Safety Guidelines & Know-How for a Successful Helium Blimp Launch

Hino Trucks Blimp on Location

Attract Enormous Crowds & Fly High Above Your Competition with Helium Blimps

Helium blimps are ideal for any event requiring visibility, used both indoors and outdoors, they tend to increase traffic and attract attention. This type of inflatable is a smaller versions of full-size blimps and are typically used at grand openings, fair grounds, trade shows and conventions. Be sure to browse through the following guidelines before filling your helium blimp with 99% pure helium and launching it into the sky.

Using Custom Helium Inflatables? Be Sure to Follow These Safety Guidelines:

  • The FAA prohibits blimps within five miles of an airport
  • Do not fly blimps above 200 feet
  • Keep blimps between 150-200 feet to avoid contact with the ground
  • Keep blimp away from telephone and power lines
  • Do not fly blimp over moving traffic
  • Store helium blimps overnight or when not in use indoors or in a garage to protect from weather
  • Follow Landmark’s care and maintenance guidelines
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