3 Reasons Savvy Franchise Marketers Make Custom Inflatables a “Must”

1. Custom Inflatables are Natural Grass Roots Marketing Tools

Savvy franchise marketers recognize that participating in local events not only generates buzz for their stores; it establishes their brand as members of the community and strengthens relationships with their customer base. Inflatables work well for local, grass roots events like parades & festivals because they’re highly visible and easy to transport between events.

2. Consistent Inflatable Designs = Uniform Branding Nationwide

Consistent branding is a cornerstone of franchise marketing. Experienced inflatable manufactures understand the importance of producing shapes that follow franchise branding guidelines. Modern processes like 3d modeling and digital printing help inflatable manufacturers uniformly create highly detailed shapes. Franchise marketers can confidently roll out nationwide inflatable campaigns, knowing each and every unit will support their brand’s image.

3. Look Over There! Giant Inflatables Are Instant Location Devices

Bottom line: if you want to drive traffic and sales to new franchise locations, you have to get found. Custom inflatables work well as location devices because they’re huge and out of the ordinary. People can’t help but to notice them, and they will become naturally curious about what’s going on.

Inflatables offer consistent branding, they’re easy to use at local events and they drive traffic to new locations, making them a “go-to” tool by many savvy franchise marketers. Inflatables can deliver your message high in the clouds, in the middle of a parking lot, or at your storefront. Looking for some creative ideas to market your franchise? Contact us to brainstorm some ideas, or take a look at some of the franchise marketing projects in our online gallery.

About Caitlin Smith

Cailtin Smith is a vital team member at Landmark Creations. From her upfront work in communicating with clients to behind-the-scenes marketing efforts, she boosts the effectiveness of Landmark's PR and social media campaigns every day. The poster child for inflatables (literally), Caitlin can be seen in many of our product photos. Whether hosting Twitter chats or generating innovative social and PR ideas, Caitlin keeps Landmark Creations out front and noticeable.