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Expand Your Mobile Marketplace with Inflatable Tents

inflatable dome trojan tour

You’ve packed the truck, drug your banners out of storage, and programmed your GPS. It’s that time of year again. You’re about to set out on your annual cross-country extravaganza, hitting every festival and fairgrounds from Bangor to Phoenix. You may be ready to hand out samples, but are you all set to build loyal relationships?

Carnivals and street fairs are teeming with colorful displays competing for attention. That makes it easy for your customers to look past a banner or a decorated truck. A recent article in Event Marketer suggests focusing on the area outside your truck for greater visibility. A colorful vehicle and matching inflatable tent will have people talking about you for days (and weeks) to come.

Not only that, but inflatable domes are also excellent conversation starters. Memorable interaction is what builds relationships, so use the space to offer samples, engage your visitors with fun activities, and encourage them to remember your brand by handing out coupons for later. Now your mobile campaign is really rocking!

Inflatable tents and domes are simple to use. Even large tents are easily handled by one or two people, and yet they’re more impressive than a complicated pavilion that takes days to build. They’re durable, so you can reuse them year after year, and unlike banners, inflatables will always draw a curious crowd. Stop by our case studies section and see the fun and creative ways people use inflatables for mobile marketing.

Secretariat’s Return to Churchill Downs – As a Parade Balloon

This year’s Pegasus Parade, which kicks off the Kentucky Derby each spring, featured an old friend reborn as a parade balloon. Triple Crown champ Secretariat has been gone for 20 years, but Disney saw a golden opportunity to promote their upcoming film about the famous horse, and they did it in a big way – with a giant inflatable balloon.

wine display parade balloonDisney certainly knows a thing or two about creating a buzz with inflatables, but you don’t have to be promoting a Hollywood production to benefit from the exposure a parade can bring. Holiday parades are a favorite summertime activity, and what better way to get your brand in front of thousands of eyes than by being in the center of the fun? Imagine the impression you’ll make when the crowd spots your 30-foot-tall soda bottle floating past. You’ll definitely have their full attention, and it will be you and your brand they think of next time they reach for a soft drink.

Inflatables are simple to use. They take just minutes to inflate, then pack away easily for safe storage and transport. And unlike his living counterparts, the Secretariat balloon didn’t need a clean-up crew. To see other parade balloons in action, stop by and check out our case studies.

The Best Job in the World Just Got Better with Inflatables

inflatable-mascot-costumeIf I could pick my dream job, I think I’d want to be a team mascot. They get to dress up as snarling wolves, mythical creatures, even banana slugs. Then they spend their workday dancing and doing cartwheels, whipping fans into a frenzy, and leading “the wave” around a crowded stadium. It almost seems silly to call it work.

But then, every job has its downside. For mascots, the biggest downer has to be the costume. Parading around a sports stadium wearing 30 pounds of fake fur and vinyl is like wearing your own personal sauna: hot, sweaty, and not designed for long-term use.

Inflatable costumes are a whole other animal – literally! They’re lightweight, which means a greater range of motion and less stress on your knees as you’re running up and down all those stairs. A small fan keeps them inflated, so you’ve got a built-in cooling system that allows for longer wear than a traditional mascot costume, with greater comfort.

There are some practical advantages, too. Inflatable costumes are made of easy-to-clean materials, and since they keep the wearer dry, the inside is less likely to harbor bacteria – and unpleasant smells. Inflatables also require very little storage space, and if you’ve ever tried to stuff a giant gopher head into the trunk of your car, you know how important that is.

Think your mascot is too outrageous for inflatables? That’s doubtful. Each one is custom-made to your exact specifications. Check out a few samples and case studies and you’ll see precisely what I mean.

Whimsical Blimps Make a Splash at Sporting Events


What’s the biggest attraction at any indoor sporting event? The players, of course. That is, until a boat-shaped, inflatable blimp soars overhead. And when coupons start falling from the above, all eyes immediately search for the source.

In a large arena, indoor sports like hockey and basketball are the perfect venues for an advertising blimp – boat-shaped or otherwise. If you’ve ever seen a stadium full of people all looking skyward, then you know inflatable blimps are great attention grabbers all on their own. Blimps are customizable so each has its own personality. Add a remote-control fan for steering, turn it loose above the crowd at halftime, then sit back and watch the reaction.

You can outfit your animated balloon with a mechanism to drop coupons or light-weight samples as it sails around the arena, making it perfect for corporate sponsorships. Large enough to cause a stir, yet easily deflatable for portability, remote-controlled blimps get fans revved up wherever they go.

View a few case studies on our site and also see the boat-shaped blimp in action.

Shaking Off the Advertising Invisibility Cloak

inflatable batting cageNot surprisingly, the captive audiences at sporting events are a favorite target for advertisers. Just imagine – thousands of people in one place, and they’re all looking at your ad. Or are they?

Here’s the problem. Advertising is everywhere. How many ads do you encounter on your way to a ball game? Between billboards, radio, the sides of city buses, and the scorebook you’re handed as you enter the gate, I would not be surprised if the number were in the hundreds. With all those ads vying for your attention, they might as well be wearing Harry Potter’s famous cloak. Advertising overload has made them invisible. Getting your brand noticed here is going to take some innovative thinking. That sounds like a job for inflatables!

Take one inflatable batting cage, add 10,000 happy baseball fans, mix in a dash of logo, and you’ve got a recipe for a unique and memorable message. Here’s why it works. People are naturally curious about inflatables, and their bright colors and clever designs make them the center of attention at any event. Include an interactive feature like a batting or pitching cage, and fans won’t look past your brand, they’ll participate in it.

Being memorable and fun are important when conveying your message. With inflatables, you also get a medium that’s portable, quick to set up, and easy to store. You can’t say that about a billboard.

The Common Element for a Successful Product Launch

I love reading case studies from a variety of industries to look for commonalities and spark new ideas. Apple’s recent announcement of the iPad has been an interesting example which has me reflecting on product launches. One thing I’ve learned – there is no perfect formula for a product launch. What works one time, may not work the next. The elements and execution can vary dramatically.

However, there does seem to be one element that is common among successful launches across industries: Brand Awareness. Your launch cannot be successful if customers don’t know the product exists. Awareness is critical and it’s impact is extended when your awareness campaign includes a visual recognition element.

If the customer can recognize your product or logo at a glance, you increase your opportunity to create a bond with the customer. That bond is what brings them back to your product time and again.

Visual recognition is the main purpose of inflatable advertising

There is almost no way to ignore a 25-foot product replica. And inflatables bring your product to life in a way a billboard or print ad just can’t. They are unique and lively which allows your customer to connect emotionally with your product.

Landmark has supported product launches with indoor, outdoor, retail and mobile options. We’ve created logos, product replicas and mascots of all shapes and sizes. Every marketer will create their own launch plan, but for the common element of creating product awareness, a custom inflatable is a guaranteed success.
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Kicking Off the New Year With Trade Shows

For many of us, the beginning of the new year is also the beginning of our budget cycles. And new budgets mean new sales goals – probably showing growth over the prior year. For me, that first glance at those sales budgets when you’re standing at the starting line has always been a slightly overwhelming moment, and sometimes causes excessive eye twitching! But that momentary panic is typically followed by an excitement about the challenge and my brain will begin to churn through new ideas to test. One of the best testing grounds for new strategies is at trade shows. And this is certainly the kickoff of the trade show season.

As you plan for your next trade show, start by spending time thinking about your goal for that particular event. Are you seeking greater brand awareness or general networking, collecting leads or closing sales? Is your focus new relationships or existing clients? With a well-defined set of goals, you can simplify your planning process and greatly improve your odds for success. Next, consider how your booth will help you meet your objectives. Landmark can create inflatable trade show booths and displays to bring your brand to life, attract traffic and create a space for you to surpass your goals. With these key pieces in place, the rest of your plan should come together smoothly.

Have you seen a great use of inflatable booths or displays at a trade show? Let me know so I can share your ideas in a future post.