Creative, LARGE Scale Inflatables for Museum Exhibits & Promotions

Draw GINORMOUS Attention to Your Museum’s Newest Exhibition or Event

Museum curators, exhibit directors and special events coordinators are under constant pressure to create compelling, fascinating and engaging visuals for their attractions and promotional campaigns. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming exhibit, large format film or educational presentation; custom inflatables provide stunning visuals that will increase attendance and ticket sales to your biggest events!

Want Some Creative Ideas for Using Inflatables at Your Museum or Science Center? (How About Four Dozen of Them?)

Imagine the impact of a massive inflatable suspended in an aquarium’s entrance, peering over a rooftop or inflated as a custom entrance tunnel around the main entrance of your attraction. We have the imagination and know-how to create anything from dinosaurs to planets in vivid detail. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

Need some ideas to get the most out of your next coming attraction? See how other museum marketers have put inflatables to use in our online gallery.

About Caitlin Smith

Cailtin Smith is a vital team member at Landmark Creations. From her upfront work in communicating with clients to behind-the-scenes marketing efforts, she boosts the effectiveness of Landmark's PR and social media campaigns every day. The poster child for inflatables (literally), Caitlin can be seen in many of our product photos. Whether hosting Twitter chats or generating innovative social and PR ideas, Caitlin keeps Landmark Creations out front and noticeable.