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Making Face to Face Connections at Marketing Events

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Here’s an interesting statistic. According to a recent survey by marketing firm George P. Johnson, 90% of industry professionals said face-to-face events were their number one choice for persuading audiences. In addition, 40% said event marketing is the most effective tool for deepening relationships. But how can you make a face-to-face connection and deepen relationships during a crowded event? With inflatables, of course.

Let’s look at two scenarios for cellular phone companies participating at a local family spring festival. The first sets up a very attractive canvas tent and hangs a banner bearing the company name and logo. The representative then waits for people to walk close enough that he can speak with them about his new bundled package. A typical situation.

The second uses a 20-foot tall, branded, inflatable cell phone product replica that is visible from one side of the event to the other. In fact, many people tell their friends to meet them at the cell phone because it’s so noticeable. As people naturally flock to the giant balloon, the rep (positioned behind an inflatable kiosk) is trying her best to keep up with the demand as she passes out flyers and coupons. As people hang out, waiting for their friends, they ask questions about the bundles, becoming more interested by the minute. Which would you rather have?

Inflatables Put the Mobile in Mobile Marketing

Meguiar's Inflatable ProductsIt’s funny how the economy works. Areas that take a hard hit can often rebound with surprising strength. The 2009 downturn took a toll on every industry, and marketing was no exception. But according to an article I read recently in the IEG Sponsorship Report, mobile marketing is making a strong comeback. So strong, in fact, that many marketers will get a jump on the traditional season – May through September – and start a whole month early. What’s more, mobile marketing is gaining interest in a wider range of industries.

Automakers and health care companies come to mind first when I think of mobile campaigns. It’s great to now see new organizations grasping the core of event marketing: to get your brand in front of your target customers, and make a personal connection with them. Promoting your brand. Reaching your target audience on a personal level.  Making a connection.  Sounds like something else I’m intimately familiar with… inflatables.

LHP Octane CanCreate a stir during your next mobile marketing tour by offering health food samples from your custom-branded, inflatable kiosk. Or set your inflatable mascot loose in the aisles at a sporting event to hand out coupons for your newly released cleats.  Because inflatables easily inflate, deflate, pack and ship, you’ve got the flexibility to use everything from giant video screens to sports cages without the logistics nightmare. Check out some of these case studies for more ideas.

Better get a move on!  Mobile marketing season is just around the corner.

Social Media + Inflatable Marketing Combo Gets Customers Involved

Inflatable Tootie Fruties BagAs I was sipping my cup of hot tea and doing a bit of light reading this morning, I came across a case study that caught my eye.  One company combined social media and inflatables to create a very successful promotion that directly followed a product launch.  (They saw a 15% lift in sales!)  I have to admit, I never considered inflatables working with social media.  But since reading the article, the wheels in my mind have been turning at lightening speed.

Here’s a clever idea to integrate inflatable marketing with social media for your next product launch: First, create a giant inflatable replica of your product.  Post lots of pictures and fun videos of the inflatable in use. Post the videos on YouTube as well as your own website.  These videos can be taken at your own location or on the road.  Then create several smaller versions of the product inflatables and/or perhaps inflatable furniture, balls or other custom shapes using your logo or other brand element.Small Inflatable Replicas

Finally- host a contest. Drive traffic to your site through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks.  When someone enters to win the inflatable product replicas, furniture, etc., give them a coupon for your new product.  Provide a link on the entry page that allows the site visitor to share your contest with their friends.  Be sure to ask them to subscribe to your email list, too, while you have them on site.  Instant buzz!

Feel free to borrow that idea, provided you contact Landmark for your inflatables.  😉

Inflatable Product Replicas Ensure Your New Food Brand is Memorable

Inflatable Combos BagHave you ever noticed the pattern that arises with food product launches? First, I begin to see television commercials promoting a new flavor of chips or perhaps a new burger at a local restaurant. Next come the coupons in the Sunday paper that I clip and lay on the counter. And while all that helps to drive my curiosity (and make me hungry!), there’s one problem. As I’m driving back to my office *after* having lunch, I remember I wanted to try the new chips or burger.

But what if I saw a 20-foot-tall product replica of the burger on the rooftop of the local restaurant as I was going to lunch? Or went to a ballgame and found myself face to face with a giant bag of chips positioned near the parking lot? I think that just might remind me to try these new foods.

In addition to giant inflatables used outdoors, smaller point-of-purchase versions inside the grocery store or restaurant work as landmarks and visual beacons for people who mean to try something new, but keep forgetting.

Because we’re creatures of habit, we forget what we’ve seen on TV. We walk off and leave coupons lying on our counters. It takes something truly out-of-the-ordinary to kick a food product launch off right and firmly establish the new brand. Want to add some flare to your next food product launch? Ask about point-of-purchase inflatables in custom sizes as well as larger, indoor/outdoor balloons.

The Common Element for a Successful Product Launch

I love reading case studies from a variety of industries to look for commonalities and spark new ideas. Apple’s recent announcement of the iPad has been an interesting example which has me reflecting on product launches. One thing I’ve learned – there is no perfect formula for a product launch. What works one time, may not work the next. The elements and execution can vary dramatically.

However, there does seem to be one element that is common among successful launches across industries: Brand Awareness. Your launch cannot be successful if customers don’t know the product exists. Awareness is critical and it’s impact is extended when your awareness campaign includes a visual recognition element.

If the customer can recognize your product or logo at a glance, you increase your opportunity to create a bond with the customer. That bond is what brings them back to your product time and again.

Visual recognition is the main purpose of inflatable advertising

There is almost no way to ignore a 25-foot product replica. And inflatables bring your product to life in a way a billboard or print ad just can’t. They are unique and lively which allows your customer to connect emotionally with your product.

Landmark has supported product launches with indoor, outdoor, retail and mobile options. We’ve created logos, product replicas and mascots of all shapes and sizes. Every marketer will create their own launch plan, but for the common element of creating product awareness, a custom inflatable is a guaranteed success.
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Draw Trade Show Traffic and Attention Cost Effectively

People are naturally curious… they never want to feel they’re being left out or missing something. A classic example is the gawker slowdown caused by a traffic accident. Even if the accident is on the far side of the highway, the near side will slow down as drivers look at the scene. This principle can be put to work to help you draw attention and traffic to your trade show booth.

A giant product replica flying high above your booth is not only eye-catching, it’s also a great way to make your location a ‘landmark’ for your customers and for everyone at the trade show. – “We’re in the aisle next to the giant cereal box.” Inflatables become landmarks by their very nature. You don’t have to pay event promoters bundles to become foremost in the minds of attendees; you just have to plan something GIANT and clever into your booth design. Inflatables are cost effective because the materials and production are much less expensive than giant displays fabricated from hard materials.  They also have much lower transportation costs because they pack into a small bag like the genie from Aladdin in his lamp. This packing advantage also makes them less expensive to store and easy to bring to your next event.

Another option is to create a inflatable mascot costume and let your mascot roam the aisles. Their presence will automatically draw attention. Your mascot can promote your booth location, advertise your show specials and build brand awareness – all at the same time. An inflatable costume also create an opportunity to interact with your customers and start building a relationship with them for you. Read our case study from Cuppy’s Coffee to learn how their mascot costume worked for their kiosks.

An inflatable is an example of pull marketing. They pull attention to you. And we all know that a customer seeking you from their own interest is a strong prospect with a higher probability to purchase.