Inflatables Put the Mobile in Mobile Marketing

Meguiar's Inflatable ProductsIt’s funny how the economy works. Areas that take a hard hit can often rebound with surprising strength. The 2009 downturn took a toll on every industry, and marketing was no exception. But according to an article I read recently in the IEG Sponsorship Report, mobile marketing is making a strong comeback. So strong, in fact, that many marketers will get a jump on the traditional season – May through September – and start a whole month early. What’s more, mobile marketing is gaining interest in a wider range of industries.

Automakers and health care companies come to mind first when I think of mobile campaigns. It’s great to now see new organizations grasping the core of event marketing: to get your brand in front of your target customers, and make a personal connection with them. Promoting your brand. Reaching your target audience on a personal level.  Making a connection.  Sounds like something else I’m intimately familiar with… inflatables.

LHP Octane CanCreate a stir during your next mobile marketing tour by offering health food samples from your custom-branded, inflatable kiosk. Or set your inflatable mascot loose in the aisles at a sporting event to hand out coupons for your newly released cleats.  Because inflatables easily inflate, deflate, pack and ship, you’ve got the flexibility to use everything from giant video screens to sports cages without the logistics nightmare. Check out some of these case studies for more ideas.

Better get a move on!  Mobile marketing season is just around the corner.

About Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham is an advocate of smart marketing and having fun. Combining the two is even better! Helping large and small businesses find affordable and clever uses for their inflatables is one of her passions. Because inflatables offer the complete package (a marketing "holy grail" if you will), they have been repeatedly proven to achieving exceptional results for those who use them.