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Cincinnati Zoo Uses Inflatable Wildlife as Outdoor Advertising

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2499

Cincinnati Zoo’s Inflatable Komodo Dragon Takes City by Storm

Who: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
What: Inflatable Komodo Dragon Replica
Where: Seven Different Advertising Locations Around Cincinnati, Ohio
When: Spring 2010
Why: Promote The 2010 Komodo Dragon Exhibit Opening
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Wildlife Replicas

By creating this monstrous inflatable Komodo dragon replica, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden publicized their new Dragons exhibit at multiple locations. Half beast, half advertising balloon their promotional agenda went off without a hitch.

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American By Design: Custom Inflatables Made in Minnesota Since 1986

Our Customers Take Pride in Purchasing American Made Inflatables – We Take Pride in Manufacturing Them!

We are continually asked, “Are your inflatables manufactured in the United States?” and with pride we answer, “Yes, we manufacture right here in Minnesota.”  In the most recent Landmarketing Newsletter we focus on the improved U.S. business forecast and the new economic outlook starting to unfold. We believe the quality of American made products is one of the reasons we are the premier custom inflatable manufacturer.

A Minnesota-Based Inflatable Manufacturer with a Dedication to Quality

With over 25 years of inflatable manufacturing experience we believe in the importance of superior quality, custom solutions and comprehensive customer service.  We first began making classic hot air shapes and inflatable characters. We can produce complex shapes at any size with great attention to detail. Each passing year our customers help us to generate more creative ideas for promotional balloons and new inflatable products.

Our local customers benefit from the fact that we are located in the heart of the Midwest United States. Purchasing inflatables locally means minimizing logistical headaches and having control over your custom project.  Although we do have our ups and downs when it comes to weather in Minnesota, we are consistently providing the highest quality products and services to each of our customers.

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3 Reasons Savvy Franchise Marketers Make Custom Inflatables a “Must”

1. Custom Inflatables are Natural Grass Roots Marketing Tools

Savvy franchise marketers recognize that participating in local events not only generates buzz for their stores; it establishes their brand as members of the community and strengthens relationships with their customer base. Inflatables work well for local, grass roots events like parades & festivals because they’re highly visible and easy to transport between events.

2. Consistent Inflatable Designs = Uniform Branding Nationwide

Consistent branding is a cornerstone of franchise marketing. Experienced inflatable manufactures understand the importance of producing shapes that follow franchise branding guidelines. Modern processes like 3d modeling and digital printing help inflatable manufacturers uniformly create highly detailed shapes. Franchise marketers can confidently roll out nationwide inflatable campaigns, knowing each and every unit will support their brand’s image.

3. Look Over There! Giant Inflatables Are Instant Location Devices

Bottom line: if you want to drive traffic and sales to new franchise locations, you have to get found. Custom inflatables work well as location devices because they’re huge and out of the ordinary. People can’t help but to notice them, and they will become naturally curious about what’s going on.

Inflatables offer consistent branding, they’re easy to use at local events and they drive traffic to new locations, making them a “go-to” tool by many savvy franchise marketers. Inflatables can deliver your message high in the clouds, in the middle of a parking lot, or at your storefront. Looking for some creative ideas to market your franchise? Contact us to brainstorm some ideas, or take a look at some of the franchise marketing projects in our online gallery.

Creative, LARGE Scale Inflatables for Museum Exhibits & Promotions

Draw GINORMOUS Attention to Your Museum’s Newest Exhibition or Event

Museum curators, exhibit directors and special events coordinators are under constant pressure to create compelling, fascinating and engaging visuals for their attractions and promotional campaigns. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming exhibit, large format film or educational presentation; custom inflatables provide stunning visuals that will increase attendance and ticket sales to your biggest events!

Want Some Creative Ideas for Using Inflatables at Your Museum or Science Center? (How About Four Dozen of Them?)

Imagine the impact of a massive inflatable suspended in an aquarium’s entrance, peering over a rooftop or inflated as a custom entrance tunnel around the main entrance of your attraction. We have the imagination and know-how to create anything from dinosaurs to planets in vivid detail. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

Need some ideas to get the most out of your next coming attraction? See how other museum marketers have put inflatables to use in our online gallery.

Inflatable Mascots Connect BIG TIME at On-Site Events

Inflatable Mascots Set

There’s No Denying The Power of Connecting with Corporate Mascots

Mascots give personality to brands, provide goodwill and create an instant connections with both kids and adults. Think quick: when I say “Tony the Tiger, the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Serta Counting Sheep”, do you think of breakfast cereals, dinner rolls and mattresses? It shows just how well mascots can connect with audiences and become an icon for your brands.

Giant Inflatable Mascots: The Same Great Connection, Only BIGGER

By transforming your corporate mascot into a giant inflatable, you can leverage that connection at on-site events. Because giant inflatable mascots are recognizable and photogenic, they often create extra media attention as an added bonus.

Looking to connect with audiences at on-site events? Check out some of our favorite inflatable mascots in our online gallery or download our free eBook, Getting Started with Inflatable Mascots.




University of Maryland Uses Inflatable Logo at Maryland Day Celebration

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0038

University of Maryland Inflatable Logo

Who: University Of Maryland
What: Inflatable Logo
Where: Maryland Day Celebration
When: Spring 1999
Why: To Celebrate The First Annual Maryland Day Celebration And Other Events
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

This giant inflatable logo designed for the University of Maryland is used each April at the Maryland Day Celebration. Placed in the center of the celebration, this custom inflatable brings attention to the University’s involvement in the community.

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Custom Inflatables Work Like Magic in Stage Productions

Magical Productions are a Must

Set designers are like magicians; they can transform otherwise nondescript physical spaces into magical environments for concerts, theater productions and other live performances. Good set designers help the audience totally connect and feel part of the event. Unlike wizards, designers have no magical powers or wands to create these sets, they must rely on real life tools to create magical productions.

Poof! Inflatables Plug In and Appear, Almost Instantly – Like Magic!

Custom-designed inflatables add definition to stages, with their size and shape complexity audiences are continually fascinated by them. Set props such as furniture, backdrops, houses, and any type of scenery imaginable can be designed into a custom inflatable to fit your production’s atmosphere.

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Inflatable Billboard for St. Mary’s Hospital Keeps Community Informed

Inflatable Case History Brief #L1169

Inflatable Billboard for St. Mary’s Hospital

Who: St. Mary’s Hospital
What: Inflatable Billboard
Where: St. Mary’s Hospital In Waterbury, Connecticut
When: Winter 2003
Why: To Announce A Change In Area Code
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos & Billboards

St. Mary’s Hospital needed a way to announce a change in area code to community members. They were able to do so with ease by using an inflatable billboard. Placed outside the hospital those passing by could clearly read the message.

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