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Inflatables Give 3 Powerful Advantages to Mobile Marketing Tours

If you’ve participated in mobile marketing tours for very long, you’ve seen what it takes logistically to be successful. Booths or exhibits that are all two-dimensional and the same height become invisible once the room fills with a crowd of attendees. Stagnant displays of pictures or ordinary signage fade into the background in a sea of exhibits that only offer static imagery. But inflatables naturally overcome the biggest roadblocks in promotional marketing: mobile or otherwise.

Here are 3 Powerful Advantages Giant Inflatables Offer

1. High Visibility Even in Large Crowds

Three-dimensional, colorful and as big as you want: inflatables can be seen clear across exhibit halls or fairgrounds. Towering far above the average display, people can’t help but take notice and gravitate toward this interesting sight.

Which would catch your eye more quickly in a crowd? A 10-foot long banner hung above a display booth or a 15-foot tall, full-color, inflatable product replica? Even better, bring your mascot to life and let him/her greet guests in front of your booth. That’s sure to garner the attention of passersby.

2. Interactive Displays

Giant inflatables that “do” something pique way more curiosity than displays you just look at. Think about the last time you attended a local festival. As you walked through the grounds, you might have come across something of interest. You said hello to the booth workers, took a business card and spent maybe a minute looking at the photos in their display. Then off you’d go to the next booth.

That doesn’t happen with inflatables. Get your visitors involved with inflatable soccer goals, surf simulators, shooting galleries, video theaters, inflatable tents, kiosks or other super cool displays and watch lines form full of people who are willing to wait to enter your booth. In the meantime, make the most of this captive audience. Mosey on over, introduce yourself and tell them all about your company.

3. Easy Transportability

While the events themselves are fun, setup and teardown can be a bear. Even though giant inflatables are large, they are simple and quick to inflate and deflate, significantly reducing pre- and post-event time. You get in, set up, tear down and get out. That’s the way to handle promotional marketing: mobile made easy.

And because inflatables can be rolled to fit inside small plastic boxes, they don’t take up much space in your vehicle. Marketing across country? Inflatables can also be shipped from location to location.

If you’re finding wood and cardboard are no longer pulling their weight, check into inflatable displays and interactive booths. When you stand apart from the crowd, you open the door for floods of prospects. Lead generation, information distribution and many other tasks are completed much easier because people magically want to know who you are and what you do. Who would have thought vinyl and air could hold so much power?

Need creative ideas for your next mobile marketing tour? View mobile marketing tour inflatables in our online gallery!

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Think BIG! Event Planners Drive Traffic and Attract Attention with Custom Inflatables

Custom Inflatables Provide a WOW Factor at Events

It’s undeniable, custom inflatables drive traffic and attract attention to events in every market segment. Successful professionals in the event planning business use giant custom inflatables make them stand out in even the largest of events. When these event planners think BIG inflatables, they in turn get BIG crowds, BIG attention, and BIG results!

Memorable Events Start with Custom Inflatables

Planning a corporate event for hundreds of attendees? Try turning the company logo into a massive, inflatable billboard and hang it from the ceiling. Looking to increase the traffic to your non-profit race or sporting event? Try welcoming guests with a custom-themed inflatable archway. Marketing your newest beverage product at outdoor concerts? Turn your beverage bottle into a massive product replica. The custom inflatable choices are limitless!

Looking to make your event a BIG success? Download our free eBook: Getting Started with Custom Inflatables to learn how inflatables can help make your event larger than life!

Promote Your Brand! Custom Inflatable Billboards And Logos Go The Extra Mile

The Power of Custom Inflatables Promoting Your Brand!

It’s a tough marketplace and your success can rest upon consumers remembering your business. Logo promotion is one of the most effective methods of improving brand recognition. Your business can go from being a face among the crowd to being a recognized leader by creating powerful brand recognition.

Using Inflatables to Advertise Influences Buying Behavior.

Successful marketers and business owners understand the sheer size of inflatable billboards and logos makes them recognizable in even the most crowded areas.  Due to advanced technology the colors and design of your logo can be matched precisely onto your inflatable.

Interested in adding a custom inflatable to your next event?  Contact Landmark today!

Giant Cowboy Boots & Crawfish: Get Creative With Your Retail Promotions!

Stand out in the Crowd with Custom Inflatables!

Department stores, franchise locations and one-of-a-kind specialty shops all understand the importance of using promotions to stimulate traffic & increase sales. In the age of information overload, however, getting customers to notice your retail location takes more than simply printing a few flyers and putting an ad in the paper. Smart marketers leverage alternative tactics, like inflatables, in their retail promotions. Custom inflatables are enormous, colorful and out-of-the-ordinary, making them natural traffic magnets.

Tailor Inflatables to Match Your Brand or Promotion Theme

Promoting a western wear store? Try placing a giant cowboy boot on your rooftop. Have a Cajun themed promotion? A giant crawfish might be just what you need to create a spicy atmosphere and encourage photo opps. The possibilities are endless.

Need some ideas to get the most out of your next retail promotion? We’ve put together a photo set of 37 creative retail inflatables – take a peak!

Contact us today to get your next retail promotion noticed!


Faribault Foods Creates Inflatable Canned Corn Replica to Gain Community Awareness

Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn CanInflatable Case History Brief #L2214

Faribault Foods Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can

Who: Faribault Foods, Inc
What: Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can
Where: Butter Kernel used this inflatable at the “Fresh New Taste of Spring” marketing tour, sporting event food drives, sampling events, and sponsorships.
When: Summer 2009
Why: It will be used to establish and improve presence at events to create a community connection.
Inflatable Product Line: Product Replicas

Faribault Foods used an inflatable product replica of a can of Butter Kernel Corn to improve visibility at multiple events.  They were able to transport their inflatable across the Midwest easily to create a connection with communities by drawing in large crowds.

Think an inflatable product replica could improve your visibility? Download our free eBook for more ideas!

Ask Landmark Episode 6: Event Marketing with Custom Inflatables

Event Marketing with Custom Inflatables

In episode 6, Tom and Stephanie discuss using custom inflatables for event marketing (mobile marketing) tours.


Expand Your Mobile Marketplace with Inflatable Tents

inflatable dome trojan tour

You’ve packed the truck, drug your banners out of storage, and programmed your GPS. It’s that time of year again. You’re about to set out on your annual cross-country extravaganza, hitting every festival and fairgrounds from Bangor to Phoenix. You may be ready to hand out samples, but are you all set to build loyal relationships?

Carnivals and street fairs are teeming with colorful displays competing for attention. That makes it easy for your customers to look past a banner or a decorated truck. A recent article in Event Marketer suggests focusing on the area outside your truck for greater visibility. A colorful vehicle and matching inflatable tent will have people talking about you for days (and weeks) to come.

Not only that, but inflatable domes are also excellent conversation starters. Memorable interaction is what builds relationships, so use the space to offer samples, engage your visitors with fun activities, and encourage them to remember your brand by handing out coupons for later. Now your mobile campaign is really rocking!

Inflatable tents and domes are simple to use. Even large tents are easily handled by one or two people, and yet they’re more impressive than a complicated pavilion that takes days to build. They’re durable, so you can reuse them year after year, and unlike banners, inflatables will always draw a curious crowd. Stop by our case studies section and see the fun and creative ways people use inflatables for mobile marketing.

Inflatables Put the Mobile in Mobile Marketing

Meguiar's Inflatable ProductsIt’s funny how the economy works. Areas that take a hard hit can often rebound with surprising strength. The 2009 downturn took a toll on every industry, and marketing was no exception. But according to an article I read recently in the IEG Sponsorship Report, mobile marketing is making a strong comeback. So strong, in fact, that many marketers will get a jump on the traditional season – May through September – and start a whole month early. What’s more, mobile marketing is gaining interest in a wider range of industries.

Automakers and health care companies come to mind first when I think of mobile campaigns. It’s great to now see new organizations grasping the core of event marketing: to get your brand in front of your target customers, and make a personal connection with them. Promoting your brand. Reaching your target audience on a personal level.  Making a connection.  Sounds like something else I’m intimately familiar with… inflatables.

LHP Octane CanCreate a stir during your next mobile marketing tour by offering health food samples from your custom-branded, inflatable kiosk. Or set your inflatable mascot loose in the aisles at a sporting event to hand out coupons for your newly released cleats.  Because inflatables easily inflate, deflate, pack and ship, you’ve got the flexibility to use everything from giant video screens to sports cages without the logistics nightmare. Check out some of these case studies for more ideas.

Better get a move on!  Mobile marketing season is just around the corner.