Corporate Sponsorship

Charity Events + Inflatables = Great Photo Ops

Race for Cure Inflatable ArchMost of us would say March is a little too cold to go swimming. However, one group of people in Saratoga Springs, Utah thinks otherwise. They got together recently for a “polar plunge” to raise money for the Special Olympics, and they rounded up some savvy sponsors to help them out. The Special Olympics got a heavy infusion of funds (over $14,000) and the event sponsors got to take advantage of all the great press.

Think about it. Television cameras, newspaper reporters, and lots of photographers show up at charity events like these, and they’re all looking for that one shot to capture the moment. Position your company in an inflatable tent or offer to mark the event entrance with an inflatable arch bearing your logo, and the press will be drawn to your brand for interview backdrops and event photos. In this case, I might have suggested an inflatable polar bear, just for the fun of it!

Corporate sponsorship of charity events is an excellent, feel-good marketing tool, but you’re missing out if you’re not using it to get your brand in front of the press. Custom inflatables make it easy to be the center of attention.