Caricature Inflatables

The New Face of Politics: Caricature Inflatables

inflatable-george-bush-caricatureIf you’ve been to a parade this summer, you’ve most likely seen a state representative or city council candidate waving to the crowd from atop a float. Do you know his/her name? The office s/he’s running for? What district s/he represents? Probably not. There are so many distractions – not to mention other politicians – that it’s hard to stay focused on one person. But I bet you’d take notice and even remember names come election day if that same candidate had a more interesting and innovative approach – like a caricature inflatable, for example.

As a savvy campaign manager, here’s something else to consider. Politicians love the media, and the media loves inflatables. You can count on news vans to show up to cover parades and other local events, and the cameraman in search of a great shot will seek out the most interesting and recognizable thing around. If that happens to be an inflatable character that looks like your candidate, you can bet his face will be on every news channel in town. And the best part is you won’t even have to pay for the airtime.

Inflatables make good sense from a logistical standpoint as well. They’re lightweight and easy to transport, so it’s a cinch to take your caricature to parades, rallies, and fundraisers all over the state. And on election night, you can even bring him along to the victory party!