Idea Starters for Trade Show and Event Inflatables

inflatable lightbulb

It’s morning. You’re arriving at the office with a million things running through your mind. You know you have a full schedule ahead of you planning for an upcoming show or event and you’re still trying to make the transition from personal time to work time. Plus you see the quickly filling inbox on your email and the message light blinking for your voicemail. Where do you begin?

One of the hardest things in business is finding time to think. We have so many demands on our time and technology has made it easier to be reached at anytime which means our days include frequent interruptions. But thinking and planning are critical to your success, especially when you’re in a creative industry or position like event planning and marketing. Rarely are our initial ideas the best ones to implement. However, spending time with those ideas is what helps us discover their weaknesses and sparks a better, stronger plan. It’s the same principle behind the strength of brainstorming with others.

To help get you started, we’ve created a list of ideas for trade show inflatables. Check out the case studies to see how these inflatables increased visibility, reinforced branding and drew in the crowd. Plus you can search our catalog to see hundreds of inflatables in every category for even further idea generation.

And don’t forget, you can always contact us and we’ll happily brainstorm with you!

About Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham is an advocate of smart marketing and having fun. Combining the two is even better! Helping large and small businesses find affordable and clever uses for their inflatables is one of her passions. Because inflatables offer the complete package (a marketing "holy grail" if you will), they have been repeatedly proven to achieving exceptional results for those who use them.