Festive Inflatables for Professional-Grade Holiday Promotions

Not Your Neighbor’s Lawn Inflatables – Top Notch Inflatables For Business Promotions

Every holiday season, as tweeters ramp up their snarky comments about the “Grizwolds” next door, we brace ourselves for the stream of requests for holiday inflatables. While we happily manufacture “professional-grade” holiday inflatables for a number of promoters every year, we do not carry the consumer-grade (yard) inflatables found in discount stores. But how can you tell if a professional-grade inflatable is right for your promotion, you ask?

You Might Need a Professional-Grade Inflatable for Your Holiday Promotion If:

  1. You’re looking for a shape that is larger than 10’.
  2. You want a custom character or shape for your events.
  3. Brand consistency is important to your holiday promotions.
  4. Your inflatable has to last for more than one event / season.

Professional-grade inflatables can be used indoors or out. They typically allow ample room for custom messages and are natural location devices. Whether your business is offering a special holiday package, extra discounts, or launching a new product – you are sure to attract more attention and sales this holiday season by using custom inflatables.

Looking for a custom-designed inflatable to promote your business? Browse our holiday promotions gallery for even more great ideas.

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