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Hot Stuff Foods Generates Business with Inflatable Logo

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2755

Hot Stuff Foods Logo

Who: Hot Stuff Foods
What: Inflatable Hot Stuff Foods Logo
Where: The inflatables were used at their franchise locations.
When: Fall 2010
Why: Hot Stuff wanted to generate sales by advertising at retailers that already sold their products.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

Hot Stuff Foods created eight inflatable logos to use at stores that sell their pizza and sandwiches.  Since it’s easy to set up and is very mobile, this promotional inflatable is the perfect advertising tool to draw in hungry crowds!

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Ask Landmark Episode 4: Airtight Inflatables

Inflatable advertising balloon manufacturer, Landmark Creations, answers questions about using giant advertising balloons. In episode 4, Tom and Stephanie discuss the basics of using airtight inflatables.


It Doesn’t Take a Twister to Move an Inflatable House

barney-inflatable-cakeWhen your Wizard of Oz production threatens to turn you into the Wicked Witch of the West, inflatables can help. Lighting issues, sound problems, and the sometimes flaky director make your job as stage manager pretty stressful. Add impossible props to the mix, and you’ll be ready to call it quits long before Dorothy finds her way back to Kansas. But there is a way to assemble an impressive stage set in minutes, and you won’t even have to pick up a hammer. Giant balloons turned portable stage props make your production come alive, and they do it with minimal fuss.

Dorothy’s house doesn’t have to fall from the sky to make an impact, either. The bright, bold colors of inflatables are an instant draw for little ones, and grownups will marvel at the clever design and intricate detailing. Best of all, their portability means inflatable houses easily make their way to Oz, even on the smallest of stages.

These whimsical, fantastical creations are perfect for children’s productions. Even better, they’re so easy to set up, tear down, and transport, that you’ll feel like you’ve got your own pair of ruby slippers taking you – and your production – wherever your heart desires. And who knows? With all your new-found free time, you might even get to take in a show.

The Common Element for a Successful Product Launch

I love reading case studies from a variety of industries to look for commonalities and spark new ideas. Apple’s recent announcement of the iPad has been an interesting example which has me reflecting on product launches. One thing I’ve learned – there is no perfect formula for a product launch. What works one time, may not work the next. The elements and execution can vary dramatically.

However, there does seem to be one element that is common among successful launches across industries: Brand Awareness. Your launch cannot be successful if customers don’t know the product exists. Awareness is critical and it’s impact is extended when your awareness campaign includes a visual recognition element.

If the customer can recognize your product or logo at a glance, you increase your opportunity to create a bond with the customer. That bond is what brings them back to your product time and again.

Visual recognition is the main purpose of inflatable advertising

There is almost no way to ignore a 25-foot product replica. And inflatables bring your product to life in a way a billboard or print ad just can’t. They are unique and lively which allows your customer to connect emotionally with your product.

Landmark has supported product launches with indoor, outdoor, retail and mobile options. We’ve created logos, product replicas and mascots of all shapes and sizes. Every marketer will create their own launch plan, but for the common element of creating product awareness, a custom inflatable is a guaranteed success.
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Kicking Off the New Year With Trade Shows

For many of us, the beginning of the new year is also the beginning of our budget cycles. And new budgets mean new sales goals – probably showing growth over the prior year. For me, that first glance at those sales budgets when you’re standing at the starting line has always been a slightly overwhelming moment, and sometimes causes excessive eye twitching! But that momentary panic is typically followed by an excitement about the challenge and my brain will begin to churn through new ideas to test. One of the best testing grounds for new strategies is at trade shows. And this is certainly the kickoff of the trade show season.

As you plan for your next trade show, start by spending time thinking about your goal for that particular event. Are you seeking greater brand awareness or general networking, collecting leads or closing sales? Is your focus new relationships or existing clients? With a well-defined set of goals, you can simplify your planning process and greatly improve your odds for success. Next, consider how your booth will help you meet your objectives. Landmark can create inflatable trade show booths and displays to bring your brand to life, attract traffic and create a space for you to surpass your goals. With these key pieces in place, the rest of your plan should come together smoothly.

Have you seen a great use of inflatable booths or displays at a trade show? Let me know so I can share your ideas in a future post.