Safety Guidelines & Know-How for a Successful Helium Blimp Launch

Hino Trucks Blimp on Location

Attract Enormous Crowds & Fly High Above Your Competition with Helium Blimps Helium blimps are ideal for any event requiring visibility, used both indoors and outdoors, they tend to increase traffic and attract attention. This type of inflatable … [Continue Reading]

You’ve Got Mail! Landmarketing Issue 42 Highlights

Landmark Creations' Newsletter, Landmarketing Issue 42, Is Available! Be sure to check your inbox for last week's quarterly issue of Landmark Creations' eNewletter, Landmarketing (#42), filled with creative inflatable tips, trick and ideas! In … [Continue Reading]

Landmark’s Going to Rock the Balcony at Alphabet Bash 2012!

Landmark at Alphabet Bash '12

We're stoked to announce that Landmark Creations will be sponsoring a balcony at Alphabet Bash 2012! Alphabet Bash (ABC Bash, or "The Bash") is an annual event where Twin Cities' marketing, advertising, communications and creative pros come … [Continue Reading]

14 Creative Ways Realtors Use Inflatables

Whether you're an independent agent or part of a large real estate firm, you understand selling property takes enthusiasm and creativity. The importance of implementing innovative marketing ideas can be a determining factor in the length of time a … [Continue Reading]

3 Best Places to Use Inflatable Product Replicas

Life-like Inflatable Product Replicas While custom inflatables are used in a wide variety of ways to attract attention and increase sales, there are three distinct places we see marketers effectively using product replicas: trade shows, product … [Continue Reading]

Hangout with Landmark Creations

The folks of Landmark Creations will be video chatting using Google+ Hangout at 1 p.m. CST! Join the "Hangout" and check out what face-to-face-to-face video chatting is all about, and learn a thing, or two, about custom inflatables and recent … [Continue Reading]

Get Inspired! Landmarketing Issue 41 Revisited

As the Landmark Creations staff happily welcomes summer to Minnesota, we invite you to read the latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Landmarketing (#41). Chock-full of customer success stories, Landmarketing can help marketing and event … [Continue Reading]

Take Your Inflatable Event Tents from Day to Night with the Flip of a Switch

Custom Lighting System for Inflatable Airtents Will Captivate Crowds Seamlessly take your events from day to night by using inflatable Airtents with custom lighting systems. This brand new feature looks more professional  than hand-strung lights and … [Continue Reading]