Faribault Foods Creates Inflatable Canned Corn Replica to Gain Community Awareness

Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn CanInflatable Case History Brief #L2214

Faribault Foods Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can

Who: Faribault Foods, Inc
What: Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can
Where: Butter Kernel used this inflatable at the “Fresh New Taste of Spring” marketing tour, sporting event food drives, sampling events, and sponsorships.
When: Summer 2009
Why: It will be used to establish and improve presence at events to create a community connection.
Inflatable Product Line: Product Replicas

Faribault Foods used an inflatable product replica of a can of Butter Kernel Corn to improve visibility at multiple events.  They were able to transport their inflatable across the Midwest easily to create a connection with communities by drawing in large crowds.

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