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Three Ways to Repackage Your Custom Inflatable

Inflatable Products Repackaged


Wednesday we shared a slideshow of Wheaties’ inflatable cereal box redesigns and were amazed to count 15 in all!  Promoting the hottest athletes of the day, Wheaties’ cereal boxes change regularly and they need to sync the look of their giant inflatable to keep a unified message at events and promotions.

When you’re planning the purchase of a custom inflatable, think about its future and what changes you might need to make down the road.  While you can often alter an existing inflatable, you’ll save time and frustration if you plan for repackaging up front.

3 Ways to Design an Inflatable that will Sync with Future Product Repackaging:

1. Use removable banners: Using giant product replicas at events is a great way to get brand remembrance. If you use inflatables at mulitple events, removable banners allow you to change sponsors messaging and logos as often as you like.

2. Design an inflatable with a removable “slip cover”:  Like Wheaties, most companies change their product packaging periodically. We can design an inflatable that can be recovered to match your new packaging. You can reuse your existing fan system, hardware and internal structure.

3. Save your hardware, and create an entirely new inflatable: If you are rebranding and your product design or packaging will change drastically, you can still save money by designing your new inflatable product replica to fit with your current hardware and blower system.

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15 Giant Inflatable Wheaties Boxes in One

Inflatable Cereal Boxes Perfect for Promotions

Since 1939, Wheaties has featured over 140 different athletic champions on their cereal boxes. In the photos above, you can see how Wheaties was able to re-cover their inflatable product replica 15 times – and counting – to coordinate with their current cereal boxes and promotions at live events. Are you in charge of promoting a product that is likely to have future repackaging? Take a page out of the Wheaties’ playbook and design inflatables that can be re-covered. Because re-covered inflatables use the same internal material and installation hardware, they cost considerably less than purchasing a brand-new inflatable system.

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Eastern Propane Uses Inflatable Propane Tank for Trade Shows, Events, and Maximum Exposure

Inflatable Propane TankInflatable Case History Brief #L2973

Inflatable Propane Tank Replica for Eastern Propane & Oil

Who: Eastern Propane & Oil
What: Inflatable Propane Tank Replica
Where: Eastern used the inflatable at trade shows, community events, and open houses.
When: Summer 2011
Why: The company wanted a product replica that was appropriate for indoor and outdoor use at many different types of events.
Product Line: Inflatable Product Replica

Trying to juggle so many events and shows, Eastern Propane & Oil wanted a versatile inflatable that would work for all of their needs: both indoor and outdoor.

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Three Inflatable Ideas to Rev Up Your Auto Show Display

Creative Marketing Ideas to Ensure Your Auto Show Display Roars

Automotive marketers, with auto show season right around the corner, chances are you’re looking for creative ways to spice up your automotive marketing booth and you need to create a roaring brand experience with memorable visuals. Custom inflatables are the perfect tool to represent your brand at auto show displays because they can be designed to fit your needs, they look professional, and they will drive traffic to your booth.

Here are 3 cAutomotive Marketing Inflatablesreative ideas for using custom inflatables to rev up your auto show displays:

1. Define your trade show space with inflatable archways.

Inflatable archways
are ideal for defining your space at an auto show because their height makes them visible from across the convention.  Designs can span from a basic archway with room for logos and sponsors to a shape like headphones, a steering wheel, or custom auto care product shapes.

2. Gain attention for aftermarket items with giant product replicas.

An inflatable product replica is perfect to gain coverage of aftermarket products such as auto care, parts, and equipment.  Your inflatable replica will be custom-made to be the exact size that you want so it fits perfectly into your booth and Pantone colors will be matched so it is an exact match to your brand’s design.

3. Engage your audience with interactive displays.

Interactive inflatables are a perfect way for your auto show display to be unique and to engage your audience.  Imagine attendees tossing spark plug-shaped bean bags into the cylinders of a custom inflatable engine block or [insert product here].  Interactive games mean that people will be having fun at your booth and will stay around for longer.  Using inflatables will ensure that your product is part of the automotive show experience.

Looking for more creative automotive marketing ideas? Contact us today and to discuss how to incorporate inflatables into your auto show displays.

A Lesson in Roadside Advertising from the Past

roadsigns-burmashaveMost of us are too young to have seen those humorous Burma-Shave signs that peppered America’s roadways from 1925 until the mid 60s. One thing is certain; they sure made a splash in the advertising world. The signs were discontinued largely because the faster speeds of modern cars made them difficult to read. Too bad they didn’t have inflatables back then!

Even those travelling at highway speeds will have no trouble spotting – and recognizing – your inflatable product replica. A towering can of shaving cream, boldly colored and proudly sporting your logo, is even more likely to get noticed than those old roadside signs. There’s a lot more competition today than the makers of Burma-Shave had to face, but when you put your brand in front of people in a big way, they’ll be more likely to remember you when it comes time to buy.

The last Burma-Shave signs came down in 1963, but the fact that they’re still fondly remembered is testament to the lasting power of roadside advertising. The method may be a little different today, but the results are the same. Post an inflatable advertising balloon at the roadside in front of your store, and people will be talking about your brand well into the future.

Microbrews Make a Big Impression with Inflatables

albita-beer-inflatableBack in the day, specialty beers were just that: special. Now it seems like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, and the competition is heating up. With grocery stores devoting entire aisles to microbrews, it’s getting harder and harder to get your brand noticed. Luckily, you have a trick up your sleeve – and it starts with an inflatable version of your product.

Nothing grabs attention like a giant inflatable product replica perched on the roof of a grocery or convenience store. When the last thing customers see before entering the store is a massive version of your product, they are more likely to reach for your brand over all the others. Create joint ventures with stores that carry your products by offering co-op ad dollars and special sale pricing. Store management will love you because you’re handling all the details and all they have to do is enjoy the added traffic and revenue. Everyone comes out a winner – you, the retailer, and most of all, the consumer.

Inflatable product replicas look exactly like your bottle, right down to the artwork on the label. They’re durable and fade resistant so hot, sunny rooftops are never a problem. Best of all, they’re easy on your marketing budget. See all the ways rooftop advertising balloons can help you make an impression.

Achieving Your Beverage Marketing Goals with Inflatables

inflatable energy drink canHere’s an interesting scenario. You’re launching a new sports drink with a big kick-off event at a bowl game. As everybody else pulls up in their painted trucks prepared to dole out samples, you notice that they all look very similar. No one stands out from the rest. You, however – being the savvy marketer you are – begin to inflate your 20-foot-tall product replica. Heads turn. Eyes bulge. The competition feels the heat. You’ve nailed the five goals of beverage marketing

  • Getting noticed – It’s hard to ignore a towering sports drink, no matter what distractions are around you.
  • Building interest – Giant advertising balloons draw curious onlookers from across a crowded event for a close-up look.
  • Making a connection – Handing out samples and coupons while taking a moment to chat gives your brand a personal touch.
  • Building your brand – Long after the event is over, your coupons and the stories people tell of the giant drink bottle will be working for you.

And the fifth? Fun! That’s built in for both you and your customers. Brightly colored, creative inflatables bring a smile to everyone who sees them. Children and adults alike are fascinated by their larger-than-life presence, and you’ll love that they’re a breeze to set-up and take down. View our case studies to see how other beverage marketers use inflatables to sweeten their product launches.

Secretariat’s Return to Churchill Downs – As a Parade Balloon

This year’s Pegasus Parade, which kicks off the Kentucky Derby each spring, featured an old friend reborn as a parade balloon. Triple Crown champ Secretariat has been gone for 20 years, but Disney saw a golden opportunity to promote their upcoming film about the famous horse, and they did it in a big way – with a giant inflatable balloon.

wine display parade balloonDisney certainly knows a thing or two about creating a buzz with inflatables, but you don’t have to be promoting a Hollywood production to benefit from the exposure a parade can bring. Holiday parades are a favorite summertime activity, and what better way to get your brand in front of thousands of eyes than by being in the center of the fun? Imagine the impression you’ll make when the crowd spots your 30-foot-tall soda bottle floating past. You’ll definitely have their full attention, and it will be you and your brand they think of next time they reach for a soft drink.

Inflatables are simple to use. They take just minutes to inflate, then pack away easily for safe storage and transport. And unlike his living counterparts, the Secretariat balloon didn’t need a clean-up crew. To see other parade balloons in action, stop by and check out our case studies.