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3 Tasty Ways Food Vendors Get Attention and Sales at Fairs & Festivals with Inflatables

It’s just about that time of year again!

The smell of corn dogs, mini donuts and refreshing brews will linger in the air at outdoor events, fairs and festivals. But, with so many food and beverage options how do customers choose and find what they are craving? Check out these custom inflatables commonly used by food and beverage vendors to gain attention and increase sales.

#1. Attention Grabbing Advertising Blimps Get a Double-Take

Promotional blimps are advertising balloons created to look like their real-life counterparts. Filled with helium these types of inflatables will give your business the lift it needs to be successful at outdoor events. It’s simple really – We’ll add your recognizable logo to the blimp, you’ll inflate with helium, attach to your location and release into the air! Advertising blimps can be seen from far and wide and in the largest of crowds.

#2. Inflatable Tents Welcome Customers & Offer Seating Space

Perfect for outdoor events like fairs, carnivals, and block parties, custom inflatables tents have creative advertising power that can be branded to draw crowds. Inflatable tents offer 360 degrees of advertising space giving people a clear view of your location. What’s more – Inflatable tents are a fun gathering space for customers to enjoy your tasty dish or frosty brew.

#3. Be Recognizable with Custom Inflatable Logos

Another favorite inflatable option for food and beverage vendors is a custom logo balloon. Easy to inflate, promotional logos are one of the most effective ways to improve brand recognition. Place your inflatable logo on the roof of your location or near your food truck and watch as lines form for your tasty treats!

Are you a food or beverage company selling goodies at fairs, carnivals and community festivals this summer? Contact Landmark to learn more about creative inflatables specifically designed to increase traffic and sales.

From Football Fields to the Slopes: Sports Marketing Inflatables Caught On Tape

get inflatables on video

Leverage the Visual Power of Sports Marketing Inflatables with Video

Sports marketing professionals know custom inflatables increase exposure at live events, but they don’t always consider leveraging the visual power of inflatables in videos before, during and after the event.

Check out two cool videos of sports marketing inflatables-in-action we found just this week: FRS Healthy Performance and Vans Canada. Both companies used the power of inflatables to promote their products and brands at live events.


FRS Healthy Energy – Drink Shaped Inflatable Football Toss

FRS Healthy Performance recently sponsored the 2012 All-Star Football Challenge held at SportZone in Indianapolis. This unique event, televised on ESPN2 during Super Bowl Sunday, allows college football stars to compete in high-energy skills competition. A custom football throw station in the shape of the FRS Healthy Energy bottle was used during the FRS Healthy Performance QB Scramble. Athletes ran through obstacles and then launched a football towards the inflatable throw station. By using an inflatable product replica FRS was able to increase brand awareness and impress football fans everywhere!

Video: Inflatable FRS Football Toss at All Star Football Challenge


Giant Inflatable Vans Snowboard Boot Replica

Vans Canada uses a 20-foot inflatable snowboard boot replica during Hi-Standard Series to promote their footwear & apparel. The Vans Hi-Standard Series consists of four stops where talented riders showed up to shred with style to earn cash and prizes. With the vans boot replica inflated next to the launch jump riders and the boot were captures in photographs and on film and then posted throughout social media.

Video: Inflatable Snowboard Boot at Vans High Standard Series

If you’re looking to extend the impact of your sports inflatables to social media channels, take a page from the FRS or Vans playbook: roll the tape.

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Grab a Cup of Java and Check Out Our Giant Coffee Cup Inflatables

After last week’s cocktail hour inflatable photo set, you might be reaching for a huge, steamy cup of coffee. You’re in luck because we’ve made a lot of them! Coffee cup inflatables have been created as costumes at coffee stands, as inflatable kiosks to hand out samples and giant replicas to promote new coffee products or gain visibility at new shoppe locations. With so many great inflatable coffee cup options, you’ll need a triple shot latte just to sort through all of them!

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere! Celebrating Cocktail Hour with Landmark: Wine, Beer & Spirits Inflatable Product Replicas

Beer, Wine, Spirits InflatablesWhether you’re a microbrewery, a Napa Valley wine distributor, or a top shelf liquor manufacturer, an inflatable product replica can help advertise your beverage.  All of these companies would attest that inflatable replicas will match your product perfectly, look professional, and are a great, visible marketing tool.  What you don’t see is that they are mobile, easy to set up, and can last for many years – even through a rebrand.

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Microbrews Make a Big Impression with Inflatables

albita-beer-inflatableBack in the day, specialty beers were just that: special. Now it seems like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, and the competition is heating up. With grocery stores devoting entire aisles to microbrews, it’s getting harder and harder to get your brand noticed. Luckily, you have a trick up your sleeve – and it starts with an inflatable version of your product.

Nothing grabs attention like a giant inflatable product replica perched on the roof of a grocery or convenience store. When the last thing customers see before entering the store is a massive version of your product, they are more likely to reach for your brand over all the others. Create joint ventures with stores that carry your products by offering co-op ad dollars and special sale pricing. Store management will love you because you’re handling all the details and all they have to do is enjoy the added traffic and revenue. Everyone comes out a winner – you, the retailer, and most of all, the consumer.

Inflatable product replicas look exactly like your bottle, right down to the artwork on the label. They’re durable and fade resistant so hot, sunny rooftops are never a problem. Best of all, they’re easy on your marketing budget. See all the ways rooftop advertising balloons can help you make an impression.

Achieving Your Beverage Marketing Goals with Inflatables

inflatable energy drink canHere’s an interesting scenario. You’re launching a new sports drink with a big kick-off event at a bowl game. As everybody else pulls up in their painted trucks prepared to dole out samples, you notice that they all look very similar. No one stands out from the rest. You, however – being the savvy marketer you are – begin to inflate your 20-foot-tall product replica. Heads turn. Eyes bulge. The competition feels the heat. You’ve nailed the five goals of beverage marketing

  • Getting noticed – It’s hard to ignore a towering sports drink, no matter what distractions are around you.
  • Building interest – Giant advertising balloons draw curious onlookers from across a crowded event for a close-up look.
  • Making a connection – Handing out samples and coupons while taking a moment to chat gives your brand a personal touch.
  • Building your brand – Long after the event is over, your coupons and the stories people tell of the giant drink bottle will be working for you.

And the fifth? Fun! That’s built in for both you and your customers. Brightly colored, creative inflatables bring a smile to everyone who sees them. Children and adults alike are fascinated by their larger-than-life presence, and you’ll love that they’re a breeze to set-up and take down. View our case studies to see how other beverage marketers use inflatables to sweeten their product launches.