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Top 10 Inflatable Projects for 2011

With 2012 around the corner we are proud to announce our top ten inflatable projects from 2011. After considering over 3,600 images, we have selected the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring and impressive inflatables to showcase our phenomenal past year.

Designed and manufactured for companies all over the world to increase traffic, create emotional connections and make customers simply say, “wow!”  We can’t help but stare at these great inflatable designs and applaud our wonderful customers of 2011.

Giant Inflatable Spider for GAGA’s Workshop at Barney’s New York

To promote Lady Gaga’s in-store holiday shop at Barney’s in New York City this custom inflatable spider was placed outdoors. Whimsical and fun with a sense of art and fashion this inflatable spider is true to Lady Gaga’s style.

Mr. Bubble Inflatable Bathtub Replica for 50th Anniversary Display

This giant, inflatable bathtub was used as a centerpiece for Mr. Bubble’s 50th Anniversary party at the Waterpark of America.

Inflatable Luv’s Baby Mascot for Mall of America Dooty Challenge Display

An extension of Luvs “Heavy Dooty Blowout Challenge” campaign, this inflatable baby was placed inside the Mall of America. With the participation of guests diaper donations were made to Project Night.

David Byrne’s “Tight Spot” Inflatable Earth | Globe Exhibit Piece for the Pace Gallery

When Pace Gallery asked David Byrne to create a sculpture he designed this incredible inflatable globe.  With help from Landmark Creations it was positioned under the High-Line in New York City.

Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Helium Blimp

Displayed in New York City this inflatable Doofenshmirtz helium balloon helped promote the new Phineas & Ferb movie on the Disney Channel.

 M&M Aviator Inflatable Mascot

This massive inflatable aviation themed M&M character was placed at the Mars Theater in Oshkosh, Wisconsin during the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Air Show. Adding fun features like the aviation goggles and bomber jacket to the character increased attention by visitors.

MIT 150th Anniversary Inflatable Logo Display

To celebrated MIT’s 150th anniversary, artists and professors Nader Tehrani and Gediminas Urbonas designed this inflatable movie screen.  Placed on the Charles River in front of MIT it projected a series of environmental artworks to promote Liquid Archive.

Inflatable Vitamin Water Bottle Replica

Placing a 100-foot inflatable Vitamin Water Bottle billboard in the middle of Times Square got the attention of thousands. A great way to get creative with advertising.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory Mascot: Wendy

Coca-Cola used this custom inflatable character to promote their 125th Anniversary and the launch of the Happiness Factory campaign. This fun and entertaining display helped customers connect with the Coca-Cola brand.

Cartoon Network’s Giant Inflatable Jake Character

Displayed in New York’s Lincoln Center this Cartoon Network character, Jake, floated above those visiting for their Upfront Presentation. Custom inflatables like this add drama, shock and awe to any event!

Giant Cowboy Boots & Crawfish: Get Creative With Your Retail Promotions!

Stand out in the Crowd with Custom Inflatables!

Department stores, franchise locations and one-of-a-kind specialty shops all understand the importance of using promotions to stimulate traffic & increase sales. In the age of information overload, however, getting customers to notice your retail location takes more than simply printing a few flyers and putting an ad in the paper. Smart marketers leverage alternative tactics, like inflatables, in their retail promotions. Custom inflatables are enormous, colorful and out-of-the-ordinary, making them natural traffic magnets.

Tailor Inflatables to Match Your Brand or Promotion Theme

Promoting a western wear store? Try placing a giant cowboy boot on your rooftop. Have a Cajun themed promotion? A giant crawfish might be just what you need to create a spicy atmosphere and encourage photo opps. The possibilities are endless.

Need some ideas to get the most out of your next retail promotion? We’ve put together a photo set of 37 creative retail inflatables – take a peak!

Contact us today to get your next retail promotion noticed!


5 Professional Design Tips for Exceptional Inflatable Kiosks

Goosebumps inflatable kioskWhat’s rule #1 of tradeshows?  Separate yourself from all the other exhibitors.  Inflatable kiosks give you the golden opportunity to stand apart from every other pop-up tent and ordinary tradeshow booth on the floor. Inflatable kiosks are popular for product demonstrations and sampling because they’re visually appealing, easy to use and provide large canopy areas. Well-designed kiosks are exceptional because they reinforce your brands and attract attention while maximizing the available space at your events.

Here are 5 professional design tips to follow when creating your new kiosk.

Tip 1:  Consider Shape & Design Elements

When promoting a new product or developing a themed booth; think vertical for the most effectiveness.  If you’re sampling a new coffee, for example, building a kiosk in the shape of the cup will get you noticed from greater distances while reinforcing your brand.

Tip 2: Create Signage and Branding

One of the biggest advantages of inflatable kiosks is their 360-degree signage area. To make sure your design takes advantage of this real estate, consider your signage from all directions. Will other companies sponsor your event, or will you sponsor multiple events? Use removable banners to display messages tailored for each event or sponsor. Some custom kiosks can be fitted for entirely new graphics, saving you the cost of purchasing a new kiosk when the time comes to rebrand.

Tip 3: Calculate Your Inside Measurements

If you’re using your inflatable kiosk for sampling, plan enough room inside the kiosk to store samples and allow for ample working areas. Giving prior thought to the interior space of your kiosk will ensure kiosk operators are comfortable and representing your brand with good cheer; not struggling in tight quarters.

Tip 4:  Work Within The Outside Environment

How much total space do you have available? Will you be limited by tradeshow or outdoor limitations? In addition to the interior footprint, the inflatable itself will require 2 to 4 feet for structural support. Work with your inflatable manufacturer to layout a blueprint of your kiosk based on your needs. Striking the right balance between inside room and outside restrictions is at the heart of creating an effective design.

Tip 5: Plan for Power

Custom inflatable kiosks use a standard electrical plug in (120v GFI) and require a power source. If a wall outlet isn’t available at your events a generator can be easily used; but that’s a consideration you’ll want to plan for ahead of time, not during the event.

Using good design at the beginning of the project ensures that your inflatable will have plenty of messaging space, reinforce your brand and draw traffic to your space for years to come.

For more tips on designing exceptional kiosks and custom inflatables, be sure to download our FREE ebook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

Custom Inflatable Event Tents and Kiosks are Multifunctional Wonders at Parades

Inflatable Event TentWhat image do the words “inflatable” and “parade” conjure up? For most people, the automatic assumption is parade floats. There’s no doubt: inflatable floats are enormously popular and capture gobs of attention cruising through the parade route. But did you know that inflatable event tents and parade kiosks make the jobs of professional coordinators infinitely easier?

Rather than living out of your van or SUV while on-site, picture yourself in the comfort of a custom-branded inflatable event tent. Tables and chairs are set out to welcome guests and registrants in style while also providing a place focused on hospitality as well as protection from the elements.

Does the parade end with a festival? Then parade kiosks are the perfect choice for connecting with attendees through food/beverage sales, product demos, sample giveaways, coupon distribution and more.

Customizable and fully interactive, event tents and parade kiosks from Landmark are developed to get noticed, function flawlessly and offer easy setup and tear down. Best of all, these are products that make your job easier while also adding a generous helping of brand reinforcement and promotion. And who doesn’t like that?

Ask Landmark Episode 9: Inflatable Tents & Domes

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Inflatable advertising balloons manufacturer, Landmark Creations, answers common questions about custom inflatables.
In episode 9, Tom and Stephanie discuss using custom inflatable tents and inflatable domes.

Get a Better Return on Your Investment with Custom Inflatables

bank-custom-inflatable-pigWant to know the secret to keeping your bank in the black during challenging economic times? It’s simple, really. Just attract new customers and get the current ones to use more of your services. It’s a sound formula that’s proven to work, and with a little creative inflatable advertising, it can pay off in a big way.

There’s lots of places a bank with a clever inflatable advertising balloon can make a splash with clients. Home improvement, bridal, and boat shows are perfect places to find new customers, for example, and an inflatable logo is just the thing to make you stand out in a crowded exhibit hall. Or what about sponsoring a charity race? Not only do you get to help a worthy cause (and gain all the tax benefits that go along with that), but an inflatable arch would look great decorated with your brand.

You can reuse your inflatable logo or arch again and again, making it a cost-effective addition to your marketing toolbox. Since they’re portable, you can easily use custom inflatables as attention-grabbing displays during local parades, or even set one up in the lobby to let your customers know about a fantastic introductory rate on a money market account. Inflatables are durable, dependable, and flexible, just like your bank, and they give you a fantastic return on your investment.

Looking for ways to add custom inflatables to your bank marketing promotional mix?

Be Prepared for Anything with a Versatile Inflatable Tent

inflatable-tent-outdoorWill it be dry and sunny, or will it rain? These are the questions you face when planning for a big outdoor event, and even the weatherman can’t offer a foolproof prediction. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about the weather, but you can be prepared to face almost anything Mother Nature throws your way with a custom inflatable tent.

A colorful inflatable dome sporting your logo will stand out from the crowd of standard-issue booths and kiosks, giving your brand a much-needed boost in a busy venue. Plus, once you’ve been spotted, your tent will instantly become the landmark everyone searches for, and the place they all head when they need some shade, to get out of the rain, or just to see what all the fuss is about. Make sure you bring along extra samples and coupons, because with the crowds you’ll be attracting, you’re going to need them!

You don’t have to worry about your tent standing up to the weather, either. Fade-resistant materials keep inflatables looking like new even after several events, and durable construction means you’ll never be left out in the rain. Whichever way Mother Nature turns, a custom inflatable tent will have you covered.

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