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Six Hot Inflatable Ideas for Your Product Launch Event

Product Launch EventsIt’s your job to constantly crank out new, creative ideas for event marketing which is not an easy task! If you have a product launch on the schedule, think inflatables. These giant wonders will spice up your next event in a variety of unique ways that are all but guaranteed to get noticed. Check out our handy table to easily see which inflatables we recommend for the hottest product launch events right now. From flash mobs to trade shows, the options are endless, but these are our favorites.

Still brainstorming your event details? Here are six product launch ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. A sampling event is ideal to promote food and beverages, because it allows potential customers to interact with your product. From small in-store tastings to large private parties, sampling events always need to impress. Some ideas: use an inflatable costume to hand out coupons or freebies or a 20-foot replica for photo ops.

2. Preview launches create hype before the product is officially launched to the general public. Invite influencers and stakeholders, and make it easy for them to write, blog, tweet, or post their rave reviews and photos by having impressive inflatable displays and inflatable giveaways.

3. Go viral on social media with the hippest way to promote anything: a flash mob! Music, dancing, and visual stimulation are perfect for getting  attention and spreading your message.  Use inflatable costumes to brand your mob, upload the awesome video to your social media sites, and no one will be able to stop watching.

4. Pop-up exhibits are everywhere right now because they are economical and can be used at many different locations and even different events. Use inflatables as part of your exhibit’s structure, like an inflatable tent or arch, or use for great visibility, such as an inflatable product replica.

5. Like, pop-up exhibits, hybrid events can be economical too. Typically, it’s a traditional event that utilizes technology tactics to incorporate people from different locations such as video streaming, social media, or webinars. Custom inflatables work perfectly to be seen in person, but also through different digital mediums because they are giant, colorful, and can have your logos all over them.

6. The trade show product launch is classic. For particular industries, it’s the best way to be seen by the important people, but it also means you need to have a stellar set up and an eye-catching booth. There are many options to incorporate inflatables depending on the size of your booth and the effect you want.

Not seeing your event here? Have questions? We’d love to discuss your event marketing or product launch ideas and how to kick it up a notch  with custom inflatables. Contact us today.

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Eastern Propane Uses Inflatable Propane Tank for Trade Shows, Events, and Maximum Exposure

Inflatable Propane TankInflatable Case History Brief #L2973

Inflatable Propane Tank Replica for Eastern Propane & Oil

Who: Eastern Propane & Oil
What: Inflatable Propane Tank Replica
Where: Eastern used the inflatable at trade shows, community events, and open houses.
When: Summer 2011
Why: The company wanted a product replica that was appropriate for indoor and outdoor use at many different types of events.
Product Line: Inflatable Product Replica

Trying to juggle so many events and shows, Eastern Propane & Oil wanted a versatile inflatable that would work for all of their needs: both indoor and outdoor.

Download our free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables, to learn more about using an inflatable product replica at events and trade shows like Eastern Propane & Oil.

The Display Company Uses an Inflatable Leaning Tower of Pisa at Italian Heritage Festival

Leaning Tower of PisaInflatable Case History Brief #L2974

Giant Inflatable Leaning Tower of Pisa Replica

Who: The Display Company
What: Inflatable Replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Where: This was on display at the Italian Heritage Festival in Buffalo, NY.
When: Summer 2011
Why: The Display Company wanted to attract onlookers at the largest street festival in the United States.
Product Line: Inflatable Stage Props

By creating a 30′ replica of one of Italy’s most well-known attractions, The Display Company of New York attracted attention from onlookers at a large street festival and gave the event some Italian flair.

If you want to learn more about using props to attract people at a festival like The Display Company, download our free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

Ask Landmark Episode 6: Event Marketing with Custom Inflatables

Event Marketing with Custom Inflatables

In episode 6, Tom and Stephanie discuss using custom inflatables for event marketing (mobile marketing) tours.


Expand Your Mobile Marketplace with Inflatable Tents

inflatable dome trojan tour

You’ve packed the truck, drug your banners out of storage, and programmed your GPS. It’s that time of year again. You’re about to set out on your annual cross-country extravaganza, hitting every festival and fairgrounds from Bangor to Phoenix. You may be ready to hand out samples, but are you all set to build loyal relationships?

Carnivals and street fairs are teeming with colorful displays competing for attention. That makes it easy for your customers to look past a banner or a decorated truck. A recent article in Event Marketer suggests focusing on the area outside your truck for greater visibility. A colorful vehicle and matching inflatable tent will have people talking about you for days (and weeks) to come.

Not only that, but inflatable domes are also excellent conversation starters. Memorable interaction is what builds relationships, so use the space to offer samples, engage your visitors with fun activities, and encourage them to remember your brand by handing out coupons for later. Now your mobile campaign is really rocking!

Inflatable tents and domes are simple to use. Even large tents are easily handled by one or two people, and yet they’re more impressive than a complicated pavilion that takes days to build. They’re durable, so you can reuse them year after year, and unlike banners, inflatables will always draw a curious crowd. Stop by our case studies section and see the fun and creative ways people use inflatables for mobile marketing.

Charity Events + Inflatables = Great Photo Ops

Race for Cure Inflatable ArchMost of us would say March is a little too cold to go swimming. However, one group of people in Saratoga Springs, Utah thinks otherwise. They got together recently for a “polar plunge” to raise money for the Special Olympics, and they rounded up some savvy sponsors to help them out. The Special Olympics got a heavy infusion of funds (over $14,000) and the event sponsors got to take advantage of all the great press.

Think about it. Television cameras, newspaper reporters, and lots of photographers show up at charity events like these, and they’re all looking for that one shot to capture the moment. Position your company in an inflatable tent or offer to mark the event entrance with an inflatable arch bearing your logo, and the press will be drawn to your brand for interview backdrops and event photos. In this case, I might have suggested an inflatable polar bear, just for the fun of it!

Corporate sponsorship of charity events is an excellent, feel-good marketing tool, but you’re missing out if you’re not using it to get your brand in front of the press. Custom inflatables make it easy to be the center of attention.

Making Face to Face Connections at Marketing Events

Inflatable Blackberry Replicas nTelos

Here’s an interesting statistic. According to a recent survey by marketing firm George P. Johnson, 90% of industry professionals said face-to-face events were their number one choice for persuading audiences. In addition, 40% said event marketing is the most effective tool for deepening relationships. But how can you make a face-to-face connection and deepen relationships during a crowded event? With inflatables, of course.

Let’s look at two scenarios for cellular phone companies participating at a local family spring festival. The first sets up a very attractive canvas tent and hangs a banner bearing the company name and logo. The representative then waits for people to walk close enough that he can speak with them about his new bundled package. A typical situation.

The second uses a 20-foot tall, branded, inflatable cell phone product replica that is visible from one side of the event to the other. In fact, many people tell their friends to meet them at the cell phone because it’s so noticeable. As people naturally flock to the giant balloon, the rep (positioned behind an inflatable kiosk) is trying her best to keep up with the demand as she passes out flyers and coupons. As people hang out, waiting for their friends, they ask questions about the bundles, becoming more interested by the minute. Which would you rather have?

Idea Starters for Trade Show and Event Inflatables

inflatable lightbulb

It’s morning. You’re arriving at the office with a million things running through your mind. You know you have a full schedule ahead of you planning for an upcoming show or event and you’re still trying to make the transition from personal time to work time. Plus you see the quickly filling inbox on your email and the message light blinking for your voicemail. Where do you begin?

One of the hardest things in business is finding time to think. We have so many demands on our time and technology has made it easier to be reached at anytime which means our days include frequent interruptions. But thinking and planning are critical to your success, especially when you’re in a creative industry or position like event planning and marketing. Rarely are our initial ideas the best ones to implement. However, spending time with those ideas is what helps us discover their weaknesses and sparks a better, stronger plan. It’s the same principle behind the strength of brainstorming with others.

To help get you started, we’ve created a list of ideas for trade show inflatables. Check out the case studies to see how these inflatables increased visibility, reinforced branding and drew in the crowd. Plus you can search our catalog to see hundreds of inflatables in every category for even further idea generation.

And don’t forget, you can always contact us and we’ll happily brainstorm with you!