth advertising kicks in and the business just keeps on coming!

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Rooftop Advertising with Inflatables Offers Big Impact in Small Packages

rooftop-advertising-inflatablesIn Advertising, Size Does Matter

These days, your advertising dollar has to work hard. Your customer’s attention is being pulled in a hundred directions, and the competition for her time – and money – is fierce. What you need is a big presence with the power to captivate and charm an audience. That’s where inflatable rooftop advertising really shines.

Three Big Elements of Effective Rooftop Displays

There are three simple factors that make rooftop advertising balloons so effective. They’re big, they’re colorful, and they’re visible for long distances. You won’t find this unique combination in any other marketing tool, and when you bring these three components together in the shape of a giant coffee cup or pink elephant the response might just surprise you.

An inflatable advertising balloon’s best feature is its size, whether it’s on the ground, in the air, or perched on a rooftop. There’s just something about human nature that draws us to small things which have been transformed into enormous versions of themselves. Curiosity demands that we check out what a cell phone button looks like when it’s as big as a backpack, or get an up-close look at that giant soda can. Is it really big enough to take a swim in? When everything around is life-sized, the truly enormous makes a big impression.

The bright colors of an inflatable can act as a spotlight in an otherwise featureless landscape. Picture a beige brick supermarket with a vast expanse of gray parking lot. There’s not much here to draw attention or garner excitement, save for a few posters in the window. It’s just another neighborhood store. But stand a giant grocery bag overflowing with bright vegetables on the roof, and curious visitors will find their way to your shop – and your check stands – from miles around.

The size and color of inflatables combine to make them some of the most impressive advertising money can buy. Take a 40-foot-tall building and add a 30-foot inflatable wine bottle to the roof, and you’ve got an advertisement that soars 70-feet into the air. Billboards might be comparable in size, but the three-dimensional nature of inflatables has a much greater impact than does a flat photo, regardless of its height.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Inflatables may be big, but they’re not cumbersome. Unlike other large advertising mediums, rooftop balloons can be packed up and stored in relatively small spaces, transported without a tractor-trailer, and installed in just a few minutes. Inflated, the impact is huge, but as soon as the air is released, they transform into deceptively tiny packages.

Rooftop advertising is an incredible value for a lot of reasons. Nothing else offers the visibility and impact of a giant balloon, while remaining lightweight and portable enough to move easily from roof to roof. Nearly limitless design flexibility, low cost, and simple set up and removal all come together in one bright, clever package, and give you a big bang for your advertising buck.

Need more creative ideas? View our gallery of custom rooftop balloons.

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3 Articles to Help You Put More “Grand” in Your Next Grand Opening

Now Open! Informative Articles for Businesses Planning Grand Opening Celebrations

Whether you’re opening a new business or a new franchise location, it’s vital to plan ahead to make your grand opening event a success.

We’ve found 3 new articles that offer budget-friendly, effective grand opening ideas to help you welcome new customers and generate buzz about your business in the community.

How to Plan a Grand Opening

Need some public relations guidance for your restaurants’ grand opening? Take a look at this article written by restaurant consultant Jeffrey Summers. He illustrates how one successful restaurant uses low-budget public relations tactics to generate press and increase customers during grand opening events.

Making the Most of a Grand Opening

Want to plan and host a grand opening event that will generate buzz for your business? In this article Al Lautenslager, a marketing and PR consultant, gives business owners advice about press releases, sampling, building relationships and much more!

Opening-Day Lessons from a Wendy’s Restaurant

Want some insightful rules to follow for a glitch-free grand opening? Check out this article written by Carol Tice with opening-day rules for a successful restaurant grand opening.

Want to learn more about adding custom inflatables to your grand opening events? Browse our online gallery of opening-day inflatables!

Looking for a Creative Way to Drive Traffic to Your Grand Opening? (How about 70 of Them?)

Attention: Successful Grand Openings Ahead with Custom Inflatables!

A successful grand opening can make or break a business’ success; it can often be the difference between thriving or closing the doors. Need some ideas to get your event off on the right foot? We’ve compiled a photo set of our 70 favorite grand opening inflatables, just for you!

Create an Unforgettable First Impression with Custom Inflatables!

We have a variety of inflatable options to attract the attention your business deserves. Some of the more commonly used inflatables at grand openings include: mascots, product replicas, hot air shapes, and helium blimps, but the options are endless! At Landmark Creations, we always love a challenge and invite you to get creative.

Want to learn more about using custom inflatables for grand openings? Contact us today for a free estimate!

What a Delicious Idea! Restaurant Inflatables that Look Good Enough to Eat.

Who Is Hungry for Successful Promotions? 

From inflatable costumes to product replicas, restaurant marketers have used a variety of creative inflatables in their promotions. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs), corner coffee shops, and sandwich companies have all experienced the benefits of using giant, custom-made inflatables at their grand openings and local marketing events.

Pigs and Chickens and Subs – Oh My!

Custom inflatables will not only help your restaurant stand out from the crowd, they’ll also increase brand recognition and traffic. Try a massive food or drink cup replica or a friendly inflatable mascot to welcome customers to a new location. Any way you slice it, giant custom inflatables are a tasty way to attract attention to your restaurant and increase sales.

Contact us today to get some fresh ideas for your next restaurant promotion!

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