10 Ways to Get Giant-Sized Exposure with Advertising Inflatables

Advertising Inflatables Deliver Enormous Exposure

Whether you’re planning a grand opening, attending a trade show or undertaking a full-blown mobile marketing campaign, you want big results. Few marketing strategies deliver the giant-sized exposure better than advertising inflatables. Here are 10 proven techniques you can use to pull in incredible amounts of traffic to your location.

#1 – Take Over Times Square – With all the neon and noise, how could anyone possibly get noticed in the middle of Times Square? By using 40-foot tall product replica advertising inflatables. Their size alone will have people gawking even amidst all the honking, flashing and other commotion.

#2 – Take Billboards to a New Dimension – Wait… what is that? There’s something hanging from that billboard. Is it… the back end of Tweety Bird? Advertising inflatables make otherwise complex and massively expensive 3-D billboard campaigns much more logistically friendly and cost effective. (And certainly more eye-catching than the flat version.)

#3 – Send Foot Traffic Soaring to New Heights – In a remote location? Is your store difficult to find? Whether you’re out in the middle of nowhere or in a basement downtown, you can still attract foot traffic with ease. Set a helium-filled advertising inflatable blimp soaring above your building. Emblazoned with your logo, you’ll make it ultra easy for customers to locate you from blocks away.

#4 – Set Some Boundaries – On land or sea (or any body of water), inflatable pylons are easily noticed, making them excellent for marking boundaries. Triathlons, golf tournaments, charity poker runs, beaches and others are perfect uses for these mobile and brandable advertising inflatables.

#5 – Get Some Airtime – On the big or small screen, inflatables make creative props for TV commercials, movies or stage performances. Advertising inflatables are much less expensive than hiring actors or extras, or building props from hard materials. Plus, they don’t require dressing rooms or make petty demands.

#6 – Stop Busy Motorists – Located near a busy street, intersection or freeway exit? If people are zipping by without stopping, it’s likely because you aren’t giving them a good reason to slow down. Put an inflatable replica on your rooftop and watch the cars stop and your traffic levels pick up.

#7 – Increase Giving at Charity Events – It’s difficult to make a charity event successful if nobody sees you’re there. Hosting a food drive at a ballgame? Sponsoring a charity race? Get noticed and increase giving by including an advertising inflatable at your tent or display.

#8 – Compete for the Ink – Hosting a contest is always a thrilling event. The suspense as the competition unfolds attracts huge crowds anxious to see the outcome. All this excitement is a magnet for journalists in search of their next human interest story. Be ready. While your event may be a competition, you don’t want to have to compete for your 15 minutes of fame. Custom inflatable product replicas do that for you. They scream to reporters, “Hey! Come take my picture!” And they almost always will.

#9 – Pique Curiosity, Boost Registrations – If educating your target market is a goal you aim to accomplish, you’ll need something to pique visitors’ curiosity and draw them to you. What’s more, if your event is linked with registration requests (for an association, classes, etc.), you’ll need something that pulls double duty to encourage signups as well. Advertising inflatables are multitasking maniacs that regularly deliver the old one-two in attracting and retaining people at your location.

#10 – Give Your Ride a Facelift – Tired of the same old look for your company van, bus or … cruise ship? Inflatables are so highly customizable that they can be adapted to fit practically any vehicle. Add a logo or product replica to the top of your ride or install massive inflatable cattle horns on your cruise ship, as Royal Caribbean did. It’s sure to get you noticed.

When your marketing philosophy is “go big or go home,” advertising inflatables get the job done with giant-sized results.

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About Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham is an advocate of smart marketing and having fun. Combining the two is even better! Helping large and small businesses find affordable and clever uses for their inflatables is one of her passions. Because inflatables offer the complete package (a marketing "holy grail" if you will), they have been repeatedly proven to achieving exceptional results for those who use them.