American By Design: Custom Inflatables Made in Minnesota Since 1986

Our Customers Take Pride in Purchasing American Made Inflatables – We Take Pride in Manufacturing Them!

We are continually asked, “Are your inflatables manufactured in the United States?” and with pride we answer, “Yes, we manufacture right here in Minnesota.”  In the most recent Landmarketing Newsletter we focus on the improved U.S. business forecast and the new economic outlook starting to unfold. We believe the quality of American made products is one of the reasons we are the premier custom inflatable manufacturer.

A Minnesota-Based Inflatable Manufacturer with a Dedication to Quality

With over 25 years of inflatable manufacturing experience we believe in the importance of superior quality, custom solutions and comprehensive customer service.  We first began making classic hot air shapes and inflatable characters. We can produce complex shapes at any size with great attention to detail. Each passing year our customers help us to generate more creative ideas for promotional balloons and new inflatable products.

Our local customers benefit from the fact that we are located in the heart of the Midwest United States. Purchasing inflatables locally means minimizing logistical headaches and having control over your custom project.  Although we do have our ups and downs when it comes to weather in Minnesota, we are consistently providing the highest quality products and services to each of our customers.

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About Caitlin Smith

Cailtin Smith is a vital team member at Landmark Creations. From her upfront work in communicating with clients to behind-the-scenes marketing efforts, she boosts the effectiveness of Landmark's PR and social media campaigns every day. The poster child for inflatables (literally), Caitlin can be seen in many of our product photos. Whether hosting Twitter chats or generating innovative social and PR ideas, Caitlin keeps Landmark Creations out front and noticeable.