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Effective Visual Marketing with Inflatables for Themed Events

Inflatable Pig at Cormac Themed EventUsing Inflatables for Themed Events Makes Visual Marketing More Effective

Want to know the one thing that causes themed events to fail miserably? Not carrying the theme throughout every aspect of the affair. If your charity is hosting a Mexican night, you’ll want to do more than simply serve tacos and play mariachi music. You’ll want to infuse every element of the event with all things Mexican.

That means forfeiting the ordinary in exchange for the memorable. Using inflatables for special events built upon themes is one surefire way to make your visual marketing more effective. That’s because inflatables offer characteristics not found elsewhere.

Bigger Than Life

Inflatables are custom-made and can be any size you desire. Want a 25-foot tall bullfighter? Done! With giant inflatable sombreros hanging from the ceiling and an inflatable green, white and red national flag standing tall in the corner, your guests will soon feel as though they’ve stepped into a restaurant in Cancún.

3-D Captures Attention

Unlike ordinary signage or posters, inflatables are three dimensional: a huge advantage with visual marketing. It’s hard to ignore a message encouraging you to give generously when it’s on the front of a 15-foot tall, inflatable burrito.

Color Is Eye Catching

Add color to size and shape and you have a triple threat that’s hard to beat. Inflatables for special events get noticed.


Let’s say that you decide to allow exhibitors at your Mexican-themed charity event. Because of their visual marketing characteristics, those exhibitors will have greater success with drawing guests to their booths when they use inflatables.


No themed event would be complete without a little branding. Giant inflatable logos get the job done by identically replicating your logo in whatever size fits your needs.

Mascots & Costumes

Whether you want a friendly face your guests will immediately recognize or a real-life, walking mascot to shake hands and greet attendees, inflatable mascots and costumes make a big impact. Wrap your mascot or costumed character with a charro jacket to play into your Mexican theme.


Balls, key chains, picture frames, punching bags and more. These mini-inflatables make excellent giveaways your guests will appreciate and use. Branded with your logo, they’ll also serve to remind attendees about your business or organization.

Thanks to the visual marketing elements of inflatables, your special events can be all the more successful. Make sure to carry the theme all the way through – from inflatable signage to giveaways – for added impact. Your guests will be thrilled at how festive your affair is… you’ll be excited at the results you achieve.

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10 Tips for Standing Out in a Crowd with Inflatables

10 Tips for Becoming the Center of Attention at Any Event

Custom inflatables truly give you enormous flexibility during marketing events. Because they can actually work in different capacities or simply stand steadfast and attract attention, the possibilities in design and function are practically limitless. Here are 10 clever ways these giant marketing balloons make you the center of attention.

Oakland County Fair Custom Inflatable ArchTip #1 – Undergo a Transformation – Turn a local park into a playground. It’s easy with inflatables. From inflatable archways that draw attention and help you organize the attendees to inflatable batting cages and more. Leave room for customizable banners and earn additional revenue through sponsorships.

Tip #2 – Turn Heavyweights into Lightweights – When you hit a logistical brick wall with trying to display something of great size or weight, don’t give up. The answer is simple: create custom inflatable replicas that look just like the real things, but weigh significantly less and are much easier to ship from location to location.

Tip #3 – Encourage Graffiti – Talk about consumer interaction. Inviting guests to write messages on your inflatable product opens the door to some great feedback. All it takes is a custom inflatable product replica and a few paint pens to pull it off.

Tip #4 – Become a Corporate Role Model – With so many worthy causes to choose from, it should be easy to pick one that holds special significance for your organization. Tie into their events and use inflatable arches to spread the word throughout your community.

Tip #5 – Take It to New Heights – Put your mascot on the rooftop of the convention center, retail location or restaurant. Sure, it’s a classic marketing technique, but one that has never lost its effectiveness. Be sure to keep your idea fresh, however. We’ve all seen more than our fair share of gorillas.

L2129-George Bush InflatableTip #6 – Create a Celebrity Lookalike – Create a caricature of a famous animal, celebrity or politician and watch the cameras come out. Fun, exciting and a super way to encourage photographs.

Tip #7 – Throw Your Mascot a Birthday Party – What a wonderful way to celebrate. Mascots create such a great, emotional connection with customers, so it’s only natural they’d want to celebrate special occasions with them.

Tip #8 – Host a Benefits Party – Benefits are rarely a popular subject with employees. Often difficult to understand (especially insurance), workers can walk away unsure of what’s available to them or which choices would be best for their circumstances. Using custom inflatables to communicate company offerings and benefits is a wonderful way to ease anxiety and help employees make the right decisions.

Giant Inflatable Polk Audio Ultrafit 500 Headphone ReplicaTip #9 – Do the Unexpected – Tradeshow booths are typically grounded. It’s what’s expected when attendees walk through the exhibition hall. In a sea of eye-level displays, what could grab attention better than something no one expects? Hang your inflatable display from the ceiling above your booth. Not only will it get greater visibility, it will also encourage visitors to stroll over to your location to see what’s up.

Tip #10 – Break the Silence when You Break Ground – Looking for a refreshing twist to the old standard shovel pictures that typically are taken at groundbreaking events? Custom inflatables give journalists something worthy of their time. Interesting and entertaining, an inflatable product replica is the perfect addition to every press event.

Any way you slice it, custom inflatables are flexible enough to accommodate any type of event with a fresh approach. From tradeshows to internal corporate functions, you’ll find inflatables to be affordable, functional assets for all your event-marketing needs.

How does your brand stand out in a crowd of competitors? Share in the comments below or get in touch with the author on Twitter @Stephatto.

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3 Ways to Gain More Exposure with Event Marketing

Gain Exposure with Giant InflatablesAttract Attention at Marketing Events with Custom Inflatables

Fairs, conventions, trade shows… events such as these have many things in common, but one stands far and above the rest. They draw huge crowds. That means, in order to achieve success, you have to get noticed. Easier said than done with thousands of people milling about.

Since the golden rule of event marketing is to attract attention, you have to think outside the box (or booth). Here are 3 ways you can stand out from the crowd and ensure higher traffic levels for your exhibit.

#1 – If They Go Low, You Go High

The trick to thinking outside the event marketing box is to observe what others are doing, then do the opposite. For example, since most booths or exhibits will be no more than 10 feet high, take yours to the ceiling. That’s what Topcon did at the Las Vegas ConExpo Show. They used an inflatable, lighted globe anchored to the ceiling above their floor display. Talk about attention-getting! It could be seen by every person as soon as they entered the hall.

Valenzano Winery made a splash at an outdoor wine competition. All participants used standard, white tents, but Valenzano placed a 15-foot-tall, inflatable wine bottle at their entrance. Because it stood higher than the tents, it was the first thing most people saw as they entered the festival grounds. They actually had a line of people waiting to take their picture with the giant, inflatable wine bottle.

#2 – Make an Emotional Connection

If you can hit an emotional chord with event visitors, you’ll hold their attention and stay in their memory longer. This is an approach the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water took during Water Week. They commissioned an inflatable mascot, Thirstin’, especially for the event. Bigger than life, colorful and cute; Thirstin’ brought fun to the event and had crowds of people gathered round.

In the same fashion, Kinetik brought a giant gargoyle to their trade shows. Now that’s an attention getter! The shock of seeing this green monster stopped passers by in their tracks. His whimsical charm kept them at the booth allowing representatives the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with visitors. Pretty smart strategy!

#3 – Entertain

Add a game! Everybody loves to try their hand (or foot!) at baseball and soccer. Inflatable games give you the freedom of easy set up and tear down and also offers an exceptional draw. People will line up to play which means they are exposed to your message longer.

Entertaining can also be educational. Just ask Nature’s Sunshine. They employed an 80-foot-long inflatable colon at their national convention. Walking through the display, visitors learned about colon disease and how to prevent it and got information about Nature’s Sunshine products.

Finding ways to capture the interest of event attendees is absolutely key. With so many “ordinary” displays at events, a little creativity will be the secret sauce in your event marketing recipe. It will also be what wins you more traffic to your booth and more leads for your sales reps.


10 Tips for Making Custom Inflatables Pay Off

10 Tips for Marketing Custom Inflatables Pay Off10 Ways to Achieve Event Marketing Success with Custom Inflatables

Mobile. Attention-getting. Emotional. Functional. These are just a few of the many attributes custom inflatables offer event marketers as they travel the country. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the best in the industry as they’ve mastered the art and science of attracting traffic in the midst of a flood of people. Want to know what we’ve found works best? Here are 10 tips for making custom inflatables pay off for you.

Tip #1 – Think Outside the Booth

Sure, everybody knows inflatables are an excellent addition to any tradeshow booth, but what about outside the main exhibition space? Ask about placing a custom inflatable in the lobby, outside the building by the door or even on the roof. Use an attachable banner to direct attendees to your booth inside.

Tip #2 – Add Banners & Bucks

Leave room in your design for interchangeable banners. This opens the door for advertising and sponsorship opportunities that bring in additional revenue as you attend various events.

Tip #3 – Distribute Coupons En Cognito

Dress an employee in an inflatable costume then cut them loose. As they are roaming about the convention center or fairgrounds, they can hand out flyers, coupons or samples to attendees.

Tip #4 – Design a Central Hub

Rather stay close to your exhibition area? No problem! Custom inflatable kiosks make the perfect spots to distribute samples, conduct demonstrations and more.

Tip #5 – Click a Pic

Create irresistible photo opps using custom inflatables. Scenery, product replicas, caricatures and more scream, “journalists look over here!” They have a strong social media pull as well meaning the tweets and Facebook postings will keep on comin’.

Tip #6 – Project a Whole New Image

Video is all the rage. Get in on a trend in a whole new way when you use inflatable movie screens or other displays to project videos or cool effects that instantly pique the interest of passersby.

Tip #7 – Give Tiny Takeaways

Put the theme of your corporate event right into the hands of your attendees using miniature, sealed inflatables. Cruise lines may choose a beach theme and give each person a small beach ball or ship-shaped keychain to take home. Manufacturers may opt for smaller versions of inflatable product replicas that match the 30-foot-tall replica that takes center stage. Whatever the case, attendees get something fun that helps increase brand loyalty.

Tip #8 – Create a Sportsman’s Playground

Use inflatable sports cages to create a fun environment for visitors. Batting, soccer or pitching: it’s fun to watch or participate. Working in conjunction with sponsors, you may be able to do more for less and make some additional revenue in the process.

Tip #9 – Offer an Oasis in the Crowd

Custom inflatable tents offer a sanctuary from the weather as well as being a resting place for weary walkers. Whether you opt for a fully enclosed model or one that’s open for full view, sponsorship opportunities exist when you use attachable banners. For meet-and-greets, demonstrations, or just a convenient place for attendees (a.k.a. your captive audience) to relax, inflatable tents are multipurpose wonders.

Tip #10 – Mix & Match for Maximum Impact

Think outside the box. Using different types of custom inflatables in conjunction with one another can result in the biggest payoff. For example, hand out samples of your food or beverage via an inflatable kiosk then invite recipients to relax and enjoy their snack under your inflatable tent. As they do, representatives can engage them, hand out coupons for future purchases and perhaps get visitors to complete surveys while they unwind.

Any way you slice it, custom inflatables are a perfect match for event marketing. The creativity they display, the emotional connection they make and the enormous visual appeal they have pay off for you in more visitors wherever you exhibit.

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10 Ways to Get Giant-Sized Exposure with Advertising Inflatables

Advertising Inflatables Deliver Enormous Exposure

Whether you’re planning a grand opening, attending a trade show or undertaking a full-blown mobile marketing campaign, you want big results. Few marketing strategies deliver the giant-sized exposure better than advertising inflatables. Here are 10 proven techniques you can use to pull in incredible amounts of traffic to your location.

#1 – Take Over Times Square – With all the neon and noise, how could anyone possibly get noticed in the middle of Times Square? By using 40-foot tall product replica advertising inflatables. Their size alone will have people gawking even amidst all the honking, flashing and other commotion.

#2 – Take Billboards to a New Dimension – Wait… what is that? There’s something hanging from that billboard. Is it… the back end of Tweety Bird? Advertising inflatables make otherwise complex and massively expensive 3-D billboard campaigns much more logistically friendly and cost effective. (And certainly more eye-catching than the flat version.)

#3 – Send Foot Traffic Soaring to New Heights – In a remote location? Is your store difficult to find? Whether you’re out in the middle of nowhere or in a basement downtown, you can still attract foot traffic with ease. Set a helium-filled advertising inflatable blimp soaring above your building. Emblazoned with your logo, you’ll make it ultra easy for customers to locate you from blocks away.

#4 – Set Some Boundaries – On land or sea (or any body of water), inflatable pylons are easily noticed, making them excellent for marking boundaries. Triathlons, golf tournaments, charity poker runs, beaches and others are perfect uses for these mobile and brandable advertising inflatables.

#5 – Get Some Airtime – On the big or small screen, inflatables make creative props for TV commercials, movies or stage performances. Advertising inflatables are much less expensive than hiring actors or extras, or building props from hard materials. Plus, they don’t require dressing rooms or make petty demands.

#6 – Stop Busy Motorists – Located near a busy street, intersection or freeway exit? If people are zipping by without stopping, it’s likely because you aren’t giving them a good reason to slow down. Put an inflatable replica on your rooftop and watch the cars stop and your traffic levels pick up.

#7 – Increase Giving at Charity Events – It’s difficult to make a charity event successful if nobody sees you’re there. Hosting a food drive at a ballgame? Sponsoring a charity race? Get noticed and increase giving by including an advertising inflatable at your tent or display.

#8 – Compete for the Ink – Hosting a contest is always a thrilling event. The suspense as the competition unfolds attracts huge crowds anxious to see the outcome. All this excitement is a magnet for journalists in search of their next human interest story. Be ready. While your event may be a competition, you don’t want to have to compete for your 15 minutes of fame. Custom inflatable product replicas do that for you. They scream to reporters, “Hey! Come take my picture!” And they almost always will.

#9 – Pique Curiosity, Boost Registrations – If educating your target market is a goal you aim to accomplish, you’ll need something to pique visitors’ curiosity and draw them to you. What’s more, if your event is linked with registration requests (for an association, classes, etc.), you’ll need something that pulls double duty to encourage signups as well. Advertising inflatables are multitasking maniacs that regularly deliver the old one-two in attracting and retaining people at your location.

#10 – Give Your Ride a Facelift – Tired of the same old look for your company van, bus or … cruise ship? Inflatables are so highly customizable that they can be adapted to fit practically any vehicle. Add a logo or product replica to the top of your ride or install massive inflatable cattle horns on your cruise ship, as Royal Caribbean did. It’s sure to get you noticed.

When your marketing philosophy is “go big or go home,” advertising inflatables get the job done with giant-sized results.

Need creative ideas for your next marketing event? Check out our gallery of marketing inflatables!



3 Best Places to Use Inflatable Product Replicas

Life-like Inflatable Product Replicas

While custom inflatables are used in a wide variety of ways to attract attention and increase sales, there are three distinct places we see marketers effectively using product replicas: trade shows, product launches and outdoor promotions.

CEO Rick Malagodi (Right) at Toy Fair 2012 in NYC


Create Buzz at Trade Shows with Large-Scale Versions of Your Product

Want to make a lasting impression at your next trade show event? Try using a custom replica of your product. Not only do inflatable replicas attract attention and create buzz, but they can be easily designed to integrate into an existing trade show booth.

Physical App’s Uses Inflatable “The O” Display to Create Buzz

Physical Apps, LLC showcased “The O” at Toy Fair 2012 in New York City. “The O” is a snazzy orange ball that works with smart devices, enabling fun games and activities to be played by children and adults alike  To get more visibility for “The O” at the show, CEO Rick Malagodi created a large-scale inflatable lookalike as part of their exhibit space. The result: the press, retailers, and suppliers flocked to their small sized booth on the show floor. With all this buzz it was no surprise “The O” won the Best of Toy Fair 2012 Award.

Replicas of GE Profile Washer & Dryer in Times Square


Get Extra Media Coverage & Attention by Unveiling a Gigantic Replica at a High Profile Venue

New product development is the heart of corporate expansion; a successful product launch can increase positive branding & strengthen customer loyalty. Because they’re enormous and unusual, custom inflatable replicas are guaranteed to draw attention to new products and increase brand remembrance at product launch events.

Inflatable Replicas of GE Profile Washer & Dryer Introduced in Times Square

To launch the GE Profile front-load washer and dryer system in 2008, a New York based creative agency placed 40-foot tall product replicas in the middle of Times Square. The guerilla marketing campaign was a success; bringing attention to the GE brand and earning more than 125 million press impressions. (Read more about this creative campaign: GE Appliances – High Profile Pair In The Square)

Inflatable Wine Bottle at Glassboro Vintage SJ Wine Festival


Reinforce Product Recognition at Outdoor Festivals & Events with Giant Versions of Your Packaged Products

As marketers look for innovative ways to win the hearts & minds of consumers, outdoor promotions are becoming an important part of the marketing mix. Custom product replicas allow brands to stand out among competitors at outdoor events by adding visual appeal and instant product recognition that can be seen from far and wide.

Inflatable Wine Bottle Replica for Valenzano Winery Stands Out Among Competitors

Valenzano Winery of New Jersey uses a 15-foot tall inflatable replica of their wine bottle to get noticed at festivals and various outdoor events. Standing several feet higher than most booths, the inflatable wine bottle attracts crowds with ease and creates a fun photo opportunity. Be sure to check out Valenzano Winery for a list of upcoming events including the Independence Day Fireworks Festival and WineFest 2012.

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Get Inspired! Landmarketing Issue 41 Revisited

As the Landmark Creations staff happily welcomes summer to Minnesota, we invite you to read the latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Landmarketing (#41). Chock-full of customer success stories, Landmarketing can help marketing and event professionals get creative ideas for upcoming summer and fall events.

What Can You Discover in the Latest Issue of Landmarking?

In addition to our usual tips & tricks, you’ll:

See how Ronald McDonald House, the MS Society & Superhero Scramble all use inflatable arches to promote great causes at racing events.

Find out how VANS Canada’s footwear made a rad visual at snowboarding events.

Discover how Stroud’s BBQ restaurant uses their logo as an inflatable billboard at off-site events.

Learn how Colon Cancer Alliance is educating the public with their giant, inflatable colon and see how Jewelry Tools flies their helium blimp to get attention at Gem & Mineral shows.

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3 Tasty Ways Food Vendors Get Attention and Sales at Fairs & Festivals with Inflatables

It’s just about that time of year again!

The smell of corn dogs, mini donuts and refreshing brews will linger in the air at outdoor events, fairs and festivals. But, with so many food and beverage options how do customers choose and find what they are craving? Check out these custom inflatables commonly used by food and beverage vendors to gain attention and increase sales.

#1. Attention Grabbing Advertising Blimps Get a Double-Take

Promotional blimps are advertising balloons created to look like their real-life counterparts. Filled with helium these types of inflatables will give your business the lift it needs to be successful at outdoor events. It’s simple really – We’ll add your recognizable logo to the blimp, you’ll inflate with helium, attach to your location and release into the air! Advertising blimps can be seen from far and wide and in the largest of crowds.

#2. Inflatable Tents Welcome Customers & Offer Seating Space

Perfect for outdoor events like fairs, carnivals, and block parties, custom inflatables tents have creative advertising power that can be branded to draw crowds. Inflatable tents offer 360 degrees of advertising space giving people a clear view of your location. What’s more – Inflatable tents are a fun gathering space for customers to enjoy your tasty dish or frosty brew.

#3. Be Recognizable with Custom Inflatable Logos

Another favorite inflatable option for food and beverage vendors is a custom logo balloon. Easy to inflate, promotional logos are one of the most effective ways to improve brand recognition. Place your inflatable logo on the roof of your location or near your food truck and watch as lines form for your tasty treats!

Are you a food or beverage company selling goodies at fairs, carnivals and community festivals this summer? Contact Landmark to learn more about creative inflatables specifically designed to increase traffic and sales.