Advertising Balloons

Magical Marketing with Inflatable Advertising Balloons

inflatable-dragonFlat, lifeless billboards don’t have it. Neither do banners that stretch across a sidewalk or roadway. And radio spots? When is the last time you actually listened to one? None of these antiquated advertising methods has the magical marketing power of a giant inflatable.

When “Shrek, the Musical” hits town, which would you rather have working for you – a newspaper ad, or a giant pink dragon? Dragon’s job might be to scare away suitors, but set Fiona’s keeper soaring over the theater, and curious crowds will appear as if by magic. You can’t lug a billboard on a 16-city tour, and no one will clamor to take pictures of a vinyl banner. Let Dragon loose, though, and everyone with a camera will be on hand to witness the show – including the press!

No other advertising medium is as portable, versatile – and just plain fun – as inflatables. They’re simple to set up, easy to transport from place to place, and a clever conversation starter to boot. Best of all, inflatable advertising balloons aren’t just one-hit wonders. Durable construction and fade-resistant materials mean Dragon will keep guarding Fiona for as long as the show lasts.

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Ask Landmark Episode 1: Three Main Types of Advertising Balloons

Ask Landmark Episode 1

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