Easy and Effective Event Marketing with Portable Trade Show Booths

Event Marketing with Portable Trade Show BoothsStress-Free Mobile Marketing with Portable Trade Show Displays

Have you ever watched a trade show manager at work? Shipping manifest in one hand and cell phone pressed to her ear, she tried to bring order out of chaos. Scanning a crowded exhibit hall for a late display vendor, she watches the clock as the limited time available for set up slips away and a critical part of her booth remains AWOL. If you’ve ever been that unlucky manager you know the helpless feeling of depending on others to make your display pop. But opt for inflatable and portable trade show booths and you might just find your next event is stress free.

Easy to Use Even in Troublesome Venues

Missing parts aren’t the only thing that can go wrong at a trade show. There are plenty of other opportunities to stumble as well. Workers who don’t show up, unloading schedules that don’t allow enough time for set up, and inconvenient booth locations that put a damper on necessary assembly work all take their toll on your stress levels.

Choose portable trade show booths, though, and you’ll avoid many of those disasters. First, you’ll have no need for a set-up crew. Inflatables are simple to assemble and can be easily handled by just two people. The small footprint makes it easy to fit in even the most crowded expo, and they slide easily into the back of practically any SUV or minivan. What’s more, they’re fast to inflate and equally quick to take down, so you’ll never be stuck working a 24-hour shift just to get your booth up and going.

Outdoor Shows are No Match for Inflatables

Outdoor events present their own unique challenges. Portable shelters help you stand out in a crowd while providing a bit of extra insurance against the weather. In fact, your inflatable tent will draw an even bigger crowd if it does rain, as people head for the nearest piece of dry land. Best of all, inflatable domes and tents are just as impressive at indoor shows, so there’s no need for additional displays.

Grab Their Attention with Interactive Displays

Portable sports cages are a great way to introduce your brand to new customers with a fun game, while allowing your booth attendants time to connect. If a sports theme doesn’t match your brand, you can still add interest to your booth with portable stage props. Virtually anything can be reproduced as an inflatable, so let your creative juices flow and design a portable trade show booth that will wow your visitors.

Cost Effective Design and Transportation

With the price of fuel continuing to rise, transportation costs are a critical part of your trade show budget. Lugging truckloads of display materials from venue to venue isn’t economical, but inflatable booths help cut your expenses. Inflatables are lightweight and pack neatly into small containers. That adds up to big savings compared to moving traditional displays.

Inflatables also let you get the most out of your advertising dollar with their fantastic flexibility. Did you recently rebrand? Last year’s booth can be easily updated to match this year’s color and logo change. Even if you didn’t make a drastic change, fresh artwork added to your booth gives you an updated look for a minimal cost.

When you hit the trade show road this year, an easy-to-use portable trade show display can take you from harried event coordinator to relaxed and easygoing spokesperson. With less set-up time and a truly unique presentation, not only will you have more time to spend with customers, you’ll have more customers to spend time with.

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