New Year, New Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmark Creation NewsletterLandmarketing Issue 48 is Available, Featuring “Landmark on Location” & Fresh New Success Stories

Check your inbox! Landmarketing’s winter newsletter is now available for your viewing pleasure. Filled with the latest case studies from clients using inflatables and the launch of a brand new video series, “Landmark on Location”.

In Landmarketing Issue 48, You’ll Find:

  • Landmark on Location Video #1: How quick thinking saves the day when installation hits a snag
  • How UCONN turned their new helmet design into an impressive football tunnel
  • Why a popular golf resort uses an inflatable marathon archway to gain exposure
  • A new hybrid option for your inflatable sports tunnel
  • & more!

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Want Creative Ideas? Landmarketing Issue 47 is Available Now!

Landmarketing Issue 47

The Latest Issue of Landmark’s Newsletter is Available!

Look to Landmark’s current newsletter, Landmarketing, for inspiration and creative ideas for your inflatable promotions.

Learn How:

Mayfair Games set a new Guiness World Record with the help of inflatable mascots

The Wounded Warrior Project expanded their brand presence with an infaltable start/finish line

Educational and visual inflatables help students do better in school

And more!

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Now Available – Landmarketing Issue 45!

Landmarketing Issue 45Check out the latest issue of Landmark’s eNewsletter: Landmarketing for influential inflatable marketing ideas and the latest custom inflatable designs!

What’s inside of Landmarketing Issue 45? 10 brand new case studies, a CDC article featuring inflatable colons and a special offer – just for you!

Learn How:

  • Museums are using custom inflatables to advertise new exhibits and displaying inflatables are art
  • A Susan G. Komen chapter added an inflatable arch to their Race for the Cure event and got outstanding exposure
  • Manufacturers, like Lennox and CDCLarue Industries, inflate product replicas at trade shows to increase buzz and sales
  • And more!

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A Festival of Fall Inflatables! Landmarketing eNewsletter Issue 43 Available

Happy Fall, Y’all!

With Autumn in full swing we invite you to check out the current issue of Landmark’s eNewsletter, Landmarketing (#43). This issue is full of inspirational and creative inflatables used by our customers to promote awareness, engage with consumers and increase traffic at live events.

Looking for Fresh Ideas to Promote Your Brand or Organization? Browse the Current Landmarketing eNewsletter and You’ll Find:

  • How the country’s most recognizable reptile is being used to promote at festivals, conventions and more.
  • Why a nonprofit organization uses a replica of the human colon to raise health awareness about colon cancer.
  • An artistic approach to custom inflatables and how one man features his “deflating” head at The Warehouse Gallery in New York.
  • And much, much more!

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You’ve Got Mail! Landmarketing Issue 42 Highlights

Landmark Creations’ Newsletter, Landmarketing Issue 42, Is Available!

Be sure to check your inbox for last week’s quarterly issue of Landmark Creations’ eNewletter, Landmarketing (#42), filled with creative inflatable tips, trick and ideas!

In The Current Issue of Landmarketing, You’ll Find 7 Brand New Case Studies Filled with Fresh Inflatable Advertising Ideas.

Discover How:

  • The extinct marine reptile, Mosasaur, was turned into a giant inflatable to help the East Dakota Water Development District promote conservation.
  • Jingle Bell Run benefits the Arthritis Foundation by using an inflatable archway at more than 100 events.
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute educates communities about the prevention and early detection of colon cancer with a walk-through, inflatable colon.
  • And more!

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Get Inspired! Landmarketing Issue 41 Revisited

As the Landmark Creations staff happily welcomes summer to Minnesota, we invite you to read the latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Landmarketing (#41). Chock-full of customer success stories, Landmarketing can help marketing and event professionals get creative ideas for upcoming summer and fall events.

What Can You Discover in the Latest Issue of Landmarking?

In addition to our usual tips & tricks, you’ll:

See how Ronald McDonald House, the MS Society & Superhero Scramble all use inflatable arches to promote great causes at racing events.

Find out how VANS Canada’s footwear made a rad visual at snowboarding events.

Discover how Stroud’s BBQ restaurant uses their logo as an inflatable billboard at off-site events.

Learn how Colon Cancer Alliance is educating the public with their giant, inflatable colon and see how Jewelry Tools flies their helium blimp to get attention at Gem & Mineral shows.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Landmarketing Issue 39 Now Available

Get Your Inflatable Fix

Four times a year (just in time for each dramatic Minnesota seasonal change) we publish our online newsletter, Landmarketing. Issue 39 features some exciting current case studies like the Teamster’s inflatable fat cat, a helmet tunnel, an arch for a good cause and, yes – an inflatable colon.

We’ve also included a quick, social media poll and provided information for staying connected with Landmark Creations online.

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