Secretariat’s Return to Churchill Downs – As a Parade Balloon

This year's Pegasus Parade, which kicks off the Kentucky Derby each spring, featured an old friend reborn as a parade balloon. Triple Crown champ Secretariat has been gone for 20 years, but Disney saw a golden opportunity to promote their upcoming … [Continue Reading]

The Best Job in the World Just Got Better with Inflatables

If I could pick my dream job, I think I'd want to be a team mascot. They get to dress up as snarling wolves, mythical creatures, even banana slugs. Then they spend their workday dancing and doing cartwheels, whipping fans into a frenzy, and leading … [Continue Reading]

Whimsical Blimps Make a Splash at Sporting Events

What's the biggest attraction at any indoor sporting event? The players, of course. That is, until a boat-shaped, inflatable blimp soars overhead. And when coupons start falling from the above, all eyes immediately search for the source. In a large … [Continue Reading]

Shaking Off the Advertising Invisibility Cloak

Not surprisingly, the captive audiences at sporting events are a favorite target for advertisers. Just imagine - thousands of people in one place, and they're all looking at your ad. Or are they? Here's the problem. Advertising is everywhere. How … [Continue Reading]

Crowd-Pleasing Inflatables Improve Your Fundraising Efforts

Keeping a school athletic program running is a constant struggle. There just never seems to be enough money to go around, forcing schools to employ a variety of fundraising tactics to fill the coffers. Between the candy bars, the submarine … [Continue Reading]

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Make a Better Impression

It's tax season, and you know what that means: the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam waving at you from in front of every tax preparer between here and Washington. You've seen them - green foam-rubber crowns and polyester dresses for Lady Liberty, and … [Continue Reading]

Inflatables Bring a New Dimension to Radio Remotes

"At big events we're the 1st thing people see, before they even arrive at the event!" says Austin, Texas radio station KLBJ. They're right. Character inflatables - like KLBJ's 30-foot tall Angus Young - cause a stir wherever they go. That's because … [Continue Reading]

Charity Events + Inflatables = Great Photo Ops

Most of us would say March is a little too cold to go swimming. However, one group of people in Saratoga Springs, Utah thinks otherwise. They got together recently for a "polar plunge" to raise money for the Special Olympics, and they rounded up some … [Continue Reading]