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Top 10 Inflatable Projects for 2011

With 2012 around the corner we are proud to announce our top ten inflatable projects from 2011. After considering over 3,600 images, we have selected the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring and impressive inflatables to showcase our phenomenal past year.

Designed and manufactured for companies all over the world to increase traffic, create emotional connections and make customers simply say, “wow!”  We can’t help but stare at these great inflatable designs and applaud our wonderful customers of 2011.

Giant Inflatable Spider for GAGA’s Workshop at Barney’s New York

To promote Lady Gaga’s in-store holiday shop at Barney’s in New York City this custom inflatable spider was placed outdoors. Whimsical and fun with a sense of art and fashion this inflatable spider is true to Lady Gaga’s style.

Mr. Bubble Inflatable Bathtub Replica for 50th Anniversary Display

This giant, inflatable bathtub was used as a centerpiece for Mr. Bubble’s 50th Anniversary party at the Waterpark of America.

Inflatable Luv’s Baby Mascot for Mall of America Dooty Challenge Display

An extension of Luvs “Heavy Dooty Blowout Challenge” campaign, this inflatable baby was placed inside the Mall of America. With the participation of guests diaper donations were made to Project Night.

David Byrne’s “Tight Spot” Inflatable Earth | Globe Exhibit Piece for the Pace Gallery

When Pace Gallery asked David Byrne to create a sculpture he designed this incredible inflatable globe.  With help from Landmark Creations it was positioned under the High-Line in New York City.

Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Helium Blimp

Displayed in New York City this inflatable Doofenshmirtz helium balloon helped promote the new Phineas & Ferb movie on the Disney Channel.

 M&M Aviator Inflatable Mascot

This massive inflatable aviation themed M&M character was placed at the Mars Theater in Oshkosh, Wisconsin during the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Air Show. Adding fun features like the aviation goggles and bomber jacket to the character increased attention by visitors.

MIT 150th Anniversary Inflatable Logo Display

To celebrated MIT’s 150th anniversary, artists and professors Nader Tehrani and Gediminas Urbonas designed this inflatable movie screen.  Placed on the Charles River in front of MIT it projected a series of environmental artworks to promote Liquid Archive.

Inflatable Vitamin Water Bottle Replica

Placing a 100-foot inflatable Vitamin Water Bottle billboard in the middle of Times Square got the attention of thousands. A great way to get creative with advertising.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory Mascot: Wendy

Coca-Cola used this custom inflatable character to promote their 125th Anniversary and the launch of the Happiness Factory campaign. This fun and entertaining display helped customers connect with the Coca-Cola brand.

Cartoon Network’s Giant Inflatable Jake Character

Displayed in New York’s Lincoln Center this Cartoon Network character, Jake, floated above those visiting for their Upfront Presentation. Custom inflatables like this add drama, shock and awe to any event!

Quizno’s Restaurants Uses Inflatable Drinking Cups to Increase Sales

Inflatable Case History Brief #L0224

Inflatable Product Replica for Quizno’s Restaurants

Who: Quizno’s Restaurants
What: Inflatable Drinking Cup Product Replica
Where: Quizno’s Restaurant Locations
When: Winter 1998
Why: To Increase Visibility During Their Grand Openings and Increase Sales
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Product Replicas

These massive inflatable drinking cups attracted attention and increased foot traffic to Quizno’s Restaurants.  The Quizno’s logo featured on the side of the cup increased the restaurant’s brand identity while helping their location become more recognizable in the community.

If you would like to learn how custom inflatables can bring attention to your business, download our free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

Four Benefits of Working with Local Inflatable Manufacturers

Walker Art Center Sculpture GardenAs a creative company, we’re lucky to be located in a creative area like the Twin Cities. In fact, Minneapolis / St. Paul is one of the most prominent advertising, public relations, and marketing scenes in the country. Last week we attended Alphabet Bash for the first time and had the chance to meet a lot of these creative industry professionals who didn’t even realize they had a custom inflatables manufacturer right in their backyard. More importantly, many hadn’t even considered the benefit of having a custom manufacturer in town. So for the benefit of our newly acquired friends, we’ve complied a list of the four main ways companies can benefit from using a local, custom inflatable manufacturer.

1. Minimizing the chances of logistical headaches
Many inflatable companies online who appear to be manufacturing in the U.S. are reselling products manufactured overseas. Without the option of physically touring the company’s facilities, it’s difficult to know for sure. Whether you’re purchasing directly from an overseas manufacturer, or through a reseller in the U.S., an important factor to consider is the extra time it will take to ship. Unknown national holidays, cultural ideals, and language barriers mean that your project may not be leaving the warehouse when you think it is. Once your project leaves their warehouse, there’s still a risk of complications at customs. If you have access to a local manufacturer, you can mark these concerns off your list of headaches.

2. Keeping inflatable transportation costs down
With constantly rising fuel prices, freight costs are at an all time high. While custom inflatables are light weight compared to other giant displays, many can weigh 100 pounds or more; an expensive parcel to ship. If you have access to a local manufacturer, you have the option to transport your project personally. Most custom inflatables will fit inside standard sized vehicles like sedans, trucks and mini-vans. This means you can save money on freight to use on other parts of your budget, which is a real perk.

3. Staying involved with critical touch points
While most of our customers are located out-of-state, we still find value in having face-to-face meetings when we can.  Modern technology has made an incredible difference in how easily we can do business, but communication in person allows room for more synergistic thoughts to happen. Sometimes our customers are inspired by other projects they see being manufactured, or discussions with our group of designers.

4. Having control over your inflatable project
When we work with local clients, we like to invite them to our warehouse to have a look around. We want our customers to feel comfortable with their purchase and understand what we’re all about (we’ve been known to treat visitors with Abdallah chocolate!). In person, we can brainstorm, create design alternatives, tweak existing concepts and discuss project requirements in detail.

From logistics to project control, there are many benefits to having a local custom inflatable manufacturer. If you’re located in the Twin Cities and looking for a local inflatable manufacturer, make an appointment to visit us. We’d love to buy you a box of chocolate and discuss how custom inflatables can enhance your marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns.

Revive Your Marketing Message with an Eye-Popping Inflatable Billboard

Inflatable Billboard for Max CreditHoliday season is fast approaching, and like most retailers you’re probably looking forward to a few extra coins in the cash register this year. Since stores are competing harder than ever for shoppers’ limited funds (and since your own budget hasn’t fully recovered from last year), you need to make sure you’re getting the most return on every advertising dollar you spend. That’s where a clever display like an inflatable logo or billboard can help.

Inflatable advertising gives new life to your brand and your slogan. Store signs and logos tend to fade into the background after months or years of daily exposure, but place that same logo on a three-dimensional billboard and suddenly everyone sees it again. Even the most distracted shopper can’t help but notice a giant advertising balloon in your parking lot. Not only that, but once they “remember” you, they’ll be much more likely to pop in for those last-minute gifts.

When it comes to mission-critical messages like holiday promotions, creating an eye-popping, memorable display is the best way to make sure your customers take notice. Instead of disappearing behind the lights and the garland like your competitors, you’ll be attracting new – and returning – customers with colorful, distinctive advertising.

Point-of-Purchase Inflatables Make a Big Impression

custom-sealed-inflatable-cereal-bagsGaining momentum for a new brand on a crowded shelf can be a challenge. Not only do you have to find the space – often by taking it from your own products – but you have to get noticed by busy consumers with other things on their minds. Distracted shoppers are more likely to reach for the brand they always buy, and while shelf-talkers and coupon dispensers help, there are other ways to make your product stand out – like point-of-purchase displays.

What better way to make sure your customer sees that new flavor of chips, or notices the buy-one-get-one-free deal on two-liter soda than with an inflatable product replica to mark the spot? Hang them from the ceiling, prop them on an endcap, or build a display in the front aisle for added exposure. Point-of-purchase inflatable designs are even flexible enough to be offered as giveaways. A product replica or inflatable logo the customer can take home ensures your brand is on her mind every day.

We most often think of custom inflatables as huge, outdoor exhibits, but they don’t have to touch the sky to be effective. Smaller, point-of-purchase inflatables can help get customers excited about a new brand, draw attention to a great sale price, or jog a busy mom’s memory about a new product she wanted to try. Best of all, inflatables can improve your brand’s name recognition and increase sales, all while making you a hero to the store’s management.

Leverage Other Advertising Mediums with Inflatables

inflatable-corvette-billboardJust like the old jingle that sang the praises of baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, Chevy’s new ad campaign comparing Corvettes to rockets is a patriotic call to action for car buyers. But let’s face it. Even the most compelling commercial can become a distant memory when consumers face a dozen dealerships filled with shiny new cars. Lucky for you, inflatables make great reminders.

Picture those same car buyers tooling down your street on a Saturday afternoon. A giant, inflatable rocket juts skyward from the center of your lot, and they’re reminded of the commercial that had them dreaming about a new Vette. Before you know it, they’re in your showroom drooling over the latest models. When it comes to making a sale, getting the buyer in the door is the hardest part. So even if a Corvette isn’t in their future, you’ll still have a perfect opportunity to show them something a little more practical.

A rocket isn’t just a pipe dream. Cold-air inflatables can easily soar 40 or even 60 feet into the sky, turning heads and drawing customers from miles away. Their small footprint leaves lots of space for the important things – like cars – in your lot, and unlike tents and multicolored flags, inflatable advertising balloons haven’t been seen everywhere. They’re exciting, they’re larger than life, and just like a real spaceship, they’re a natural draw for curious audiences.

A Lesson in Roadside Advertising from the Past

roadsigns-burmashaveMost of us are too young to have seen those humorous Burma-Shave signs that peppered America’s roadways from 1925 until the mid 60s. One thing is certain; they sure made a splash in the advertising world. The signs were discontinued largely because the faster speeds of modern cars made them difficult to read. Too bad they didn’t have inflatables back then!

Even those travelling at highway speeds will have no trouble spotting – and recognizing – your inflatable product replica. A towering can of shaving cream, boldly colored and proudly sporting your logo, is even more likely to get noticed than those old roadside signs. There’s a lot more competition today than the makers of Burma-Shave had to face, but when you put your brand in front of people in a big way, they’ll be more likely to remember you when it comes time to buy.

The last Burma-Shave signs came down in 1963, but the fact that they’re still fondly remembered is testament to the lasting power of roadside advertising. The method may be a little different today, but the results are the same. Post an inflatable advertising balloon at the roadside in front of your store, and people will be talking about your brand well into the future.

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