Microbrews Make a Big Impression with Inflatables

albita-beer-inflatableBack in the day, specialty beers were just that: special. Now it seems like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, and the competition is heating up. With grocery stores devoting entire aisles to microbrews, it’s getting harder and harder to get your brand noticed. Luckily, you have a trick up your sleeve – and it starts with an inflatable version of your product.

Nothing grabs attention like a giant inflatable product replica perched on the roof of a grocery or convenience store. When the last thing customers see before entering the store is a massive version of your product, they are more likely to reach for your brand over all the others. Create joint ventures with stores that carry your products by offering co-op ad dollars and special sale pricing. Store management will love you because you’re handling all the details and all they have to do is enjoy the added traffic and revenue. Everyone comes out a winner – you, the retailer, and most of all, the consumer.

Inflatable product replicas look exactly like your bottle, right down to the artwork on the label. They’re durable and fade resistant so hot, sunny rooftops are never a problem. Best of all, they’re easy on your marketing budget. See all the ways rooftop advertising balloons can help you make an impression.

About Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham is an advocate of smart marketing and having fun. Combining the two is even better! Helping large and small businesses find affordable and clever uses for their inflatables is one of her passions. Because inflatables offer the complete package (a marketing "holy grail" if you will), they have been repeatedly proven to achieving exceptional results for those who use them.