Making Face to Face Connections at Marketing Events

Here's an interesting statistic. According to a recent survey by marketing firm George P. Johnson, 90% of industry professionals said face-to-face events were their number one choice for persuading audiences. In addition, 40% said event marketing is … [Continue Reading]

Inflatables Put the Mobile in Mobile Marketing

Meguiar's Inflatable Products

It's funny how the economy works. Areas that take a hard hit can often rebound with surprising strength. The 2009 downturn took a toll on every industry, and marketing was no exception. But according to an article I read recently in the IEG … [Continue Reading]

Social Media + Inflatable Marketing Combo Gets Customers Involved

inflatable cereal bag

As I was sipping my cup of hot tea and doing a bit of light reading this morning, I came across a case study that caught my eye.  One company combined social media and inflatables to create a very successful promotion that directly followed a product … [Continue Reading]

Inflatable Product Replicas Ensure Your New Food Brand is Memorable

inflatable combos

Have you ever noticed the pattern that arises with food product launches? First, I begin to see television commercials promoting a new flavor of chips or perhaps a new burger at a local restaurant. Next come the coupons in the Sunday paper that I … [Continue Reading]

The Common Element for a Successful Product Launch

I love reading case studies from a variety of industries to look for commonalities and spark new ideas. Apple's recent announcement of the iPad has been an interesting example which has me reflecting on product launches. One thing I've learned - … [Continue Reading]

Draw Trade Show Traffic and Attention Cost Effectively

People are naturally curious... they never want to feel they're being left out or missing something. A classic example is the gawker slowdown caused by a traffic accident. Even if the accident is on the far side of the highway, the near side will … [Continue Reading]

Extending the Impact of Your Trade Show Promotions

A few years ago, Landmark's Stephanie Meacham hit the road to do a balloon installation for a client in Brainerd MN. In my experience all good road trips require stopping to see a local attraction. Stephanie was of the same opinion when she made her … [Continue Reading]

Idea Starters for Trade Show and Event Inflatables

It’s morning. You’re arriving at the office with a million things running through your mind. You know you have a full schedule ahead of you planning for an upcoming show or event and you’re still trying to make the transition from personal time to … [Continue Reading]