Airtight Inflatables

Point-of-Purchase Inflatables Make a Big Impression

custom-sealed-inflatable-cereal-bagsGaining momentum for a new brand on a crowded shelf can be a challenge. Not only do you have to find the space – often by taking it from your own products – but you have to get noticed by busy consumers with other things on their minds. Distracted shoppers are more likely to reach for the brand they always buy, and while shelf-talkers and coupon dispensers help, there are other ways to make your product stand out – like point-of-purchase displays.

What better way to make sure your customer sees that new flavor of chips, or notices the buy-one-get-one-free deal on two-liter soda than with an inflatable product replica to mark the spot? Hang them from the ceiling, prop them on an endcap, or build a display in the front aisle for added exposure. Point-of-purchase inflatable designs are even flexible enough to be offered as giveaways. A product replica or inflatable logo the customer can take home ensures your brand is on her mind every day.

We most often think of custom inflatables as huge, outdoor exhibits, but they don’t have to touch the sky to be effective. Smaller, point-of-purchase inflatables can help get customers excited about a new brand, draw attention to a great sale price, or jog a busy mom’s memory about a new product she wanted to try. Best of all, inflatables can improve your brand’s name recognition and increase sales, all while making you a hero to the store’s management.

Ask Landmark Episode 4: Airtight Inflatables

Inflatable advertising balloon manufacturer, Landmark Creations, answers questions about using giant advertising balloons. In episode 4, Tom and Stephanie discuss the basics of using airtight inflatables.


Extending the Impact of Your Trade Show Promotions

A few years ago, Landmark’s Stephanie Meacham hit the road to do a balloon installation for a client in Brainerd MN. In my experience all good road trips require stopping to see a local attraction. Stephanie was of the same opinion when she made her way to visit the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Paul Bunyan Land, just miles from the installation site. Paul Bunyan, an important part of Minnesota folklore, was a giant lumberjack who worked the logging camps and formed the state. Babe was his exceptionally strong sidekick and did all of the heavy lifting for Paul.

Not only did Stephanie visit the statues, she hit the gift shop to purchase a figurine of the two as a memento. Every time she looks at the miniature, she remembers the trip.

Just as her memories of the business trip and the visit to Paul Bunyan Land are triggered by her memento, you can trigger long-lasting memories with miniature inflatables. Landmark can create a product replica, logo or mascot into key chains, cup holders, rafts, beach balls or anything that fits the theme of your booth or product. To maximize your impact, combine a giant inflatable in your booth with a replica in miniature to give away like Kellogg’s can with this large arch and small inflatable truck.

Now that’s a great way to make a connection over and over, long after the trade show ends.